Waterpik Hand Held Shower Head Eco Flow Low Flow Water Saving Shower 1.6 GPM VBE 453, Chrome – Hand Held Shower heads

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Price: $26.47

3 setting handheld shower with 3.25 inch diameter head, 5 ft hose, and mounting bracket
Chrome finish
1.6 gallons per minute flow rate
Easy installation and easy handling
The product is highly durable and easy to use

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Waterpik Hand Held Shower Head Eco Flow Low Flow Water Saving Shower 1.6 GPM VBE 453

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10 reviews for Waterpik Hand Held Shower Head Eco Flow Low Flow Water Saving Shower 1.6 GPM VBE 453, Chrome – Hand Held Shower heads

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    I like this showerhead. After looking around, I’m pretty sure this is only handheld 1.5 gpm (well, this and the more expensive model by waterpik) showerhead, so I wasn’t expecting much with the lack of choices. But I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t tell the difference between this one and my old 2.5 showerhead on the normal setting. Really, it doesn’t feel too light at all. I like the combination pulse+regular setting. Also, unlike a prior reviewer, I don’t have any problem adjusting all the settings while the thing is still in it’s holder (this is probably dependent on how high it’s mounted vs how tall you are). The showerhead does seem a little cheap, with the materials and the fact that the 3rd setting is just putting the dial between the two settings (couldn’t they have made a nice little click?) but it’s not that expensive and it will save a bit of water. The water “pause” is a little weird. It drops the water flow to about half. I think a truly water-saving nut could still shower with it “paused”. I think it’s set that way for tankless water heaters, which turn off when the flow does, so you’d get cold water if it actually paused.If you want a very low-flow handheld showerhead, and you aren’t looking to spend to much money or get anything too fancy, then get this. It’s a nice, basic, effective showerhead.

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    I love this product. Couldn’t find it in the hardware store so I am glad I found it on Amazon.

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    Kristin L.

    We have used this particular showerhead at 3 different rental homes now. And we love it. The flow is perfect and you don’t feel like you’re losing anything while saving on your water bill.

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    Amazon Customer

    I am very pleased with the new shower head. My old one was so powerful that it was uncomfortable. This shower head feels just right.

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    Jamie Pauly

    Easy to install, needed it for bathing a dog. Works as expected nice flow for rinsing even though it’s water efficient

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    John S. Munroe

    These water savers will never dispense high volumes of water which is why they save water and energy. This one delivers plenty of uniformly dispersed spray. They have a lifetime warranty. I have two of them and they both function perfectly. If you want a low cost option for a water saving shower, I would strongly recommend this shower head. I am a two time purchaser and I bought them years apart. That says something.

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    I bought this showerhead for my son who has a skin disorder. He has previously hated taking showers because the water pressure hurt his skin. In an effort to encourage showering I did my research and came across this showerhead. 1. It uses way less water than typical showerhead and 2. The “pause” feature works perfectly for our situation. Let me say there really are only 2 pressures for the showerhead + the “pause” feature. The massaging pressure is too hard for him so we don’t use it. The other pressure is ok and he tolerates it, however he doesn’t prefer it. The showerhead comes with that “pause” feature that doesn’t pause anything, it just really lowers the pressure to a very soft shower, which is exactly what we needed. For my son this is an ideal showerhead.The only negative would be that the hose could be longer.Setup took less than 5 minutes with no leaking.

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    Amazon Customer

    Works well and saves water. The soft tips are easy to clean when the calcium builds up in them. I have bought more for my new house.

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    One of the best low flow shower heads we have ever purchased. The flow is so good you’ll never even think it’s a water saver.The quality of the product is very good and after using it now for a few months it seems like it will last a long time.

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    It does what it supposed to do. .can’t write a whole book about a shower head. .

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