TrickleStar Advanced 7 Outlet Energy Saving PowerStrip and Surge Protector, 2160 Joules, 4 Foot Cord

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The best way to save energy is to stop wasting it in standby mode
Automatically switches off peripherals when you turn off your main power source such as a TV or PC
7 outlets include 1 master control outlet, 4 switched outlets, 1 transformer spaced and 2 always on outlets, 1 transformer spaced
Ceramic encased Metal Oxide Varistor components provide greater surge protection for equipment and eliminates the risk of dangerous fires during abnormal surge conditions
Easy to install and provides simple automation to reduce wasteful standby energy consumption

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TrickleStar Advanced 7 Outlet Energy Saving PowerStrip and Surge Protector

Stop leaving electronic equipment on when you turn your TV or PC off by using an Advanced PowerStrip to reduce Vampire or standby power waste. Standby power is wasted electrical energy consumed while electronics are switched off but still plugged in. This includes TV’s, DVD/CD players, surround sound systems, PC’s, monitors, printers, modems, gaming consoles – all which draw power even when they are turned off.

Standby power accounts for 12-Percent of the average household utility bill with a cost to consumers of more than 4 billion / year. Electronics are also often left in a fully “On” state, while not in use, resulting in even higher energy waste. With the Advanced PowerStrip when you turn your TV/PC off, power to the peripheral components goes off too including standby power so no energy is wasted.

The master control outlet has detection circuitry to sense when a TV/PC is on/off and then automatically switches On/Off four other outlets, 1 outlet transformer spaced. Two outlets are provided as an always on option,1 outlet transformer spaced. The PowerStrip also provides premium quality Fireproof 2160 Joules surge protection for all home and professional workstation connected devices and selectable switching thresholds 10W/ 22W/42W to ensure PC and TV compatibility.

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10 reviews for TrickleStar Advanced 7 Outlet Energy Saving PowerStrip and Surge Protector, 2160 Joules, 4 Foot Cord

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    This TrickleStar TS1003 has a 4 ft cord vs 2 ft for the similar–and more common Amazon listing–TS1104. It also absorbs more than twice as much surge energy as the TS1104. Switching works as expected with Denon AVR-S950H audio/video receiver. Had to set the switching sensitivity to the middle position to get it to turn off when AVR drops down to its standby state. Unit seems larger than need be in width and depth (by far the largest seven outlet strip I’ve ever encountered unless it was a strip for mounting in an equipment rack. Also, the 3x LED indicators are *very* bright–brighter than I’d desire for this application.Update: the “switched power” LED on mine stopped lighting after about two months. TrickleStar was very responsive about sending a replacement strip.On another subject, it sure would be nice if all the people who design power strips could talk with all the people who design wall wart power supplies to agree on how big a wall wart should be and which way it should orient so multiple wall warts could be used in every plug strips without blocking adjoining outlets…

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    Installed in my bedroom, hooked up the cable box, always on, tv control, and my bluray player and Sony rev’er w/surround great.

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    Great product. This one is specifically great because you can set the threshold switch. I used this inside of a Mame arcade cabinet. When the computer comes on in the control outlet the green oulets automatically turn on controlling lights, audio amplifier, lcd, etc. When the computer in the control outlet is turned off, all the green outlets automatically turn off. This made my arcade cabinet feel more original. Thanks!

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    John M. Kendall

    Easy to set up except for the crawling under the desk to unplug old box and plug in the TrickleStar.Using it with my computer to shut off speakers and monitor when done. Modem and Router remain on for the TIVO and Alexa devices.Wife likes not having to remember not having to shut off the other devices.

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    Works fantastic in my kids room. Now when she sets sleep time the roku shuts off as well.

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    D. Dono

    The eco aspects of this surge protector take it well beyond just a basic power strip. The control outlet and sub outlets work perfectly. I have this setup with my entertainment center, and when I turn on the tv (my control outlet); it automatically powers on my receiver, DVD player and Roku. Works perfectly, very happy.

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    My setup: Vizio TV on the sensing outlet. Sound bar and Nvidia Shield on the switched outlets. I loved being able to say “Hey Google, turn on the TV” thanks to my Shield but once the newness of that wears off it’s not exactly useful. The final straw was when at random it would turn the TV on, no Google Home involved it would just wake up which caused the TV and sound bar to wake up. I ended up finding out once it turned on shortly after we left the house and stayed on till we came home TEN DAYS LATER. Good thing screen burn in isn’t really a thing anymore. After that I bought this and when I turn the TV off within three seconds it “unplugs” everything else saving me any annoyance and saving money. Also my Kill-A-Watt couldn’t even measure how low of electricity useage this thing takes to run, compared to my TV, sound bar, and Shield which used about 50 watts when all turned “off”.

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    Amazon Customer

    This let’s the electricity thru only when the main plug is turned on. This saves money. Very good.

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    I have a Microsoft surface laptop + docking station. It draws as little as 25W in use. I had two previous “smart” power bricks that would cycle power on and off when the laptop was done charging.This one works great with the laptop.

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    I had two flat screens: one did not have an available USB outlet and the older one’s USB did not provide enough power for a Roku. This strip allows me to turn both on with just the TV remotes.

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