XREXS Solar Powered LED Car Flashlight Multi-Function Solar Escape Rescue Flashlight with 2000mAh Battery, USB Charger and Solar Charger, Portable Flashlight for Hiking, Camping, Traveling

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Price: $23.99

♡ Car Emergency Escape Tool: With the seat belt cutter and glass window breaker, it will be helpful to cut the jammed seat belt, break the stuck window and bring safe escape in emergencies;
♡ Rechargeable Emergency Power Bank: This solar flashlight has a built-in 2000mAh 18650 battery, could be charged with included USB Cable (4-5hrs) or Solar Power (30hrs), using the USB cable to connect your phone with the flashlight and charge your phone for emergency;
♡ All-In-One Survival gadget: Emergencies do happen, but you don’t need to be unprepared. Use the hammer and seatbelt cutter to cut strings when camping, and the hammer to break anything or even defend yourself. It has a built in compass and light flasher – which means you’ll never be left in the dark, stuck in a car, lost, or out of touch with this device;
♡ Hands-Free and Safety: With a powerful magnet on the side of the flashlight head, you could attach it to the car or other metallic surface to use as a work light, camping lamp or emergency warning light;
♡ Reliable and Necessary: It comes with a weather resistant anodized aluminum alloy body, easy to grip, tail with a compass for outdoors; Not just for auto emergencies, also great for working, camping, or hiking.




Solar Powered LED Flashlight – XREXS Multi-function Solar Escape Rescue Flashlight with 2000mAh Battery, USB Charger and Solar Charger, Portable Flashlight 380 Lumen

Window breaker:Made of high density Alloy, durable escape hammer, it can easily smash the glass in an emergency.

Powerful magnet:It can easily attract steel, suitable for the wild life.

Cutter: Sharp and tough, you can easily cut off shackles in emergency, such as seat belts or wild vines.

Input and output:Built in 2000mAh lithium battery, and equipped with a USB charging cable, it can be charged, and it is a power bank that can recharge the phone.

Simple compass:It can help you identify directions in the field and avoid getting lost.

Main Features:

*Solar powered LED Flashlight – Recharge by day from the sunlight or by USB charger

*High bright LED – 200 meters Lighting distance

*High capacity Power Bank – 5V/2000mAh internal rechargeable battery for long working hours

*Multi-function tool – Solar Panel Charger, Portable Power Bank, Glass Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter and Compass

*Reliable and Necessary – Cast metal design with a compass


LONG PRESS the power button for 3 sec, it will toggle between 3 main modes:

1) Front Light

2) Side White Light

3) Side Flashing Red Light

Once one of these 3 MODES is selected with a long press,

SHORT PRESS the power button to toggle between the different options for each mode

1) 3 Options of Front light mode: Full Bright, Half Bright, Strobe

2) 2 Options of Side White Light mode : Full Bright, Half Bright

3) 2 Options of Side Flashing Red Light mode: Fast Flash, Slow Flash


The solar panel of the flashlight should face to the sunshine light when charging.

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10 reviews for XREXS Solar Powered LED Car Flashlight Multi-Function Solar Escape Rescue Flashlight with 2000mAh Battery, USB Charger and Solar Charger, Portable Flashlight for Hiking, Camping, Traveling

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    R. Johnstone

    I use the flashlight often. Love the choice of lighting options. Love that I can recharge rather than buying batteries.

  2. blank


    Arrived quickly and as described. Looking forward to using it. I will need to update this review at some point, once I hear back from the folks that I gifted it to.

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    Amazon Customer

    I have not had it long but seem really bright. I put it between the front seats and expect it will remain charged until needed.

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    Great flashlight, has everything you could want in one. This light can even be a weapon if your lady needs to protect herself from some lowlife with it’s glass breaker.

  5. blank


    I like this flashlight, It is very bright even the side light. I think It’s a very reasonable price for this kind of flashlights. I always bring a flashlight with my when I go on vacations. I am sure I will bring this one with me next time.

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    This flashlight is baller. I got it for my survival kit. Needed something in case we didn’t have batteries. This thing is solar powered. It can also charge things because it has a USB port on the bottom. It has a glass breaker, a little knife to cut something, magnet and compass. The actual flashlight is very bright and comes with a strobe too. Great for the kit

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    Sean D

     This is a great LED rechargeable flashlights. The light is super bright and the battery can last for long time. The body is made of metal and it has a built-in rechargeable battery and including the standard USB micro cable. It also can be charged by using the solar panel. This flashlight has multiple mode to fit for different jobs, and it also has magnet and compress. If you need some new flashlights with good quality ,I recommend this for the price.

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    Bought this as a gift for my brother in law, I made sure it worked before gifting it and I was very happy with the quality. It is a very sturdy flash light and the battery inside was very good quality. Charged right up in the sun as well.

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    Qing c lin

    Hella nice bright lite ,with several good features ,for survival and self protectionWill buy more for sure ,I lose a lot ,but this is best choice ever

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     I purchased this as a gift for my son in law to use on camping trips with Boy Scouts. The lights are very bright and he loves the different lighting options. I’m sure the other options will be very useful for camping as well. The cutter, the magnet and the part used for breaking glass would all have very good uses. He loves the usb charging option. This flashlight was a great value for the price. Does what it promises to do.

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