YOUTHINK Electricity Usage Monitor Power Meter

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Electricity usage monitor: monitor which appliance is the killer of the high cost of energy, help you save energy and your money
Blue backlit lcd display: the digital large backlit lcd display screen make it easy to read and record the data, especially in the darkness
Overload warning: when the whole power exceeds the rated power of monitor, lcd will display “overload” To warn the user
Various parameters: power(w), energy (kwh), voltage, amps, power factor, cost and minimum & maximum power, ideal for energy consumption monitor of home appliances
Tip & warranty: it can store the last data so you can read the screen after the power is off. We take full responsibility for product quality. If you’re not satisfied with it or any reasons, we will refund you in time. Order without worries. Total Outlet: 1

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YOUTHINK Electricity Usage Monitor Power Meter Plug Home Energy Watt Volt Amps Wattage KWH Consumption Analyzer with Digital LCD Display Overload Protection


● Mode 7 can directly occur while press down the button ”cost”

● Please read the numbers on the front angle of the LCD screen, not from the side view

● If an abnormal display appears or the buttons produce no response, the instrument must be reset. You can press the RESET button to reset it


Electricity Usage Analyzer:

With this electricity usage monitor, you can monitor which appliances are the killers of the high cost of energy. save energy, save your money

Backlit LCD Display:

The digital large backlit LCD display screen make you easy to read and record cumulative kilowatt-hour, time and electricity expenses

Overload Warning:

When the power socket connects the load over 1650W, LCD on the second line display the “OVERLOAD” to warm the users


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1 X User Manual

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10 reviews for YOUTHINK Electricity Usage Monitor Power Meter

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    Chris Newman

    Product works perfectly and as advertised. I compared the results with a voltmeter that has a built-in AC current meter and the results were extremely similar. The differences were less than 1%.I purchased this item with the intent to use it on my desktop computer since it has a fairly high end CPU and GPU along with multiple monitors, so that I could see how big of an impact my computer system is having on my electric bill. Once you know what the electric rate charge is for your location per kilowatt-hour, you can enter that information in to the meter and it will automatically calculate in dollars and cents how much it costs.You can measure the following with this meter in real time.VoltageCurrentWattsAccumulated powerCost in dollars and centsIt has three lines of data.The Top Line is time. It’s the accumulated time that power has been flowing through the meter or how long a device has been plugged into the meter and that meter has been plugged into the wall.The middle line is power. It will either display the rate of power that’s being consumed in Watts or kilowatt-hours and can also display the total accumulated power consumed.The bottom line is accumulated cost. You enter in the amount your power company charges per a kilowatt hour and then it calculates the cost based on that rate and the power consumption.

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    Like many others, my P3 P4400 Kill A Watt electricity usage meter started showing high voltage after plugged in for about a week. So wanted to have a try on this one. The large screen and backlight help to read easier. The viewing angle is around 110 degree, I guess. Not too bad, but can be improved. It’s able to check voltage, current, frequency, wattage, power factor, cost, and so on. I measure power and power consumption often so that I’m only concerned about these two items. I tested it by my low power led light. It read 0.5W while the defective Kill-A-Watt read 0.8W. I knew the correct value should be 0.4~0.5W, so it seems to work. Also I found it could record the minimum and maximum wattage in the process of measurement. Such function will be really useful for me. I usually check devices under 100W. This meter should work for me, I think. Give it five stars for now.

  3. blank


    This is so useful! I like that the display is lighted whenever pressed any of the buttons. Definitely makes reading easier. Didnt think so but youd realize once you look at it. Glad I didnt go with the pricier but better known brand that doesnt light up and looks archaic as well, lol.It really shows all the info although I wonder how do I see how many kW have my appliance consumed in $ since I added the price per kW in the system. It just wont show 🙁 Either way, its good to see the consumption of anything I plug into it.

  4. blank


    Excellent energy meter, expanded functionality and intuitive use. Standard energy meter, comparable to the established/trusted brands on the market. See photos. 4 items of note, three positive and one very minor complaint:1. Backlit display – great feature as I typically use it in the dark, helps to offset issue #42. Cost caculator – enter your local energy costs in kw/hr and it will automatically calculate total energy costs over a documented period. Very simple setup.3. Extremely intuitive – Instructions are thorough, though I did only opened them to take a photo. All functions (including cost calculation) were simple and intuitive in my first attempts without referencing the manual sheet.4. LCD screen (when un-lit) is only visible from roughly straight-on: This is common with LCD displays but may be an issue if your angle of view is limited by other factors. Easily legible from all angles when backlit display is on.5 stars.

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    J. MILES

    I got this to monitor my PC’s wattage while mining ethereum on the GPU. The theoretical wattage for my custom system is 318W. The meter shows 210-215W while mining at ~31 MH/s on an overclocked GTX 1070 (memory speed +600MHz). I don’t have any other way of measuring the wattage, so I’m going with it. :-)This has nice functions like voltage, amperage, total cumulative kW/h, min & max wattage. Voltage and amperage are definitely in-line with expectations, so I’m thinking wattage is, too. You can enter your kW/h utility rate, but (only downside) it only goes to two decimals. I have a $0.113 rate, so I can only enter $0.11.

  6. blank

    Ricky Cordero

    It works but the display I had a hard time to see the display in an angle. That I really need it to see the numbers but I need to come closer to see it. Otherwise it worksUpdate.Excellent customer service. After a month of use still working strong. The display issue is not an issue anymore since I need to be closer on my pc to get a reading on the meter.

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    Michael Dobony

    Worked well to find the AC unit that was drawing too many amps.

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    I Love Stuff

    When I was living with room mates and had a crypto mining computer I kept in the basement, I bought this to calculate how much electricity I was using to keep things fair when it came to the electric bill. This thing did the job perfectly.

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    Lubomir P. Petrov

    I am always curious how much electricity each device uses, this seems like a very good way to measure that. It is a little bigger than I thought, but most of the size is in the screen – so you get larger numbers to look at. Display not very good when looking from an angle, but this does not bother me. Overall pretty good product.

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    E Sunshine

    I built a cat shelter and it’s about 50ft from my back door. On extremely cold days, I used to go to the shelter to feel the pad to make sure it was warm. I plugged the outdoor extension cord into this monitor and I use it to look at the watts. Because the HEATING PAD HAS A BUILT-IN THERMOSTAT, the display will show the WATTS being used, and other times it will be at ZERO when the thermostat cycles off. I just look to see the numbers occasionally and when it reads zero, I know that it is normal and that the heating pad is working properly.

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