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WaterHawk Smart Shower Head with Real Time Water Usage/Temperature LED Display

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The ONLY shower head with a Real Time water usage data display to manage water use.
The WaterHawk is powered by hydroelectric power with no need for batteries.
The display is illuminated by the water flowing through the WaterHawk.
The color indicators help you easily see when your shower is warm and ready from across the bathroom.
Fits all standard 1/2 inch shower arms and takes seconds to install.

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WaterHawk Smart Shower Head with Real Time Water Usage/Temperature LED Display

The WaterHawk 6” inch Smart Rain Shower Head with LED display helps you save water and money by monitoring water usage and temperature while showering. The shower is the number two water user in the household accounting for 27% of your water usage and water bill. Yet, there has not been an easy or sensible way to know how much water is used while showering…until now!

WaterHawk is powered by the flow of water, no external power supply or batteries are needed for operation. Water usage in Gallons Per Minute and temperature information will alternate on the integrated LED display while showering. So you know right away when your shower is at the perfect temperature the LED ring that surrounds the display quickly indicates the water temp range at a glance. The WaterHawk fits all standard ½” Inch shower arms and installs in seconds.





blankReal Time Data While You Rinse

The WaterHawk 6″ Smart Rain Shower Head puts you in control of your water usage by providing you with real time data on water temperature and water usage in Gallons Per Minute displayed in the integrated LED Display. Gamify your showers and see which family member can take a shower using the least amount of water to have fun and save money on your next water bill. WaterHawk is an incredible tool for households looking to conserve water and conserve money while still having a great rain fall shower head.




blankPowered by a Hydroelectric Generator = Smart Battery Free Operation

The WaterHawk is powered by hydroelectric power with no need for batteries. The display is illuminated by the water flowing through the WaterHawk. The WaterHawk will display information with water flow as low as 1.0 GPM.








blankSave By…Tracking Gallons Per Minute

The LED Display shows real time water usage in Gallons Per Minute. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, WaterHawk is here to help!









blankSave By…Tracking Temperature

The LED Display also shows you the current temperature in degrees farenheit, and the quick color indicators help you easily spot when your shower is warm and ready from across the bathroom so no water goes wasted during your perfect shower.








blankSave By…Adjusting Your Water Heater

Use the WaterHawk Shower head to measure the max temperature of your hot water and adjust your water heater down to around 115 degrees Fahrenheit at the shower head to optimize your energy cost to heat your water. Adjust, tweak and save on your next electric, gas or propane bill.







A simple smart product that is easy to install and use…no Apps or Hubs Required

“Overall, the WaterHawk does a splendid job of watching your water usage—dare we say—like the proverbial hawk. As the adage goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and the WaterHawk fits the, um, bill to enable real-time measurements of key big data numbers you need to positively impact your water usage and water-related energy conservation efforts.” -Tom Kolnowski, Founder of Digitized House Magazine


Earths Smartest Showerhead

Our daughter took very long showers and we wanted to show her how much water she used in an effort to change the habit. There was not a product on the market to do that so we developed the WaterHawk. During the research phase of the WaterHawk project, we started seeing just how serious the water crisis had become in the US, with regions in almost half of the States in the US in a “Severe Drought”. Once States and Municipalities started pushing fines for people using excessive amounts of water we knew that we had to see this project through. It started with a small idea to reduce our daughter’s long showers and turned into a much bigger idea to help the country and hopefully some day, the world, reduce the amount of fresh water being wasted.

the only showerhead on the market that displays real-time water usage and temperature data

The WaterHawk is the only showerhead on the market that displays real-time water usage and temperature data as well as a color coded quick indicator LED ring to let you know precisely when the water temperature is up to your liking, avoiding wasted water. It’s also the only shower head to do all this with a water powered turbine that generates power with the flow of water, no batteries necessary!

The best part of the startup experience is reflecting back on the process to when the WaterHawk was just a simple idea to curb our daughter’s water use. Now seeing it come to life and being made available for others to have access to what we could not find really justifies all the hard work that goes in to developing a product. Most importantly, we hope to see this product make a difference to save water and help WaterHawk users trim their monthly water bill in the process.

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10 reviews for WaterHawk Smart Shower Head with Real Time Water Usage/Temperature LED Display

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    Richard Wiseman

     I needed to replace my shower head so I got this.

  2. blank


    Awesome, money saving product. You can see the temperature and gallons of water used for each shower at a glance. It has been great for getting my family to realize the amount of water they are using in the shower and help us all cut back. It resets the number of gallons after each shower, but somehow amazingly it does not reset if you just turn off the water for a minute or two while you soap up, wash your hair, shave your legs, or whatever. I challenged my four kids to see how few gallons of water they can use and they now understand the economics of “navy showers“! Highly recommend this shower head.

  3. blank

    Electra K.

    I bought this to put into my tenant’s bathroom. Last month I got my water bill and it said that we were spending an average of 500 gallons daily! They like to take long showers so I partnered this with a waterproof timer to help them keep track of time and water usage. The display lights up perfectly and switches between water temperature and gallons used. Its only 2.0 gpm, so it’s only .5 under the mandated amount, I was hoping it would be less but that’s alright. I haven’t personally used the shower head so I don’t know the pressure quality. The shower head has only been on for a week, so I’ll update the review once my water bill comes to see if it really made any difference!

  4. blank

    Anthony Vargas

    It’s nice for when it’s time to give the kids their showers. The temperature indicator makes it a lot safer for when setting temp of water.

  5. blank

    John Balogh

    We can’t afford a digitally controlled valve, but this affordable digital readout head allows us to monitor the temperature before stepping into the shower. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to easily monitor the temperature or water use during a shower.

  6. blank

    Hoss Gomez

    The best shower head I’ve ever owned. Self powered by water stream, no batteries or charging. It shows you the temperature of the water by color changes. Also shows the amount of water usage. So simple and so easy to install. Love it

  7. blank

    Oswaldo Martinez

    Had an issue with the unit that arrived. Called customer service number and he resolved the issue. They stand by thier product.Also, makes me save water. I make an effort to waste less than 15 gallons per shower. I also tell my boys keep under 15 . Before they were taking 30 min showers.

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    Paul Bailey

    We are “exploring” buying an RV. Water consumption limited. We decided to test our habits and abilities. This is the perfect tool. Tells gallons and temperature. We’re challenging each other daily.

  9. blank


     It’s 2019, you need a new shower head. The WaterHawk has made the entire family conscious about the water they use while looking great and providing a good dispersion of water. Showers are fun again.I am attaching a video to this review as there isn’t nearly enough coverage of such an amazing product. PS: I only waited until it turned green as I didn’t want to waste too much water but it’ll turn red and flash red above certain temperature ranges.

  10. blank


    I purchased this to replace a rain shower head that was killing my water bill. This is fantastic it doesn’t use a ton of water definitely water-saving while still giving the rain experience and knowing how many gallons and the temperature of water is an added bonus the only issue I have is that I wish the display would stay lit up a little longer because as soon as you turn the water off you lose all information there’s no way to go back and get it

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