UPEOR Solar Generator Lighting System Portable Solar Power Generator Kit for Emergency Power Supply, Home & Outdoor Camping, Including MP3 & FM Radio, Solar Panel, 3 Sets LED Lights (Blue)

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Price: $51.99

【What can it do for you?】: Rechargeable battery solar generator system with larger power capacity 8000mAh,storage solar generator power to battery and supply power to LED light and mobile phone.Perfect emergency power backup for home, travel, camping, phones, lights.
【What does it have?】: Digital LED Display. Built-in MP3 player & radio, support USB & SD card. Built-in FM Radio. 4 Ports 3.7 V output to LED light, 2 USB 5V DC Output for your tablets, iPhone, iPad, laptops, fans, digital camera and USB shaver charged up.
【How to charge it?】: Quickly be charged by 6V solar panel(4 hours fully charged). Two methods for you to choose. Easy and Fast ! TIP: When you charge at home, the lights on the body will turn red. When you use it by the solar panel, the light will be green.
【Why do we design it this way?】: Portable and small size for outdoor. Size:6.9*6.5*3.0 inch, weight:3.3Lb. Cute and easy to handle,can easily put it in your backpack or car, take to everywhere need power. Widely applicable to camping, hiking, fishing, expedition, hunting, outdoor activities.
【What is the return policy?】: Use BMS (battery management system) to improve battery utilization, prevent short circuit,over current,over power,low voltage,over temperature, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices.Bonus accessories with 1-Year Manufacturer’s serviceand 30 days no-questions-asked return policy. Value for money service, no worry for the portable solar power generator.




UPEOR Solar Generator Lighting System Portable Solar Power Generator Kit for Emergency Power Supply

The United States is one of the countries where hurricane disasters occur frequently. The damage caused by the monsoon is incalculable every year.

There is a large plain in the south-central United States. When the cold airflow and the front of the warm air flow face, the ground does not have a high enough hillside to block, so the impact of the front is easy to expand into a hurricane. It is not difficult to see from this aspect that the frequent occurrence of hurricanes in the United States is mainly related to its climatic conditions and topography.


Compact size- 6.9*6.5*3.0 inch

Light Weight- 3.3Lb(4.2Lb with all accessories)

Large Capacity- 10Watte 6V solar panel, 3.7V/10000Ah battery & 2*USB Output & 3.7V LED light *4 Ports

LED Display-4 Digital LED Bar Display

Multi-Functional- Bright Emergency Light

2 WAY FOR RECHARGING:By wall AC or solar panel

LED Indicator:-Progress indicator for charging

MP3 Player: Built-in MP3 player, support USB & SD card

FM Radio: built-in

LED light: 4 power source 3.7 V to LED lights

Output: 2x USB 5V/1A, 4X 3.7V/1A.

Attention: There is no AC power output. For laptop, it is limited with USB power charging. For fan, it is only support USB fan. There is no power adaptor attached. Battery charger is integrated into the unit.


How useful is our product?

Whenever the hurricane season, there will be many customers to buy our products to prevent the monsoon period.

Not only hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami, and various natural disasters can lead to power outages, power outages, etc.

Whenever this happens, our products will play their part.

It brings light to people in the dark, charges mobile phones and other electronic devices, and automatically charges themselves when only sunlight is needed.

Not only can you connect light bulbs, but you also have the role of a flashlight, both in searching for refugees, looking for food and rescue, all of which play a huge role.


Additional information


Blue, Grey, Pink, Red, Yellow, Dark green



10 reviews for UPEOR Solar Generator Lighting System Portable Solar Power Generator Kit for Emergency Power Supply, Home & Outdoor Camping, Including MP3 & FM Radio, Solar Panel, 3 Sets LED Lights (Blue)

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    Nikita casao

    For the price, this thing really has a lot of features. And it comes with a lot of extras. It is perfect for camping and emergencies. It comes with three lights as well, and they have pretty long cords. This would be perfect to keep in the car too, plenty light to help you change a tire in the dark or work under the hood. The lights have hooks so it’s really convenient. The radio is loud too so that’s a plus. Love having the solar panel for piece of mind. This would be a great gift for anyone, everyone needs one of these

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    Amazon Customer

    I purchased this for various uses. I like the radio on it, the speakers are pretty smooth. Comes with 3 light bulbs made to be able to plug into the machine, 2 small bulbs and one large, with a very bright clean feeling light. The machine is very small in size, which is good for not having to tote so much weight.Comes with a solar panel thing and it only charges when you have a good amount of sun. Once you receive the item it is already charged half way. Comes with alot of different size chargers, and a remote to control.It also has a flash light with three different settings minimal light bright light , and the last one is a flashing mode for the light.

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    Krista Dudley

    This portable solar generator is great to have around if the power goes out. Our city had a severe storm system in the spring and our power was out for almost a week. This would have been great to have because you can charge it with the solar panel it comes with. It only takes about 4 hours for it to completely charge. And then you can use it for your cellphone, fan, and other items. This generator is easy to use and is a great value for the price.

  4. blank


    I charged it by the solar panel and use it for the first time and it held the charge for over two hours and still plenty of power left. I was running just one light and a fan. There is not a 110v plug but if you are looking for a cheap power for camping or storage shed it’s a very good deal.

  5. blank


    I can charge my phone, hand held radio, camp fan and bluetooth speaker. The solar panel exceeds my expectations and at a very fair price for what you get. It’s cheap plastic but as long as you don’t throw it around it seems like it will last.

  6. blank


    I use mine to have a quick place to connect my Minn Kota trolling motor to my Kayak. Pictures show below in the Hull & out side Kayak. I used battery cable extensions thru the Hull to a battery up in the Bow of the Kayak.Very easy mounting. Be careful when tightening them you could crack the plastic parts.

  7. blank


    I bought this because I like the idea of portable power. Plus the solar panel is pretty big. It full charged the batteries in less then a day. I decided to add to the 9000mah capacity. Inside this unit is a lot of room for..MORE BATTERIES.. I PUT IN ANOTHER 30,000 mah of lithium so the panels are always changing something. When it’s full I dump the power into another 35,000mah power bank. The lights are bright and have a nice switch on them.

  8. blank


    I purchased this at the last moment before our Primitive Camping to west Texas.. it arrives NEXT DAY, I fully charged here at home. The first day I connect the solar panel … my kids charge their devices several times during the day..while we listen my favorite 80’s songs I ad to my USB memory…. ALL DAY LONG!… Then at night we had the 3 lights Bright enough to cover all the area till we went to sleep. THE BATTERY MONITOR SHOWS only ONE BARR LESS… so the charge was still almost full. Next 3 days the same… recharge with the solar panel while they recharge the phones and tablets..and I listen my music. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! I’m Planning to buy more one for my camping Van and other for our little cabin.. or maybe two.

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    I have a 10×12 shed that i use this in. The lights are enough for half the space well lit, and could be used by themselves if needed ( i already had some Light Me portables in there). Radio is a neat, but the SD/USB feature is the charm. Speaker is terrible, an Aux Out for speakers would be cool, but still can get loud enough to hear at lower volumes and enjoy. I bought a USB powered portable fan to use with this model and after an hour the charge indicator is still in the 80% range with fan going and lights on. Batteries look replaceable if needed in a year or two, and the solar panel is put together well. Only have wall charged it once, and i dont go into my shed everyday so it gets plenty of time to charge in the sun. Overall for the price and use, well worth the purchase.

  10. blank


    VERY convenient that it has three different connectors. Only complaint is I wish it were a few inches longer. Works great though.

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