YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Handheld Shower Heads, Water Powered Light to Display Fahrenheit

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High Pressure handheld shower head with LED temperature display for pets and kids
This shower is special for different people group in different water temperature, even the favorite shower temperature for pet shower.
Water Powered Display: Below 90°F(32℃) -Blue light, Between 90-108°F (32℃-40℃) -Green light, Between 108-122°F(42℃-50℃) – Red light, Over 122°F (50°C) – flashing Red light
Digital display screen is easy for people to read out shower temperature by eyes. // 102°F (39°C) is the optimal for an everyday shower. // 100°F to 109°F (38°C -43°C) is a good for an indulgent foot spa // 100°F to 106°F (38°C -41°C) promote better sleep, especially for a baby. // 95°F to 99°F (35°C -37°C) is the recommended for seniors when showering. // The 93°F to 95°F (34°C -35°C) is best for showering dogs. // 100°F to 104°F (38°C – 40°C) is the best to shower your cat.
Powerful high pressure jet shooting in perfect temperature to meet skin desire;Shower hose, bracket include in package.




YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Handheld Shower Heads, Water Powered Light to Display Fahrenheit, Special for Skin Showering, Child and Pet Shower, Shower Accessories w/ 79” Hose, Bracket, Polished Chrome

You can read the temperature, LED lighting is by water powered, no batteries ever needed, save energy, save money, enjoy LED colors, enjoy LCD digital show.


one YOO.MEE LCD Screen Handheld Shower

one Shower adjustable bracket

one Stainless steel Hose

two Filter washers

one Manual instruction

LCD display screen settings: <90°F(32℃) -Blue light.

Between 90-108°F (32℃-40℃) -Green light.

Between 108-122°F(42℃-50℃) – Red light.

>122°F (50°C) – flashing Red light.


Material: High Strength ASB engineering grade plastic

Chromed finished: Luxury shining

Temperature accuracy: ±1°F(±1℃)

Temperature range: 50°F -122°F (10°C-50°C)

Feature:Digital screen and lighting is working well even under the low water pressure less 10psi/0.5bar.

102°F (39°C) is the optimal temperature for an everyday shower.

100°F to 109°F (38°C -43°C) is a good temperature range for an indulgent foot spa

100°F to 106°F (38°C -41°C) promote better sleep, especially for a baby.

95°F to 99°F (35°C -37°C) is the recommended temperature range for seniors when showering.

The 93°F to 95°F (34°C -35°C) is best for showering dogs.

100°F to 104°F (38°C – 40°C) is the best temperature range to shower your cat.


YOO.MEE team commit to optimize the life of people from daily anxiety and pressure. We invite and appreciate you can join together with us by YOO.MEE’s products. Thank you!




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10 reviews for YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Handheld Shower Heads, Water Powered Light to Display Fahrenheit

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    World Explorer

    I not only purchased this one time but two. I just moved into a new home and replace the previous owners fancy shower head; which I am sure cost more than this one. So Why would I do that ?I travel a lot. Mostly in Europe and Asia. I love the showers in Europe with not only a main shower head but usually a hand held as well. I also love full force shower heads and give a good spray and not something that just spits at you. Also . This isn’t a needle type that hurts you. I love the ability to see the temperature on the top of it as well as the colors change from a cool blue, to green and then to red. A really nice feature. YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Handheld Shower Heads also include a water saver washer for you to save water but the force won’t be with you.I had no trouble installing it . My second bathroom; I removed the old shower head / sprayer and I have this in the guest bedroom. My guest love it. If you are a bit of a nerd, like me; and love a full, high pressure shower head; then this is the one for you.

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    This hand held shower has a modern look and appears to be made well. It’s not very heavy in the hand (which is a plus for us) and will be easier for my daughter to use. The temperature gauge is such a nice feature and the led lights are a plus! Definitely worth the purchase.

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    Mr Wizard

    I’m 67 years old. And I seldom write reviews. It’s just not worth my time. Usually, the products are SO generic, SO normal, that they’re just not worth taking the time to write about. But occasionally, I buy something that is so good, or SO bad, that I feel it incumbent upon me to do so, in order to inform my fellow shoppers.I mostly bought this shower-head/hose for the thermometer. Anything to make my life a little bit easier, or a little less difficult. And the thermometer built into this shower-head/hose fulfills this function extremely well, making it slightly easier to set the temperature of my shower water. It is very, VERY useful in this regard.Additionally, I find the changes in color indicating the range of temperature to be an admirable feature.It was VERY easy to install. NO tools whatsoever were required.It’s very light, making it VERY easy to maneuver in the shower. The hose is considerably longer than the one that it replaces, giving it even more capabilities to wash things of various heights, and is SO softly flexible, that it requires NO effort at all to use.This shower-head/hose is, without a doubt, THE BEST shower-head that I have EVER seen or used or bought, and I have NO hesitation at all to say so, or to recommend it. It is a good dollar value, it performs an admirable function without ANY requirement for batteries, it’s easy to install, and it’s even easier to use. I just don’t know what else I could say about it. You would NOT be sorry to have purchased one of these units and, I daresay that you would even be glad that you had … as I certainly am.

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    I’ve had this for several months and wanted to give it some time before reviewing it. I LOVE this shower head! No more ice cold water or scalding burns when stepping into the shower and no more leaning into the shower with one hand in the water stream and the other hand adjusting the taps (my poor aching back) WAITING for the water to change temps. It also has great outflow pressure so I don’t have to crank up the water on full, although that does make the light-up bit a little dimmer but that’s okay. It just means it will work well with low water pressure and still light up just not as bright. The slim head is chunky yet easy to grip and maneuver for my arthritic hands. I do wish the hose were a little longer but it could just seem shorter because my shower head seems to sit so much higher on the wall than normal. That’s an easy fix and not worth skipping this item just for that. I just bought a slightly longer hose for it.

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    I’ve purchased three of these and have had excellent performance from this shower head over a year ago without any malfunctions. Two of these units were actually gifts for my GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN and their mothers have praised them over and over. When kids come to visit there is no problem getting them into the bathtub, the LEDs are intriguing to them. We highly recommend this handheld shower head for those with children.Update July 31, 2017I, my relatives and friends love and have truly enjoyed this handshower. As this past weekend I’ve purchased two more for a friend and one of my granddaughter’s first. #32 & #33 are on the way, that’s Great-Grandchildren. To the designer and manufacturer, there are NO suggested improvements required, it is excellent as is.

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    Love it! I took a chance on this because I liked the wand but needed to replace my whole shower setup so I got the Fan also with a 3-way switch. I wasn’t real sure about getting a digital shower but I am very happy I did. It didn’t take very long to set them all up. Maybe 10 min.The sensors work great and look even better. The wand reads differently than the fan at first because the water travel further and has to warm up the hose. It’s pretty handy to know what temperatures I prefer so I can set the shower just right. It’s also helpful when giving the pets showers since they require different temps.Best part is all together I am really happy with the look. Its classy and wasn’t extremely expensive. Would buy again for sure.

  7. blank


    I have been using this shower head for about a week now. I am impressed with it overall and love that it shows the water temp. The display for the water temp is very clear to see and the LED colors are nice and bright. My reasoning for giving this a three star rating is because the hose that came with the shower head is completely not even usable. The hose was put together wrong and the nut on one side is on backwards and it is held on by the tubing so I can’t fix it or just take the nut off and put it on the correct way. I have included pictures to better explain (the hose I used was from my previous shower head) Other than the hose being not usable the shower head itself is a great product so far.****UPDATE****Less than 24hrs after posting this update I was contacted by the seller of this product. They agreed that the nut was placed incorrectly and to correct the problem are sending me a new hose and a different shower head (different than the one I originally purchased, but the shower head I purchased originally functions perfectly as described and was never the problem). There is no way I could possibly recommend this seller enough. I have never had a seller provide such amazing customer service and feel like I can say with 100% this seller and product are absolutely amazing! I am VERY impressed with this seller!

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    Susan H.

    LOVE IT! Works just super-fine straight out of the box. Easy as it could be to install. A joy to hold even when my arthritis is acting up. Good strong spray. Am thinking of giving one to my mother, it’s fun to see what temperature the water is before I get wet.Update:It’s been over a year now, and the temp gauge still works just fine, the water pressure is perfectly adjustable by turning the hot and cold handles to whatever strength and temp I want. BUUUTTT…it started to make that funny noise that so many others have reported. Not all the time, only when/if the water gets too hot, like over 110 while I’m trying to adjust it to what I really want. Personally, I think it’s because of the “hard water”…it’s left too much of a layer of minerals etc and the temperature gauge is having trouble “reading” the temp.So I ordered another one I love it so much. It came today and voila there it is, all attached within like 2 minutes! I haven’t taken a shower yet with this new one, but I’m not expecting any problems.I did not replace everything, no need to, just the “head.” There was a little hiccup in that the new head had an extra little thing at the connecting end with a built-in filter so that the nut would not go over it to connect the hose to the head. So, I simply unscrewed the filter and then the hose nut went right on and tightened—no leaks.I would have liked to keep the filter, but the screen was fairly large and wouldn’t stop the minerals and whatever from getting through, although if there were rust particles, that might get stopped.I love the slim design, and I love seeing the temp. In winter I prefer the water temp at about 102 F, and in summer a cool 95 F is heavenly. (I know 95 sounds awfully warm, but until you try this for yourself, you just won’t know the truth.)I am so glad this kind of shower head exists!

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    Mark B.

    I’ve had this shower head for over a year and still love it The spray pattern is great and I like knowing what the approximate water temp is. No regrets with this purchase. One thing to note is that at some point it’s going to make this noise that can be concerning. I believe the device that creates the power for the led gets out of whack but the fix is to turn the water off and then back on. A few technical taps can help as well. ***Update*** it finally just started squealing continuously and I had to cease using the shower head. I just recently got a replacement after using another one for about 1 year. I really like the display and the spray pattern of this unit.

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    We had to move into a rental from our permanent home, which had a fantastic shower. Since the rental had the traditional tub with a regular shower head, I wanted to try and get something that resembled what we had before. This is a worthy replacement, and I like the temperature indicator, which our previous shower system did not have.Installation is very easy, but the Teflon tape is somewhat of a paradox, since all of the fittings use rubber gaskets, and all seal well. I couldn’t find a use for the tape. I did have a bit of a concern about ending up with the bracket in the correct position, but the gasket sealed fine with the shower head at 12 o’clock.The spray provided is universal, and is fine. There are no massage settings, just the one pattern. The stream has much more pressure than the previous shower head, so I have had to reduce the flow.One thing to look out for is the fact that the wand is about 8″ long, so when in the bracket places the spray much higher than whatever shower head was there before. However, the angle of the wand can be adjusted.My only concern now is how this will stand up over time. I read that some people have had problems with the temperature display and clogging due to calcium build up. I hope this continues to work at least until we move.

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