WASSA High Pressure Shower Head – 3 Inch Anti-leak Fixed Chrome Shower head – Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball Joint

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Price: $19.97

HIGH PRESSURE SHOWER HEAD – 3″ Compact, Powerful, Superior rain spray even at low water flow and pressure.
EASY TO CLEAN NOZZLES – 45 Silicon Jets prevent lime and hard water deposits.
CONFIDENT QUALITY PRODUCT – Any quality problems with WASSA Shower Heads, we will fully refund you or send you a new replacement in life-time duration.
INSTALLS IN MINUTES – G1/2” threads connect to any standard shower arm. Maximum flow rate 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM).
FULL PACKAGE INCLUDES – 3″ Showerhead and Teflon Tape.

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WASSA High Pressure Shower Head

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10 reviews for WASSA High Pressure Shower Head – 3 Inch Anti-leak Fixed Chrome Shower head – Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball Joint

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    Amazon Customer

    I’d like to start off by saying I usually only write reviews when products are NOT great to help “warn/give heads up” to people. Having said that, this product is SO amazing I had to review it. We just moved into a new apartment in the city and love everything except the shower pressure. It was so bad my showers doubled in length and I wouldn’t EVER feel fully clean or refreshed after a shower. We spoke to building maintenance and they told us that they had changed the shower head for the previous tenants at least 4 times but nothing seemed to work. They had some fancy expensive shower head on currently so thinking that they had the “best” already installed – I was bummed that this is how we would have to shower moving forward.Boy was I wrong, and thank GOODNESS. This shower head (not even talking about the price) is the best purchase I may have ever made on Amazon. ( and I buy daily :0 ) My husband installed it in less than 3 minutes, he is not a handy man in any way but it was that easy. He ended up showering first and kept yelling from the shower “WOW this is Night and Day, it’s AMAZING, you’re going to love it” , he was right. My whole shower I kept thinking it was going to go back to the old pressure of nothing.I am not sure how this works, but it WORKS!! It has completely changed my mornings and I am honestly so grateful . I would pay 5 times the amount for this and still think it is a great deal!!

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    Aaron D.

    At the risk of sounding cliche, I’m not regular with reviewing products but this one deserves it. This shower head instantly reminded me of the scene at the end of the Seinfeld episode “The Shower Head” where Kramer get blown back. This thing is simply amazing. I’m seriously considering purchasing another one just to cut it open and see whats inside.I’ve tried at least a half dozen shower heads over the years and if you have low water pressure or a well that ranges from 35-60psi when the pump cycles, this shower head is for you! I am in awe at the consistent pressure it delivers. Other shower heads disappoint with a pathetic stream that keeps your body twisting and turning just to stay warm. I used to like the water saver heads from Delta that create a spray/mist sort of pattern and normally address low pressure situations but those days are behind me. this is my new go-to.

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    I bought this shower head because it said high pressure. I have been looking for a high pressure shower head that lives up to that name for years. I never imagined that this one would be as amazing as it is. After trying this thing out for the first time, I was absolutely blown away. It’s like standing at the bottom of a waterfall. I can’t say enough what an absolutely amazing product this is. My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner; you know before I spent so much money on other shower heads that say high pressure, but never deliver.

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    I bought this because I was cheap and wanted to replace my old worn-out, expensive Delta head. After ordering this, I was worried that the high-flow rate would cause my hot water to run out too fast (since I already need to adjust the heat up during the course of a regular shower). To my surprise, this shower head created TOO MUCH pressure. At first, I thought that this was bad BUT THEN it occurred to me – for the first time in my life – that I could simply turn down the water pressure at the on-off knobs. I’ve always just cranked it all the way up because more was always better. But not anymore! Now, my hot water lasts forever because I am using less water overall and the whole shower experience is much more enjoyable. An added benefit is that, although this head disperses the water very well, it still remains very focused so that thee is less splashing so there is less clean-up later on. If $20 can make a difference in your life, I don’t know of a better way to do it than this shower head.

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    Dane Q

     Me currently visiting my parents’ home and they are both in their 90s. Mom is suffering progressive dementia and father helping her. Her skin became so dry and exfoliated so she needs to shower more often but doesn’t like it. found the water pressure so low. google searched high pressure shower head. Found several alternative solutions. Compared thoroughly. Among them, WASSA ‘PROMISED’ 1. HIGH PRESSURE 2. ANTI CLOG SELF CLEAN 3. ANTI LEAK WITH THE MOST # OF EVALUATION. similar cheaper ones are missing enough #of good evaluations or strongly persuasive product reviews. INSTALLED. 1.HIGH PRESSURE? WOW! HIGHER THAN EXPECTED 2. ANTI LEAK? TIGHT SEAL. 3 ANTI CLOG? TIME WILL TELL. DESERVES 5 STAR REVIEW. 1.PLUMBING COST N DIFFICULTIES FOR HIGHER PRESSURE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. 2. CURE FOR LIME FREE CLEAN WATER FOR MY MOM IS INVALUABLE. 3. SAVING WATER & SEWAGE COST ADDS UP FOR YEARS. VERDICT OR VALEDICTION: WORTH AT LEAST $2000+. DESERVE A 5 STAR SATISFACTION. P.S. 1. SHOWER HAS previously a HANGER FOR A SHOWER HEAD WITH HANDLE OR NECK. SO CALLED the APARTMENT MAINTENANCE FRIEND TO ADD AN ADAPTER AS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS. BETTER IF AN ADAPTER OR SHOWER HANDLE IS ADDED AS AN OPTION. 2. A HOME AID WHO HELPS MY MOM ASKED ME WHERE TO GET WASSA FOR HER HOME AND DAUGHTER’S. I SAID AMAZON. March 2, 2019 Dane from New Jersey

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    Espresso Fan

    I purchased this shower head … not for the advertised high pressure water flow but for the reported help in homes with low water pressure. Our house is on a well and we have really low water pressure. Reading other reviews that this helps houses with low pressure I decided to give it a try. So glad I did, now our shower feels like it has normal water pressure! Plenty of water to rinse off with. As a added bonus the jet nozzles are made of silicone which is great because if they get clogged with sand or minerals all you do is push on the nozzle tips (bend them over) and it clears out the obstruction. As to the size… I’ll admit I was concerned after reading that several reviewers expressed disappointment because the head was much smaller than they expected. After reading the reviews I was thinking the photos in the ad might be slightly exaggerated to help show detail. As a result I was expecting to receive a stubby little head about a inch or so in diameter. As it turns out it’s actually bigger than the shower head we replaced. Granted its not a huge “rain forest – waterfall style head” but I wasn’t expecting one. The shower head is approximately 4 inches tall and just shy of being 3″ inches in diameter at its widest point. See photo for a size reference.

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    Blaine K. Evans

     This is the third shower head I’ve installed since moving into my current house. I removed the original shower head because it was very old and had a ton of lime buildup. But, I quickly learned that, well, they don’t make them like they used to.The first shower head I bought was a Delta 75152, which was very well-reviewed and recommended by Lifehacker. I got about half of the pressure from it that my old limey shower head had. Looking online for alternatives, I figured out that they almost all advertise “water saving” features, which just means you’ll spend twice as long in the shower to rinse the soap off, probably wasting water. Unfortunately, I had thrown out the old shower head already as it was built into the neck, and I had been forced to install a new standalone neck to accommodate a modern shower head. So, I replaced the $20 Delta with the cheapest plastic head from a big box of shower heads on the lowest shelf at Lowe’s. The brand was Project Source, and it was somewhere between $4 – $7. That one got me my pressure back, but made a horrible high-pitched whir whenever you used it. It upset my dogs. Not a great way to start your day, either, but better than suffering a lazy drizzle.But now…dang. I saw this on a Lightning Deal and skeptically checked the reviews, then decided to risk it. Boy am I glad I did. More pressure than ever, even spread that’s not too wide or too narrow, and no devil scream.The package included a small roll of glide tape which I didn’t use but perhaps should have (you’ll see a slight drip in the video). It hasn’t been that long since I put the old head on so I figured the existing tape was fine, but I was wrong. That’s on me.It’s as easy to install as any normal shower head. Just unscrew the old one and screw on the new one. Just be mindful if you have a very old shower, you may need to install a universal neck if your old shower head is built in. As far as applying the tape, the official product video can show you what to do if you don’t already know how. Then just screw it on snug.Range of motion is fine. I don’t need it to point at the ceiling or anything. It’s easy enough to turn but still stiff enough to not drift on its own. When my weirdo cat tried to get in the shower with me I very easily adjusted it to spray the back wall and scare him off. It was actually better for that than my old shower head, which was too stiff and made me worry I’d unscrew the neck from the vertical pipe in the wall.Finally, I just want to say again, this is a GREAT shower head. Think of the best shower you’ve ever had, maybe at a fancy hotel or something. Unless it was one of those 360° showers that spray from four places, this is likely to be as good as the best shower you’ve ever used. Heck, if you’ve got four heads in your shower, four of these will probably still be an improvement, and for $100 or less (I think they’re normally $25 apiece, but I got mine on sale for $20).Check the video I’ve included to see for yourself. My apologies for the reflection. I didn’t notice it when filming or I’d have put a shirt on. Don’t worry, I was wearing pants. Also, the low-pitched noise in the background was my computer. I forgot to mute it, as I had CBS News on with live coverage of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, which is very dismaying. That was a top ten must-see whenever I finally make it to Europe.

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    Gary Levin

    The shower head was exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want to fiddle with pulsating or3 other patterns. I just wanted a good shower without all the mechanism. I had a great shower with this shower head. I don’t need it to make breakfast for me, just give me a great shower, and it did.

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    I just moved to the next to top floor of an apartment building and the water pressure in the shower stinks. Showers are very important to me, and standing under a strong water stream is one of the best places for me to think. So I needed a new shower head immediately.I replaced the pre-installed shower head with the WASSA. The box was tiny, it came with no instructions (I still don’t know what the string is for…), and it weight nothing. So I doubted. Can any product really ONLY have 4 and 5 star reviews? Even the fancy pants low flow shower heads had bad reviews, but not WASSA. Wassap with that?Well what is up is that it works like a friggin charm! It’s like magic. This tiny, weightless thing increased the shower flow to a level that is more than satisfactory for my needs. It’s not like silkwood shower strength, but it certainly gets me clean and is strong enough for me to enter my pseudo-meditative state. Thank you, WASSA, for the first good shower I had in this new apartment!Why did I think I needed installation instructions? Unscrew the old shower head. Screw on the new one. Voila. But what is the spool of string for? I feel like Stallone trying to figure out the 3 seashells…One issue that does not bug me at all is that, once you turn the water off, it makes this light, high-pitched moaning noise, which I assume is the wheezing of the wizard mouse in there that frantically casts the water pressure spells. Or it’s the shower heads relieving the pressure it built up to drive the water. Either way, it does that for a few seconds.I will be certainly be recommending this product to others. I haven’t tried any other low flow shower heads but, at this point, I feel no need to.

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    First of all, you should clean your showerhead. Not just the outside. I was shocked at how dirty the interior of mine was when I removed it. And I was using that to get clean?Second, this shower is a wake up for the body. You will FEEL the speed. It’s like that episode in Seinfeld when Kramer got his ‘elephant’ showerhead. Ok, maybe not quite that extreme.But it was very easy to install. Took about five minutes.High quality, works great. I might even get another WASSA but one that has more settings to control the flow and speed.For the price, this is a bargain!

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