WEIZE 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, 2 Pack of 12V 100W

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Price: $169.99

High Efficiency: WEIZE solar panel is constructed with high-performance Monocrystalline solar cells that offer higher efficiency up to 21% than Polycrystalline in bright weather condition, it provides a long service life and is virtually maintenance free.
Durable: The anodized aluminum frames, tempered glass and sealed junction box make the solar panel corrosion-resistant and weatherproof for superior outdoor performance.
Versatile: The industrial-standard solar panel features 36.4″ x 26.8″ x 1.2″ size, 2.6ft cable with connectors, produces 300-600Wh a day, generates 5.3 amp power, charges 12 volt battery, ideal for RV’s, cabins, sheds, remote locations and other small power generation needs.
Installation: Ready for installation. Pre-drilled holes compatible with common ground mounts, Z-brackets, side pole mounts and tilt mounts.
Warranty: WEIZE solar panel aims for quality followed up with quality customer service directly provided by manufacturer. A satisfied solution will be given for ANY of your problems. Our support team is on standby for YOU.

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WEIZE 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, 2 Pack of 12V 100W

WEIZE 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, 2 Pack of 12V 100W

WEIZE 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

WEIZE 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, 2 Pack of 12V 100W

Maximum Power Output: 100W

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 18.78V

Maximum Power Current (Imp): 5.32A

Maximum System Voltage: 1000V DC

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.64V

Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 5.7A

Dimensions: 36.4 x 26.8 x 1.3 inch

Panel Weight: 15.8 lbs

Solar System

What is Needed for a Solar System (accessoris Not included, only 2 panels):

– Solar Panel(s), connecting more by series or parallel to get 12v, 24v or 200w 300w…etc;

– Charger Controller, voltage & current regulator keeping your battery from overcharging.

– Connecting Cables, put the solar panel, charger controller, battery together;

– Mounting Brackets, you may need them to install the panel in full sunshine place.

– Power Inverter (optional), convert the DC to AC power for AC devices.

12v 100W Solar Panel System

Perfect Design

MC4 cable, overall length 32.68 inch;

Pre-drilled holes, easy for installation;

IP65 rated waterproof junction box.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Good Quality

Advanced multi-layered sheet material;

Aluminum frame, anti corrosion;

Durable low-iron tempered glass;

High Efficency Solar panel

High Efficiency

High module conversion efficiency 21%

36.4*26.8*1.3 inch, with Max. 100W;

About produce 300-600Wh / Day.


Additional information


Product Dimensions

39.6 x 26.3 x 1.4 inches

Item Weight

35.4 pounds




10 reviews for WEIZE 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, 2 Pack of 12V 100W

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    Jessica A

    Installed these on the roof of my R.V. They have worked great for charging the batteries and provide plenty of current to run my water pump and such.

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    Dave S.

    These panels have excellent performance in partly cloudy weather, and definitely outperform panels I used 10 years ago by almost 30%! Very nice build quality. I am very satisfied.

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    Bianca Talabis

    I connected 2 in series and plugged in to a Bluetti AC200. It charges an average of 160 watts at 3 pm in the Central Texas winter sun. Not bad.

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    Kindle Customer

    I received my panels and within an hour had them installed on my RV.(Hitting the road in the morning). I’m very impressed with them so far. My old ones would barely light up the charge controller. With one of these panels hooked up with a carport about 3 ft overhead and a cloudy day had the controller light up bright! I’ve got a feeling I won’t be without power anytime soon.

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    Trevor Z. Batey

    These were easy to install and work as they should! I had no issues at all. They’re fairly lightwieght, too.

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    Joseph Stinson

    Beautiful power output at 80-180w 38v and 5-10 amps. Very very happy. I will recommend and buy again. Thanks guys!

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    The solar panels work great but if you buy two of them be sure to order a 2 to 1 mc4 connector to hook up both panels. I purchased 2 -100 watt panels but only hooked up 1 panel. I have 3 deep cycle batteries (122 ah each) and a 15 dollar charge controller and now if the power goes out i can run my deep freeze and or a few led lamps.I’m totally satisfied with the panels and there capacities. Do your homework though if you want to expand. There’s a bit of electrical knowledge necessary to build systems bigger than 2 panels. WORTH IT.

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    random spaz 219

    two of these out perform three of my other panels in indirect sunlight, i have not done very much testing but during the sunset these were pulling in more solar power.they work, they are solar panels, they do what they are suppose toi would like to recommend to the sellers to package just a little bit better, i know it is different in different locations, depending on managers and employees, fedex around here seems to handle packages with more care, and so much is going through ups, which usually works out but i do get a lot of banged up packages from ups, … the panels arrived in good condition, but the inner box was ripped in one spot, both me and the delivery guy were kind of concerned, but they were fine. maybe even one extra layer of cardboard on the inside?regardless if they are in stock i will likely buy the same pair of solar panels next time i go to buy some, unless a better a deal is available. i am happy with my purchase, everything seems put together well as far as the frames and back panels and solar panels.

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    G. E. Bishop

    Nice panels. Bought 8 for a motorhome upgrade project. Installed as 2 strings of 4 panels each. May add another string at some point, 40′ RV so even with the vents and AC units there’s room, but for now these are working great.

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    Dennis Brawn

    The 100 watt solar panels are well built and output is what I would expect. I have 8 solar panels about 40 feet away from my inverter using 10 gauge wire and they deliver over 600 watts which is actually better than I expected. Customer support was also great. One of the panels arrived damaged in shipment (the glass was shattered) and after contacting the company, they immediately shipped out a new panel and had it here in only 3 days.

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