XYZ INVT 3500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 24V DC to 110V 120V AC Surge 7000 Watt Power Inverter Converter Generator

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Big capacity! 3500 watts continuous power, 7000 watts peak power, True Sine Wave Power Inverter converts 24V DC to 120V AC Power – Connect DC battery cables to your battery and AC cable to your appliance, a good choice for power backup on emergency!
Dual US AC sockets enable your multi appliances at the same time! LED displays let you know the working status all the time. Live, Earth, Neutral Line and Ground connection are available. Wireless remote can control inverter from 150ft away in open area.
Application: Widely used for camping, RV, truck, car, off-grid solar power system and home use appliance. It’s easy to transfer dc power from bettery to ac power to support your laptop, digital cameras, fans, game consoles, GPS, LED LIGHT, lamps, draw and so on.
9 KINDS OF PRODUCTIONS: Short circuit protection; High Temparature protection; High Volt Protection; Low Volt Protection; Surge Protection; Overload Protection; Over Current Protection; Fuse Protection; Recerse Protection.
You will get: 1 * 3500w pure power inverter; 2 set of battery cable; 1 * user’s manual; 1 * customer card; several spare fuses for replacement.




XYZ INVT 3500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 24V DC to 110V 120V AC Surge 7000 Watt Power Inverter Converter Generator w/ 100ft Wireless Remote Control for Solar System, Off Grid, RV.(3500W/24V)

XYZ INVT 3500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Size: 3500w 24v + remote

Designed as a portable power generator to power up multiple items for car traveling and home using. As a backup , it is ideal for power failure emergencies. It can always generate the power whenever and wherever you need it .


1. Low Interference – Delivers ultra clean Pure Sine Wave Power which is as same as the AC grid power supplied by your utility. Improves AC equipment performance with low interference technology, Good choice for television, stereo ect. Ideal for sensitive loads like instruments with high accuracy.

2.Low idle power draw – reduce the loss of the circuit and Improve the efficiency of electrical appliances.

3. off grid application – Ideal for emergency use as long as you get your battery fully charged. You can make your own electricity for your house wherever there is power outage or cut-off.

4.Dual US AC outlets and LED Digital Display – power different devices at the same time with no issues and monitor the voltage changes at any time .

5.Easy operation – Easily moved to different units with quick connects.  It can be used in the solar and wind system as well. Get your battery charged by solar panel with the solar charge controller. just plug and play.


DC input: 24V

DC input range: 21V-30V

No Load Current Draw: 1.5A


AC output volt: 120V

AC Regulation:3%

Frequency: 60Hz

Socket: USA type

Low Voltage Alarm:19.5V-21.5V

Low Voltage Shut Down: 18.5V-20.5V

PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1x 3500W Power Inverter, 2x set of battery cables, 1xUser Manual, Several fuses, our 12-month warranty and 100% customer service.

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3500w 24v + remote


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    Robert M.

    Simple design and function with no unnecessary frills! Plenty of power to drive a small microwave oven rated at 700 watts (which really draws 1200+ constant watts since microwave watt ratings are NOT the same as the actual constant watt demand required), plus enough power to drive a 700 watt toaster & 160 watt coffee grinder, all at the same time with no problems at all and power to spare for future appliance upgrades. The fan barely comes on even in 95+ degree f CLOSED garage. The unit itself consumes 30 watts continuously, so turn it off when not in use. I thought it best to mount flat for easy access to outlets, power switch and display, so it sits perfectly on top of an old 5-foot high tv credenza, with microwave oven placed where the tv usually goes. I use this product with a 24-volt series-parallel battery bank (4 12-volt deep-cycle 100ah batteries, wired to produce 24vdc and 200ah total capacity), which is also enough to drive a 65-watt dual-zone freezer at 5 degrees f (both zones) for around five days from the batteries directly (WITHOUT using inverter.) So normal daily use WITH the inverter for microwave etc uses less than 40ah for a single person. This inverter adds great new capability and ease for those long power outages during and after storms. Next year, I’ll add portable solar panels on wheels and maybe a portable windmill, so the complete system can be completely recharged in around 4-8 hours of good sun or wind based on 50-100ah daily use, and will hopefully provide uninterrupted power indefinitely!

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