Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Power Strip ZEN20 VER. 2.0 with Energy Monitoring and 2 USB Ports, Works with Vera

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Price: $89.95

5-IN-1: Control 5 outlets individually or at once from your Z-Wave hub (required, sold separately). Alexa is NOT a Z-Wave hub. Does NOT work with Z-Wave alarm panels like ADT, Ring, or Alarm.com
POWER MONITOR: Track energy of connected devices for smarter power management. Schedule automatic shut-off times and restore status after power failure. NO ENERGY MONITORING OR ADVANCED SETTINGS ON WINK!
USB PORTS: Charge your tablet or other USB powered devices and receive on/off (charging/charged) reports to your email or phone (NO Z-Wave control, reports only, turn off the device while charging for best results).
EASY INSTALLATION: Just plug it in to a standard receptacle. The flat angled plug and mounting screws make it easily fit and hide the strip anywhere. Go to Zooz support website for step-by-step instructions how to add and use the Power Strip with your Z-Wave hub.
CERTIFIED: This device features overload protection and has been confirmed by ETL labs to comply with North American safety standards. It’s equipped with the latest S2 smart security (your hub needs to support S2 too) and Z-Wave Plus 500 chip to offer longer range and faster communication speed.

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Brand Zooz



Style:Power Strip ZEN20 (5 Outlets)

  • NOTE: Do NOT connect 220V appliances or heavy duty equipment like washers, dryers, fans, humidifiers, or any motors to this Power Strip (look for the Zooz Power Switch ZEN15 instead). Do NOT connect phone or battery chargers to outlets (use USB ports instead).
  • 15Amps TOTAL between 5 outlets MAX
  • Model Number: ZEN20 VER. 2.0
  • Z-Wave Signal Frequency: 908.42 MHz
  • Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Maximum Loads: 15A between 5 outlets
  • USB Charging Port Power: 5V up to 2.1 A
  • Z-Wave Range: Up to 100 feet line of sight
  • Operating Temperature: 32° – 104°F
  • Installation and Use: Indoor only
  • Dimensions: 11” x 2.5” 1”
  • Cord: 2.5′
  • Weight: 13oz
  • Will it work with Alexa?
  • Amazon Echo is not a Z-Wave controller so you will need a compatible Z-Wave hub to control this power strip with Alexa.
  • Alexa-compatible Z-Wave hubs include:
  • Fibaro Home Center Lite
  • SmartThings
  • VeraPlus
  • Wink
  • Zipato ZipaTile


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Power Switch ZEN15 (1 Outlet), Power Strip ZEN20 (5 Outlets), NEW Double Plug ZEN25 (2 Outlets)



10 reviews for Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Power Strip ZEN20 VER. 2.0 with Energy Monitoring and 2 USB Ports, Works with Vera

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    R. Morris

    I bought this product to replace a “green” power strip I was previously using for my media center (including a TV, computer, FireTV, and a couple other devices) because it was difficult to decide which device I wanted to be the “master” device (e.g., just because I had the TV on didn’t mean I also needed the FireTV). I eventually bought a second to use with my computer (and the monitor, speaker, and other peripherals) since my laptop began drawing so little power when on *or* off that my “green” power strip had problems deciding when to turn off the controlled outlets based on the master (or perhaps it was getting old, but a replacement was hard to find in any case).Enter the ZooZ ZEN20 power strip: now I can control each of my devices individually. I can leave the computer outlet on the most of the time (I do like to have it on so it can retrieve new TV listings and OS updates, but sleeping when possible) and just turn on power to my TV, Fire TV, or other devices as needed. Similarly, with my computer, I leave the laptop plug on all the time so it stays charged, but I can turn off the monitor, dock, etc. when not needed. I originally used this with SmartThings; at the time, this required a custom device handler, but it appears to be natively supported now, so you should no longer need to. I now use it with Hubitat, where it also works natively (and locally–yay!). When the v2.0 revision of this hardware was introduced, I bought my second, which introduced power monitoring, a flatter more angled plug, some other smaller improvements. Honestly, power monitoring isn’t as great as I thought it would be (I’ve resorted to presence-based automations to turn things off when I leave and “routines”/sets of actions to turn things off when I turn off something that on my dumber strip would have been a “master”) and it’s quite chatty on the Z-Wave network with 5 outlets all doing it, so I toned it down a little for fear of clogging up my network, but it’s there if you want it.The power strip itself works nicely. After some effort getting it to pair (the v1 instruction book was is poorly edited and, among other things, said to “press the power button”to pair–thanks for the reviewer who figured out it was really the CH1 power button and that you may need to press it more than once; this has been fixed in the v2 manual), it’s working well for me. The individual switches respond almost instantly to my commands, and I have it working via Hubitat (and previously ST) with Alexa for voice control (and HomeKit thanks to HomeBridge–though quite unofficial). The device itself also comes with a long cord, and the power strip itself is a nice shiny white. It includes 2 USB charging ports (not Z-wave controllable but could free up outlets if you have USB-powered devices) and five outlets (more than the 4 of the closest competitor, the Aeon strip, which I can’t even find anymore), all of which are individually controllable. My only complaint is that all of the outlets are fairly close together, so if any of your devices have even a power adapter that’s even slightly larger than a typical plug (like an Echo or FireTV), you’ll probably lose the ability to use the outlet next to it. Having one or two of the outlets more widely spaced to avoid this problem would have been great; even with 2.0 revision of this hardware, this was not addressed. Otherwise, no complaints!

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    Works like a it should.Included on the first try. Reports everything that it should report. In homeseer 3 every settIng has a menu entry you name. No parameter numbers are required to change the behavior.I actually like the better as the aeontech switches.They are a little smaller and just work.Would be cool if they would come out with a dimmer in the same fashion.I use it to switch a POE switch for some cameras that pull about 12 to 22 watts together. So far no issues.I can hear a relay switch when the state is changed so the switch is an actual relay and not a solid state relay.I was expecting to be a solid state version since they claim it can handle bigger loads like motors.A relay most likely will burn the contacts eventually if switched frequently enough. Not a big concern if only switches every so often and not frequently a few times a minute.I like them a lot and will by almost likely buy more for around the house. I plan on out one on the fridge in the kitchen to monitor the on/off cycle to determine when it is time to clean the heat exchanger.One reviewer wrote that it doesn’t detect a tripped circuit. That is true and to understand when you know that the switch needs electricity to report back to the controller. No electricity — no reporting.What the switch can do is reporting the amperage and therefore if a device is on or off like in case with the fridge. A total loss of power can’t be reported.What you can also do is to have the voltage reported and you could track how stable your house hook up is running. In terms of voltage swingsPerhaps I try one day to see how low the voltage can drop before the switch stops working / reporting.

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    I have several Zooz product in my Zwave network, so this is noty first. I bought 2 of these for window AC units and they work completly as expected. No muss, no fuss, great build quality, and decent price.

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    Daniel A

    I had the other Zooz plug that I plugged my night stand light in to, then a few months later this comes out! This works perfect for me. It has two USB ports, one 1 amp and the other 2.4 amp. I plug my smartwatch in to the 1 amp and a phone in the 2.4 amp. It charges great, but make sure you charge your bigger devices on the 2.4 amp side or it will take forever.I use Smartthings, pairing was easy. Plug it in and press the only button on this thing 3 times quickly (the same button is used to turn power off and on manually.) That puts it in to pairing mode. I had to email the seller and they sent me a device handler for the plug so I could use the power monitoring options this plug offers. Installing device handlers is extremely easy and I’ll post the link below.The USB plugs work continuously and are not controlled by Zwave, so you don’t have to worry about turning off charging to your devices. When the plug is off, there is a red LED light surrounding the plug. When it turns on it changes to blue. Note: When it turns on and off, it makes a click. It’s not super loud, but you can hear it.If you plug this in to the bottom outlet, it does not interfere with the top outlet. If you plug it in to the top outlet, it will cover the lower outlet. So don’t do that.I’m very satisfied with the plug and would definitely buy another one to use anywhere I need to power a USB and need to control an outlet.[…]

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    Mr. Mom

    Only used for an hour so far but I have a Ring hub and Wink 2 hub with dozens of devices so I am familiar with the protocol and signs that the device will perform flawlessly.I have two z-wave hubs now. The Ring Alarm/+Echo show. I have owned the Wink 2 for much longer.Yes, pairing Ring devices with Ring Alarm Hub is the easiest setup ever though you are limited to the same brand components. Awesome if you want to control spotlight cams, stick-up cams, doorbell cams, smoke/co detectors, and several more compatible devices. I own most of the Ring catalog. Amazon purchased the Ring company so now all devices are compatible with Alexa. Alexa actually connected to the Zooz before my Wink 2 had a chance.Compatibility among the hubs and devices is quite frustrating. If only… this or that would connect to this or that.I have had little to no problems with the Wink 2 and all supported devices. The Wink app and hub are reliable and simple to set up. The Wink 2 works with so many devices, The Zooz Zen25 is certainly one of them.Setup with Wink hub 2:Go to the add to wink button on main device page of app, select “browse all brands” at bottom of page, select Z-Wave Generic Binary switch at the top of page, follow app instructions and plug in the Zooz. Done!You will have 2 outlets controlled individually and the option to push one icon to turn both on. I don’t particularly care about the lack of power use reports that other hubs can provide so this is not an issue at all, probably shouldn’t be a priority for anyone for that matter.You should buy this item if you want remote control of 2 3-prong grounded devices independently as well as in tandem.It is a great product for a great price and compatible with many hubs and devices. Easy to set-up and all-so-satisfying to press a button on your phone anywhere in the world to turn on a lamp in your home. I’m using it for – nevermind.

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    Values Reported:switchenergypowercheckIntervalvoltagelastCheckinhistorycurrentenergyTimeenergyCostenergyDurationpowerLowpowerHighvoltageLowvoltageHighcurrentLowOptions:Name TypedebugOutput booldisplayCurrent booldisplayEnergy booldisplayPower booldisplayVoltage boolelectricityReportingInterval enumenergyPrice decimalenergyReportingInterval enumledIndicator enumpowerFailureRecovery enumpowerPercentageChange enumpowerReportingInterval enumpowerValueChange enumvoltageReportingInterval enumSmartThings? – Use this device handlercommunity.smartthings.com/t/release-zooz-power-switch-zooz-smart-plug/97220?u=krlaframboise

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     I plugged the ZEN15 into the outlet for the Christmas tree, downloaded the device driver for SmartThings and set up a thing called “Christmas tree”. I plugged the tree and the manger into a power strip attached to the ZEN15. My Sonos One Alexa device updated. As you can see in the video it was easy to tell Alexa to switch the tree on or off. My wife, who so far has not touched the smart devices, enjoys using it. Our visitors too. Now I have drawn up a list of all our 60 smart devices and set up scenes and she is starting to switch on the floor lamp (another ZEN15) and the kitchen and lounge lights (groupings of different lights into scenes). I also got rid outside of the old Intermatic landscape lighting controller which was a real pain to program. Replaced it with a ZEN15 in 2 minutes. Another 2 minutes to set up a smart routine on smartthings so that it switches on 20 minutes before sunset and off at 10.30 pm. Worked flawlessly ever since.

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    I’m using this with Homeseer HS3 and have my washing machine plugged into it. I have an event where if the watts change from anything to 0, I get an audible alert of “The washing machine is done” over the speakers in the house. Works great! No more forgotten wet laundry to run through the cycle again because I forgot about it. My Samsung washing machine draws around 4w-5w (fluctuates just slightly, constantly) when off/idle, but luckily when a cycle is finished, there is a brief moment where 0w are drawn, so 0w is my event trigger.

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    Daniel A

    This Zwave plug is designed for heavy duty appliances, like refrigerators and AC units! The build quality of the plug certainly reflects it’s intended use! The cable is thick and the module in the middle is made of thick quality plastic.If you’re using Smartthings like me, I’d highly recommend you download the device handler from The Smartest House’s website prior to pairing. Without it you won’t have all the energy monitoring features this includes. Unfortunately I can’t put a link in my review for you. The energy monitor shows you watts, kWh, voltage and amps. Turns out my toaster oven uses about 1400w at about 12 amps. I really appreciate monitoring my energy usage, which was a big draw for me to this particular Zwave device. But it’s heavy duty enough to use most of your bigger appliances with it (up to 1800w!) With Smartthings, this device registers as a power monitoring device, which allows you to set up all kinds of new rules with the smart apps! There are also a ton of configurable option for the plug. Side note, there is an LED light on the plug itself that shows how much energy is being used by changing colors! I’ve never seen this feature before and I like it!The plug automatically goes in to auto pairing mode when you plug it in, as long as you don’t try plugging anything in to it like I did on my first try haha. Just plug in the power switch by itself first and your hub will pick it up in a couple seconds.The cheaper price point of this plug and the fact that it’s a Zooz product are two selling points for me. I’ve purchased several Zooz products because of the price point and it turns out they are one of those newer to the market companies that actually puts out a good quality product! Rare if you ask me.

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    30 Second set up time with SmartThings Classic. No additional software required to measure power. Made in China.The combining of reviews here on different products is confusing. The product I purchased is the ZEN15 with one outlet.Others reported they had to install a driver in order to measure power. I found this not to be necessary with iPhone running the SmartThings Classic app. Electricity is very cheap in Texas so measuring powers is not something I care about. But it’s there if you want it. More importantly, set up was extremely easy. Using the iPhone SmartThings Classic app, I simply press the power button five or six times and the app recognized the device. A few more taps and I had my programming complete.Device responds very quickly. About a one second delay between the iPhone app and the relay functioning.

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