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TrickleStar 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip, 1080 Joules, 3ft cord

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72,000 Amps / 1080 Joules
Ceramic Surge Protection
LED Status Indication (Ground, Surge Status, Control, Switched Outlets)
<40dB noise filtering
Angled space saver plug

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Brand TrickleStar




The TrickleStar 7-outlet Advanced PowerStrip is an energy-saving surge protector that saves money by reducing standby power waste. Featuring current-sensing circuitry, the Advanced PowerStrip senses whether the control device (typically a TV or PC) is either on, off, or in a standby state, and automatically removes and restores supplied power to the switched outlets based on the status of the control device.


Audio Visual (TV Entertainment System) Applications

The TrickleStar Advanced PowerStrip saves energy by allowing you to control supplied power to electronics in your entertainment system. Simply plug the TV into the dedicated control outlet and plug peripheral AV electronic equipment (such as a DVD player, AV receiver, speakers) into the green (energy-saving) switched outlets. When you turn off your TV, the power supplied to switched outlets is removed and AV peripheral electronics automatically power down, saving money by saving energy. The Advanced PowerStrip also includes two always-on outlets for electronic equipment that require constant power, such as cable/satellite boxes and digital video recorders.


Home Office & Workspace Applications

This intelligent surge protector is also a great power management solution for home office and commercial workspace applications. For computer workstations, plug the CPU or monitor into the dedicated control outlet and plug peripheral workspace electronic equipment (such as a printer, scanner, task light, etc.) into the green (energy-saving) switched outlets. The dedicated control outlet senses the power status of the computer (on, off, or standby) and automatically switches off supplied power to workspace peripheral electronics when the computer is powered off or goes into sleep mode.



Feature Diagram:

  1. 15 Amp resettable circuit breaker
  2. Heavy-duty power cord with an angled, space-saver plug
  3. Surge/ground/switched status LED indicators
  4. 1,080 Joules of premium-quality, fireproof surge protection
  5. Two always-on outlets
  6. One dedicated control outlet (current-sensing)
  7. Four switched (energy-saving) outlets
  8. Child protective outlet covers
  9. <40 dB EMI/RFI noise filtering
  10. Adjustable switching threshold

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10 reviews for TrickleStar 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip, 1080 Joules, 3ft cord

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    Just got this device, so don’t have any long-term testing to share, but a couple of setup things got my attention.First, as others have mentioned, the LEDs are quite bright. If this is a problem for you, may I recommend a piece of duct tape? You don’t have to cover the whole LED, leave part of it visible to verify functions.On my setup the threshold switch does double duty. My TV draws around 175W, so it will activate the switched outlets regardless of which threshold position I use (low, med, or high). When I turn-on the TV the switched outlets come on within two seconds in the low position, 3 seconds in the medium position, and 5 seconds in the high position. Turning off the switched outlets is even more interesting. It turns out that the power draw of the control device must drop below the setting of the threshold switch before the switched outlets will turn off. Again, with my 175W TV, the high position turns off within 5 seconds, the medium position has a delay of just over 20 seconds before the switched outlets turn-off, and the low position takes over 1 minute and 15 seconds to shut down. This is not necessarily a problem, and could be useful for someone who wants an off delay to let a system power-down gracefully.Finally, I noticed with a chuckle, the warranty. It’s called a “Product Lifetime” warranty.This is not a Lifetime Product Warranty as you might guess with a quick read of the outer package, but rather a 10 year warranty because that is the expected length of the product’s lifetime. Dont’cha just love marketing speak?UPDATE: It’s now April of 2020 and this thing still works well. It has seen at least two on-off cycles every day since put into service in 2017.

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    R. Garella

    After 10 month working perfectly it just stopped working, in that it failed to power my amplifier on/off when I turned my pre-amp on/off. I called Tricklestar support and a human being answered *on the first ring*. She walked me through a few steps to make sure it was faulty, took down my info, and sent me a new one by FedEx. I got it two days later. They included a return label so I could send back the faulty one. That level of support is rare these days!UPDATE (PROBLEM SOLVED): The second one didn’t work either, so they sent me a third. Still didn’t work. We went back and forth with their engineer, and concluded that my pre-amp didn’t draw enough power to meet even the low threshold for switching. SOLUTION: I plugged a DVD player into the pre-amp’s switched outlet. That raised the power draw enough to let the Tricklestar detect the draw and switch its outlets correctly.

  3. blank


    I don’t like writing reviews because it’s not fair to write a review without testing things out for a while before saying something good or bad.I bought two and have used them for about five months now.So far they work as expected and have seen my bill drop a bit, not enough to pay the mortgage but a few dollars a month is still worth it. So far they have already paid for themselves.I set both up in the living room, my tv is the master and the bluray, home theater, subwoofer are all slaves (the strip is set to the lowest setting). my roku and the router are on the always on.the other one is connected to the living room pc as master and the scanner, printer as slaves. and the modem, and obi202 as always on.At night the standby led’s are now off making the living room darker and the light pollution doesn’t go upstairs anymore. the only ones that are lit up are the modem and router and I haven’t found a way to cover them up without completely blocking me from easily seeing the light codes they give off.This also has definitely helped turn things off when left on, for example the home theater and printers are constantly forgotten and now pressing the power button on the tv or shut down command on the pc and we know that everything goes down, not everything will power itself back up though. it depends on the design. the Home Theater and printer will stay off but the powered subwoofer and bluray will turn themselves back on once they have power flowing through the strip.right now I am considering buying at least one more for the garage where I have an old pc I use as a radio (mp3, CD, online radio streamer) connected to an old amplifier, tape, CD, LP, cassette players. where everything is leeching power even if off all day and night, even though the amp has switched power plugs in the back.So far though I like this powerstrip, with only two issues. 1. not enough always on plugs, 2. the plugs are way too close together, some things have brick power adapters and they can take up to two plugs. I can’t say that buying a more expensive one will address these issues as it seems that every strip is basically designed the same.anyway to summarize I like it and will definitely buy 1 more maybe 2 more I just need to decide whether i’m going to use some stuff in my bedroom or not,

  4. blank

    S. Church

    These little beasties work perfectly. They’re amazingly low priced (edit: well, they used to be. I paid $12 each for them in Feb. 2017), but they have performed flawlessly in the couple of months I’ve owned them (edit: still flawless after 10 months). I use these to kill the power to my Roku gadgets when their attached displays are powered off. It’s a great way to avoid reaching my ISP’s monthly bandwidth cap without having to retrain my family to exit their video streams before powering off the TV.I can imagine other uses as well. If you’ve got a home theater, if your subwoofer has an “auto” setting that sometimes turns it off when you’d rather it didn’t, you can use this strip to handle the power for your sub and disable its auto turn off feature. Such an application would have the added benefit of eliminating or helping to avoid ground loops as well, ensuring the signal source and the subwoofers are on the same A/C circuit. And I guess the most common use would be to have your PC power control the power to the monitor and printer so they aren’t left drawing power in standby.

  5. blank


    I bought this power strip for my new desktop PC. Every time, I shut down the PC, I had to manually turn of two monitors, speakers, and an external HD.Now, with this Trickle Start 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip 1080, all I need is to shut down the PC. Once I shut down the PC, the power strip disconnects power to other devices after a few seconds. When I turn the PC on, other devices automatically get the power.Initially, I worried because the PC still consumes some electricity after shut-off to receive the network input and sustain the computer setup. That is, the power consumption after shut off is not zero. So, I worried that the power strip would not disconnect power on other devices even after I shut off the PC. But, this product has control over the standby power that is considered as a threshold. As the result, the product works as advertised.I will work not only for a desktop PC but also for multimedia devices.Even the price is so good (I mean low …); and the build-quality is excellent.I strongly recommend it,

  6. blank

    E. Eskam

    There are quite a few power strips that can sense power from one or two outlets which are then used to control other outlets. What’s nice about this one is it lets you pick the sensitivity of the outlet used to detect if something is on to control the other outlets.I have a fridge in my garage and in the summer it can struggle to keep cool and like many all-fridge or all-freezers it doesn’t have a fan on the coils outside; it relies solely on passive cooling. With this power strip I’m able to aim a small fan at the back of the fridge and it only comes on when the compressor is running. At the default sensitivity setting (and with may other similar strips) just opening the door and the light coming on would turn the fan on. With this strip I was able to set the sensitivity to low/less sensitive so you can open the door and the fan doesn’t come on – it only comes on with the compressor which is what I really want. With the fan the run time on the fridge is dramatically reduce which saves me money on power and should help it last a lot longer too!Highly recommended.

  7. blank

    Joseph H. Spires

    We cut the cord back in August of last year and after a few months we signed up for Sling and they sent me a Roku Premiere which we hooked up to the bedroom TV. My wife has to have the TV on to go to sleep and will wake up long enough to turn it off later on. We didn’t want to leave the Roku on all night streaming so we didn’t use it at bedtime. We got a new den TV and it was a Roku TV and she liked that you could turn it all off with one button. Well i thought i was going to have to spend $300 on a new Roku TV for the bedroom until i came across this little gem. I plugged the TV in to one of the source plugs, the Tivo into one of the always on plugs, and the Roku into one of the switched plugs. Turn on the TV and BAM Roku comes on and then when she gets sleepy BAM turn off the TV and the Roku cuts off. This thing works great and saved me $$$$. I did have to change the threshold switch to the middle setting. A must have for all Cord Cutters!!!

  8. blank


    I was skeptical of an off-branded smart power strip but couldn’t resist giving it a try at this price. I’ve only had it a few days but it’s working great so far. I’ll update this review if the story changes.The product is well thought-out from front to back. The 3-position control level switch is imperative, as it’s impossible to know how much standby current a device will draw. For my desktop computer, the lowest setting disallowed switching anything off, even with the computer (plugged into the control outlet) completely off. The middle position shut things off when the computer was completely off, but not when it was in standby (sleep). The upper setting allows peripherals to switch off when the computer is in sleep or off. This is the setting I prefer, as my computer spends a lot of time in sleep mode.I am a little concerned how the monitors and other peripherals will like having their power cut so many times, but the power supply has a mechanical relay that you can hear clicking when the power is switched. This indicates clean transitions that should be as kind as possible to the downstream electronics.Recommended.

  9. blank


    Excellent for saving vampire loads from game systems, DVD players, sound bars, etc. Turns power to accesories off with TV power off. Has always on outlet for your cable box if you have a DVR or anything else that needs constant power. Good fast seller

  10. blank


    Recently dropped cable and switched to PS VUE on a Roku. The problem was this combo was eating our data – went from 150-200GB to over 900GB in a month (we have a 1000GB cap). Sometimes someone would forget to exit PS VUE and sometimes even when exiting, it was still consuming data.After buying and plugging in everything so the TV controls other devices, data usage is back to normal levels (a little higher but that’s to be expected)! It’s nice that now even a couple of other devices are turned off as well when the TV is not in use – saving a tiny bit on the electric bill.This is working as advertised. When the TV is turned on, all switched outlets are also turned on. When the TV is off, the switched outlets are off. Perfect.With this TV, the sensitivity had to be set to Medium – not Low as the directions state; otherwise the switched devices weren’t turning off when the TV was off. So minor and such an easy fix, not worth taking a star off. Just be aware if you’re having the same issue!

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