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ZOOKKI Solar Lights Outdoor, 28 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Lights, IP65 Waterproof Wall Light Easy-to-Install Security Lights

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【Sensitive Led Motion Light Outdoor】Just using the Key Pin to activate the solar wall lights and mounting them in seconds with provided plugs and screws . Solar lights outdoor recommended optimum installation height: 6.5-13 feet.
【Wireless Solar Powered Wall Lights】Equipped with 28 bright LEDs, 1200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and 400 Lumens Light, charging under sunlight in daytime. No dim mode helps to extend the work time and life span (5000 hours).
【 28 LED Outdoor Solar Security Lights】Made of high-impact ABS capable of withstanding rain, snow, and other extreme weather. Waterproof and heatproof ,our outdoor solar security lights can be used in pool, garage, stairs etc.
【Intelligent Solar Motion Sensor Lights】The solar lights outdoor sensing range is upto 26 feet with a 120º wide-angle, automatically “ON” within 3-5m at night or in darkness, and “OFF” after about 30s without continuous motion.
【 Professional Tests & Warranty Policy 】Having passed every certification of TUV, CE, RoHS and FCC test. We promise a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Limited Product Warranty.Compared with other led solar lights,the mini solar panel converts light that is brighter than the 30 Led and more.





ZOOKKI Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights

We have a variety of LED daily wall lamps designed for all groups to warm your home.

We devote to building an honest, friendly and harmonious relationship with our customers.

These outdoor solar powered wall lights can sense you passing through intelligently, whether indoors or outdoors.


solar security light

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10 reviews for ZOOKKI Solar Lights Outdoor, 28 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Lights, IP65 Waterproof Wall Light Easy-to-Install Security Lights

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     They look small but illuminate with big power. Motion control is good. Very impresed with power.

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     Glad I purchased these lights love the way they look around my house they help add an extra layer of security around the property. Excellent packaging like usual from Amazon and arrived right on time; I may possibly be purchasing another set of these in the near future.

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    Nilda Chinea

    I loved your solar lights, I bought 10 boxes to send to my hometown in Puerto Rico cause they don’t have electric since hurricane Maria. They also loved them cause they don’t need to worry about buying batteries. I wish I could’ve bought more to send to those that weren’t able to get one. Thank you for such a great product.

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    D. L.

    Very bright. A lot of light for it’s size. Senses motion from about 20 feet. Stays lit for about 30 seconds. Recommend.

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     We like them! They’re pretty bright !

  6. blank

    christopher duncan

    First day but these things are amazing. Perfect amount of brightness and the sensor is on point. I recommend this to everyone. Check the photo!

  7. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Epic lights. Insanely bright. Anyone here who has reviewed these as ‘disappointed not bright enough’ needs to get their eyes checked. Ray Charles called, he said try opening your eyes. Check out the before and after pic i took. It was taken in november 2017, 32 min after sunset. These are BRIGHT.

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    Brandy M

    These are great for a fence perimeter. We use these in our decent sized suburban backyard, and they are great! We live in CO, and we occasionally get coyotes, but these allow us to see what is back there. Nice and bright.Pros:1) easy to work. Literally hang these up, and just leave them be. Don’t forget to turn them to the setting you want, but so easy!2) pretty bright. These are smaller lights, but we now have a light about every 6 to 8 feet around the perimeter of our fence and it is great! They get brighter if something moves in their area, and they are definitely bright enough to see.3) good quality. My husband dropped on of these on our driveway while getting them out of the package. It is back there and working just fine. We had really cold fall rain last night as well, as luck would have it, and also fine. Our other lights have been up for about 6 to 12 months (depending on the light), and these are all fine, so hopefully these will fall in line with those.Cons:No cons. Do know you have to get enough sunlight in order for these to work well. If you live in a cloudy area, they will not be as bright. Additionally, these are not big enough to be security lights. They give off enough to be bright, but if you want a security solar light, you need to go bigger. Enjoy!

  9. blank


    So far so good. Placed them in the back corner of my yard and one on my garage. I have a black dog who all but disappears in the back of the yard, My wife saw her chasing a rabbit thanks to the new illumination. These lights are a good size with a powerful motion detector and bright shine even without being placed in the most powerful sunlight. I’m waiting to see how they hold up in rain, but I have a feeling they’ll do fine. And the 4 pack is great.UPDATE: Plenty of rain and still plenty of light!

  10. blank


    I will admit, I was a bit nervous getting these because I have never heard of the product brand name. Takes about 6-7 hours to charge. I sat them in the sun in the morning and by dinner time, I had them up and installed and they were working. The range is fairly far. I am making a guess but I was able to trigger the motion detector from about 10-12 feet away in the woods while walking. I also noticed one of the motion triggers was able to pick up passing cars on the road and the sensor light is fairly far from the road. Must be the way I have it positioned and the way the cars come down the hill/road but it’s picking up cars from more than 20 feet away. The lights stay on for about 15 seconds when triggered. I plan to buy a second set of 4.We bought a second set and have two at our main home. We installed one near our RING doorbell and it helps us see our whole driveway clearly at night much better than our regular porch light and sensor light in driveway.I will always go back to this company and purchase from them. Both times, my order arrived in less than/no more than 24 hours. I have been looking around and these lights are running for about $12 for ONE at Home Depot and Target by a different brand. With this company, you get 4 for roughly $30.

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