USB Power Strip with Wireless Charger BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector and 40W 6-Port USB Charging Dock Station,1500 Joules,ETL Listed,Dorm Room Accessories

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【New Release】BESTEK USB Power Strip with an Extra Bonus: Built-in WIRELESS CHARGER(5V/1A) on the top of the power strip,compatible with all devices which apply with Qi standard
8 AC Outlets Surge Protector(1500J) and 6-port USB Power Strip with 6-foot heavy-duty power cord(14AWG),protecting your TV,computer,router,laptop,printer,modem,speaker and other valuable devices against surges and spikes
6 Smart USB charging ports with individual lights on two sides,BESTEK USB Power Strip can intelligently detect your devices to deliver its safest maximum charge speed up to 2.4A per port,40W/8A total (No compatibility problem )
Two independent switches for energy saving, unique photosensitive USB LED indicator make this USB power strip convenient to use especially at night.Built-in SAFETY DOOR to protect kids from unexpected electric shock
Exclusive Vertical Desktop Design,BESTEK USB Power Strip is a SPACE SAVER and ideal for charging multiple devices at home/office/school(only 5.7 inches tall)

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8AC+6USB+Wireless Charger-Black, 8AC+6USB+Wireless Charger-Blue, Black and White



10 reviews for USB Power Strip with Wireless Charger BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector and 40W 6-Port USB Charging Dock Station,1500 Joules,ETL Listed,Dorm Room Accessories

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    Scratchy Applebrake III

    I needed surge protected outlets for my desk lamps, computers, and chargers. This product is very well-designed both in terms of functionality and quality. It is sturdy, the main power cord is fairly stout, and this is a good indication of some serious current carrying capacity. The main cord has a Velcro strap for coiling up excess cord length. The indicator lights above the USB ports seem to go out when the device is fully charged and this is very convenient. The AC power outlets are arranged so that you can put a wall wart (or electrical vampire) into the outlet without obstructing access to an adjacent outlet. (A wall wart refers to the small rectangular power supplies that have a built in plug without any cord between the plug and the body of the power supply). Also the packaging was pretty impressive. The line cord was neatly coiled and separately wrapped in plastic. The power plug itself was even surrounded with a molded plastic cover (possibly to prevent the prongs of the plug from scratching the case?) With the exception of Apple products and some very high end consumer electronics, the amount of thought and attention paid to packaging is among the best I have seen.

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    Defiant Deity

    I used to be limited by the number of USB ports on my computer which meant I was never able to plug in everything I wanted/needed to, that is until now, and with ports to spare!First off, the wireless charging on my power strip works flawlessly with my iPhone X. I have not tested it with any other phones, just the IPhone X for now. The area which charges my phone is large. If I happen to put my phone on it and it doesn’t begin to charge, then all I have to do is move it over 1/2 inch and it begins to charge every time.The design works well as opposed to the traditional 6-8 plug surge protectors. You can turn off the top row, bottom row, or both rows by pushing the blue buttons on the side. Note: these buttons only control the AC outlets and do not have any control of the USB ports.The USB ports will charge anything that connects to USB 3.0>. When you plug in a device it will recognize the correct voltage for it. A light above the port turns on when the port is in use. Above the ports on each side is a photocell which determines how dim or bright the lights will be depending on the surrounding light.I Highly recommend this power strip to anyone that has USB devices or a cellular phone, so pretty much everyone.

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    Ok, this thing is in a class of its own. Each USB power outlet has its own “supply”. It does not share a supply with the other outlets like normal charging stations do. This means that you can fast charge six devices at once. There are even multiple on and off switches on this thing, because in reality it is many surge protected power strips encased into one unit, all brilliantly built UP instead of vertically on the floor. Until you see one, it is hard to explain what a simple but much better solution this is. It takes up so much LESS space and even invites itself to be out in the open when you need it to be.I bought one for my daughter who at university can have many young people over while studying or just getting together. She puts this thing in the middle of the room and instantly everyone is connecting in to charge their devices while chrome casting to her tv showing off the latest things they have discovered.When my wife saw it she demanded one for herself. Since I live for her demands I got her one right away. She has the thing planted like a tree by the couch, so after work we can talk and charge up. She likes to see what the family is up to online, and then showing me on her phone. She charges her phone, iPad, laptop, heating pad, and even has space for my electronics, if I ask nicely.I know it may not sound normal, but it is not an eyesore and we have no problem keeping it out in full view and inviting guests to recharge while they visit. That is not something we ever did before when we had our old chargers plugged into walls or hidden behind furniture.If you are thinking of making a space for a charging station for personal use or thinking outside the box, like my daughter, I highly recommend you get this.I used to think there was something wrong with my wife’s phone as the battery was always dying or dead. Now I know it was simply to inconvenient for her to do a long time charge away from the charger by the bed or at work. As a mother she is on her phone constantly and this fixed a problem I did not even know existed.

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    Allan S

    The cube has multiple power outlets and USB ports for charging phones, and if you have a recent version of the iPhone you can set the phone on top and charge the device. I have an iPhone6, and unfortunately it doesn’t work with that older model. We have it set on our kitchen countertop for easy access. I liked it so much I purchased another one for my sister.

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    Kindle Customer

    This is my second Bestek USB Power Strip 8-Outlet Surge Protection. After hurricane Maria hit, it received a lot of attention from other residents. Many of them waited for me to come downstairs to charge their electronics because they learned that it was faster and safer to charge it through my Bestek. Building administration were using a generating power plants for our buildings.However, I did buy my Bestek to protect my electronics from surges long before hurricane Maria smacked Puerto Rico.What I am saying is that the performance of this power strip was extraordinary considering that any emergency power plant is far from perfect when it comes to generating electricity.My first Bestek is still operating very well. This second Bestek I bought it for a new laptop, scanner and printer and my equipment has been protected from the many power surges Puerto Rico is still experiencing.So you see, if this power strip passed a very tough test, including hurricane power failures, if should then, pass any other tests.

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    D. Baden

    Really exceptional. I expected I’d enjoy this desktop power supply. I did NOT expect I’d like it so much I’d take it to my office at work and buy a second one to replace it in my home office! It is really, really well made. Heavy and stays in place with a soft rubbery base. The USB outlets are the primary key for me, but visitors to my office have appreciated the multiple outlets, as well. We had a large group of kids over for a pre-Homecoming dinner, and I had 7 phones at once charging around the device on my desktop!

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    Ex Texan

    This is really excellent. I was able to replace a lot of electrical cords on the floor. I put this on top of a 2-drawer file cabinet, and I now have my computer, printer, lamp, etc plugged into this one unit, and I have 4 items using the charger feature… an iPad, 2 Kindles, and a cell phone. All are now easily found on top of the file cabinet and all are being charged…. no more, did I plug up this or that one… one look and question answered.I really do like this unit, and I’m looking at another one for my workshop in my garage.,

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    Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of this brand (BESTEK). I first started using their products when I was flying for a living.They had (still have) a global travel converter with USB slots and adapter slots that was just as well-designed as could be.Along comes this USB SURGE PROTECTOR POWER STRIP. I’m on my second one in the house as having multiple units makes your life much easier to manage.The build quality of this unit is as good as its gets. Rugged. Quality parts and construction. Zero noise. The stability is excellent.Worth twice its price in my opinion.

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    I bought this unit to use in the living room to replace an aging UPS unit and it works perfectly. I really only need a surge protector, not a battery, so it was nice to replace with a unit that has outlets spaced to handle all the plugs with the large adapters while still looking not out of place. I liked the first one for my office I bought two more to swap out UPS units in the house.Customer service was a plus, they wrote me an email to make sure the strip worked and was what I had been searching for when I made my purchase. These are top class people and products.

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    It does an excellent job of handling the power requirements for 8 devices and 6 USB charging ports. A couple of things that I really like, it has separate on/off switches for the upper and lower connections so you can turn them on or off 4 at a time; it also has indicator lights for the USB charging ports to show which ones are in use. I highly recommend this device.

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