The GCRE Impact Fund Provides Funding for Solar Usage for Multi-Family Housing Developments

GCRE Impact Fund

GCRE Impact Fund

Gardner Capital, a private equity firm specializing in housing and energy development has announced and developed plans for a new housing complex. This project is a direct result of the GCRE Impact Fund which allows projects to receive funding and gain access to solar energy thanks to Gardner Capital. As the demand for multi-family housing projects and construction rise in the United States, Gardner Capital is looking to fund these projects to promote clean energy and solar energy for multi-family housing.

Gardner Capital Firm

Gardner Capital is a family-owned company that specializes in the investment and the development of solar energy projects. Founded in 1992, Gardner Capital has seen wide success and growth, with over 2 billion dollars invested into affordable housing and renewable energy projects. GC is now ranked as one of the top tax credit development, syndication, and management firms in the United States.

Solar Energy and Multi-Family Housing

It has been known that solar energy in multi-family housing has remained low compared to other applications of solar energy. Through funding these solar projects in affordable housing communities, Gardner Capital is looking to change communities around the United States.

Through the Gardner Capital Alternatives Investments platform, the GCRE Impact fund was created for communities, individuals, and businesses to reach out for funding of solar. As of right now, funding is capped at $25,000 but anyone can apply for the funding and every proposal is considered.

“We are thrilled to announce GCRE Impact Fund’s funding commitment to install solar at El Caro Senior Apartments. The project will greatly boost the availability and benefits of solar energy for residents in Phoenix and make a positive impact in their lives,” said Mike Koehler, VP, Solar Business Development at Gardner Capital.

Future Possibilities

It has been a common theme to see more solar energy and renewable energy being implemented by companies and partnering with others to make it happen. Recently, the Spanish utility company Endesa signed a 10-year contract with Hoteles Santos to supply them with 100% renewable power for their hotel chains. Renewable energy will be provided from a portfolio of facilities that are owned and operated by Endesa’s renewables subsidiary, Enel Green Power Espana. As we see more companies and businesses supporting one another, more communities will see an increase in the usage of renewable and solar energy being implemented around the United States for years to come.

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