WIND MILLS for the 21st century PDF Download

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There are many options to building a powerful windmill and generator we will show you just a few.
Some of the designs we have made have copyright and Patent Pending, such as our New Sp500
Low Rpm Generator design ( not included in these plans… Cost is $70 order # Sp500 ) This is a new type of
generator which has never been seen before, it was designed and developed by David Waggoner of
Creative Science & Research. It is truly a New Discovery for the 21st century! Very High Efficient!

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WIND MILLS for the 21st century PDF Download

Many companies now have wind mills so powerful they are selling the energy back to the electric companies!
There are many wind mill electric generating companies that are operating out west and supplying cities with
free electric, It is amazing how much free energy you can get from just one wind mill.

Use your wind mills to charge 12 volt dc deep cycle marine batteries, you can buy these batteries anywhere.
then buy or build a 2,000 to 5,000 watt inverter, Inverters are sold on the internet from solar panel
companies or RV supply stores in your area, I am also seeing smaller ones being sold at local automotive
stores as well as K-mart Stores. The Inverter will hook up to any 12 vdc battery and step up the voltage to
115 vdc and then converts that 115 vdc to usable 115 vac x 60 hz, some are pure sine wave just as what is
running into your home and some are modified sine wave inverters. You can run lights, tv’s, vcr’s, dvd players,

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