Vine Smart Wi-Fi TJ-919 7-Day Program Home Thermostat Touchscreen App Control & Alexa

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【PROGRAMMABLE AND ENERGY-EFFICIENCY】. Ultra-flexible 7-Day&8-Period settings, save over 23% on HVAC energy cost.
【REMOTE CONTROL WITH VARIOUS DEVICES】. Compatible with Amazon Alexa , Google assistant , also you can control from your phone, tablet or laptop with smart Vine App.
【QUICK INSTALLATION AND EASY OPERATIOIN】. Including necessary hardware and detailed instructions, most people finish installation within 30 minutes and be familiar with the operation within 20 minutes.
【FREE RETURN AND LONG TIME WARRANTY】. One month free return without reason, three year warranty and lifetime technical support.
【HIGH-END,SLEEK, MODERN DESIGN WITH ADVANCED AM Up-SCALE PROCESS】 that provides ultra-clear images, enhancing the viewing experience in three OSD menu languages: English, Spanish and French

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Vine Smart Wi-Fi TJ-919 7-Day Program Home Thermostat Touchscreen App Control

thermostat programmable 3rd gen smart home control Nest Honeywell EcobeeGoogleAlexa smart wifi app

The VINE Connected Corp. is based on 2596 Nicholson street, San Leandro, CA.Vine is committed to smart security, smart building, intelligent medical construction and services, based on big data, cloud services and light artificial intelligence. Customers provide a complete “whole-process IoT technology platform” service, include product intelligence, cloud services and service closed loops for mobile applications.

With the goal of “connecting the world to create value”, the company focuses on the development line of “innovating technology and improving the quality of life” and strives to become the most valuable intelligent life industry IoT service provider.

Smart Home, Smart User, Smart Life

thermostat programmable 3rd gen smart home control Nest Honeywell EcobeeGoogleAlexa smart wifi appC-Wire Required. If you don’t have c wire, there is an method to solve it :

1.connect the c port with G wire.
2.Connect the G wire in the AC to the C port in the AC.
3.Use the jumper wire(include in the box) to connect C port with G port.

Then it will be ok for your thermostat with your HVAC system, but: when you open the AC, the fan will be always functioning, please decide with your favor.

Specification:Detail-orientated design, Multiple functions,High-level display;

thermostat for home,lock,home improvement,wifi thermostat,alexa thermostat,remote sensor

thermostat programmable 3rd gen smart home control Nest Honeywell EcobeeGoogleAlexa smart wifi app

thermostat programmable 3rd gen smart home control Nest Honeywell EcobeeGoogleAlexa smart wifi appProgrammable/Remote Control

You can DIY the program yourself, you can also control the thermostat with phone, tablet, web page or Alexa, Google home ;

Programmable settings for flexible 7-Day/8-Period settings

Wi-Fi Chipset: Qualcomm QCA4004X
Wi-Fi Frequency Standard: IEEE 802.11B/G/N (2.4G)
Working Range:<100 Meters in open area
Power Source:24V-ac (20V~30V AC),5V-DC
Vine TJ-919 Smart 7 day & 8 period Wifi Programmable Thermostat
Compatible with :1-Heat or 2-Heat, 1-Cool System,Heat Pump System (w or w/o Emerg. Heating),Heat or Cool only Systems;


Each day can be customized with different options to ensure optimal comfort around your schedule.


Download our app on your smartphone to control the Vine Smart Thermostat on the go. Alexa compatible and supported on Android and iOS devices.


Energy costs will enable the Vine Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat to pay for itself and you can save even more by purchasing the unit up front. Average consumers save approximately 23% annually off their energy bill.

Case Material: Flame-resistant PC+ABS;
Dimensions: 85H x 123W x 26D (mm) 3-5/16″H x 4-4/4″W x1.0″D
Screen Size:4.5″Color Touchscreen LCD (56.00 x 101.40mm)
Screen Resolution:480 x 854 pixels
Touch Panel: Capacitive
Night Light:Programmable Warm White LED(3200K – 3500K)
Current: 2.5A (24V-AC), 2.5A (5V-DC)
Temperature Setting Range:40°~99℉ (5°~37℃)

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✓ ✓ ✓ No Battery Required

✓ ✓ ✓ Alexa Compatible

✓ ✓ ✓ Android and IOS supported

✓ ✓ ✓ Worth to Buy

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10 reviews for Vine Smart Wi-Fi TJ-919 7-Day Program Home Thermostat Touchscreen App Control & Alexa

  1. blank

    kim f. henderson

    Great app

  2. blank

    Hai L.

    Highly recommended. Separate fan schedule is a plus. 10min ON/120min OFF is the smallest interval. I think 10min ON/240min OFF should be the smallest interval (NEST!)8 intervals for temp controls are cool!The unit looks better than most others!

  3. blank

    Fabrizio Antonelli

    Installation was a breeze. You do need a C wire. App and Alexa integration works great

  4. blank

    Dev R. Mazumdar

    My thermostat didn’t have a C-wire – Sensi works perfectly without the C-wire.The mobile app is intuitive and the device works flawlessly. You even get a rebate from your local power company

  5. blank

    Kindle Customer

    Replaced a 2-wire Heat only thermostat. Vine TJ919 requires a C-wire for power. Purchased a separate power source (Heyvalue 24 volt Power Adapter) and installed according to easy to follow directions. Works great. Easy to program.

  6. blank

    Ray Hayes

    I was really disappointed for the first couple of days. The thermostat wouldn’t connect and stay connected to my WiFi. I barely got it set up. The thermostat itself works great. After a couple of days it has been working great and no more issues. I love that I can turn the heat up before I get out of bed.

  7. blank

    Vanessa Tucker

    I purchased this recently & so far it’s been working great. I installed & set it up myself which was extremely easy. Programs are easy to use and are easily adjustable through the app, which is also very convenient.I did have 1 issue with the WiFi disconnecting & my device unregistering but after cutting it off for about 5 mins & leaving it alone (not running) for a few hours, it reconnected on its own to my WiFi & was ready to be reregistered through the app, with all of my previous programs saved.Programming, like I said is easy. You can turn on only cooling, heating, or both heating & cooling. You can also, change it for summer settings (cooling only) or winter settings (heating only.) It conveniently has a circulation setting which you can program to constantly run, or you can set it to start & stop during certain times of the day for a specified about of time (ex: 30 mins on, 60 mins off from 1pm-7pm.)So far I’ve been enjoying my new thermostat but then again I haven’t had it very long. Will update if anything changes.

  8. blank

    Linda M. Phillips

    This is really a nice thermostat. House came with a nest, which is a PITA. The smart features work well with the touch screen. I hate smart things, but the night light feature is probably its best attribute. The iPhone app (Lehman operation) works better then direct operation of the thermostat itself. It’s just easier to navigate on the app. The circulation feature is awesome. Nice clear screen and the touch works well.

  9. blank


    Very nice.

  10. blank

    Hyorel Trading Group

    I love this product I would recommend you to buy it you wont regret it……..

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