Wind energy | Who we are, Alternative Energy Today

Wind energy | Who we are

Wind energy | Who we are, Alternative Energy Today

The company operates nine wind farms in Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Pennsylvania and South Dakota, and holds an interest in a separate wind facility in Hawaii. Its largest wind energy site is the Flat Ridge 2 farm in south-central Kansas, which can generate enough electricity to power twice the number of homes in the state capital of Topeka.

Every BP-operated wind farm receives round-the-clock support from on-site personnel and/or BP’s Remote Operating Center (ROC) in Houston. Using advanced technology, ROC teams centrally monitor all BP sites while working with colleagues in the field to enhance performance, reliability and safety. An embedded alarm system immediately notifies operators of potential problems, such as approaching storms or flashflood warnings.

BP works hard to prevent its wind operations from affecting the wildlife and habitats that surround its facilities. For example, it voluntarily adjusts the movement of wind turbines to reduce their impact on bat populations during peak migration seasons.


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