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TP-solar 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger Kit for Portable Generator Power Station Smartphones Laptop Car Boat RV Trailer 12v Battery Charging (Dual 5V USB & 19V DC Output)

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Designed For Most Portable Power Station: The DC 19V output for charging portable power station generator, compatible with Suaoki, Jackery, Webetop, Goal Zero, Paxcess etc. The kits comes with a 14.5V charge controlling box, it can charge the 12 volt battery for cars boats RVs marine etc directly. Please don’t charge the 12V batteries by connecting to the DC 19V port with a solar charge controller, it may damage the circuitry in the junction box.
USB Smart Charging Technology: Dual USB Ports QC3.0 & 2.0 (5V/9V/12V 2A max), Designed for smartphones and tablets (compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy), GPS, digital cameras etc. Perfect for outdoor life and even unexpected power outages. The build-in smart IC chip intelligently identifies your device, and maximizes its charging speed while protects your devices from over charging and overloading.
Powerful High Conversion Efficiency: With high efficiency monocrystalline solar cell, you will get greater power efficiency even though the panel is smaller than a traditional model Maximizes system output by reducing mismatch loss. It performs better than similarly rated polycrystalline solar panels at low-light conditions.
Foldable and Lightweight Easy to Carry: This solar panel weighs only 5.1lb (2.3kg), fold size 11*7.8*2.9 inch, making it easier to mount, transport, hang.
Waterproof and Durable: The solar panel is fully Laminated, made by advanced laminated technology and long lasting ETFE material, made for long term use over 15 years. The solar panel is waterproof to endure all weather conditions, it can be washed by water directly, ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, picnic, road trip.

Brand TP Solar



100 watt solar panel folding portable

100 Watt Portable folding solar panel, 100W foldable Solar battery charger, DC 5V and 19V output

  • It is designed for most portable power station generator on market, compatible with SUAOKI, Enkeeo, Goal Zero, Webetop, Paxcess, ROCKPALS, Jackery etc.
  • Also for mobile phone, power bank, tablets, laptop and 12V car boat RV batteries etc.
  • Perfect for yard, tent, hiking, camping, trekking, climbing, drive travel, car/boat/RV battery and other outdoors and emergency.
  • Included different size of connectors: 8 mm DC adapter (7.9*5.4 mm), 6.5*4.4 mm, 6.25*3.0 mm, 5.5*2.5 mm, 5.5*2.1 mm, 4.75*1.7 mm, 5.5*1.7 mm, 4.0*1.7 mm, 5.0*3.0 mm, 7.4*5.0 mm, 3.5*1.35 mm, aviation plug.


100 Watts 5V & 19V Foldable Solar Panel Charger for Outdoor Activities. Small in Size and Easy to Take, Made for Adventurers.

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10 reviews for TP-solar 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger Kit for Portable Generator Power Station Smartphones Laptop Car Boat RV Trailer 12v Battery Charging (Dual 5V USB & 19V DC Output)

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    Christopher Schroeder

    I am a ham radio operator, and I was researching for months solar panels that I can use to power my equipment. My radio is 100 watts max power, so to ensure I could keep up with that I purchased 2 panels. Both panels together of course do not give me my full 200 Watts, but it was more than effective in keeping my battery charged for the radio. I connected these to a solar controller from the 19v plugs just to give it a better control to my charge (Seeing my radio is more expensive then the panels). I operated during an event called Field Day for 24 straight hours and only using 1 car battery these panels kept it fully charged for the entire event. For 8 hours we were in darkens, but right when the sun came up the panels started giving power before the sun broke the horizon line.I also had to get ones that would fold up because I also have a mobile rig, so these fit under the seats in my car and they are easy to unfold and use for a mobile operation.All in all these are great for my Ham Radio operations, and when I go camping again (After Covid) I will try them out with our camping gear set up as well!

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    Pro Trader

    Day one…. very impressed. 5:30pm eastern time zone, partly cloudy, ie., sometimes there’s clouds but mostly it’s clear. Mar 4, late winter-early spring, unseasonably warm at 54°. I unfolded the panels and leaned them against some traffic cones I have, so they were about 75° angled. I attached the panel to my Jackery 500 using the 8mm attachment. The Jackery read 62 watts when clear of clouds. Given the time of day, one hour before sunset, getting 62 watts is excellent.

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    This panel is surprisingly light and small. If I needed to take it somewhere in a hurry the included carry bag would make that easily possible. The weather has not cooperated for a field test so I cannot comment on effectiveness as of yet.

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    Bought this to charge my solar generator and use for emergencies while in the backcountry. I love that you can charge a car battery directly from this panel! It’s high quality and the panels are all laminated, though, the instructions say to keep it out of the rain, which I would do anyway. I’ve used this while off grid for several days and wow–I’m really impressed. I use it with 2 Flashfish 300 watt generators and this panel charged one of those generators from 0 to 100% in about 5 hours on a partly cloudy day. That’s a huge deal. It honestly outperformed my expectations. Its an incredible addition to my off grid camping setup.

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    I have a ton of rigid panels and few flexibles, even a couple folding panels in the lower wattage range. This was my first larger folding panel purchase and I was feeling discouraged while shopping reading so many reviews of dismal output from many top brands.I’ve had this panel for a whopping 4 hours and just got it set up outside for a test. The sun isn’t perfectly overhead so these numbers may increase slightly, but I don’t plan to angle it or anything – flat is better than anything I could rig up given the position of the sun right now.Immediately showed 74-75w being produced when connected to a Victron MPPT (see attached image). I expected this number to fall as the panel heated up – it’s 95* outside and it’s laying on hot plywood with no airflow beneath the panels, or from anywhere – perfectly still wind-free day.So, 30 minutes later it’s producing 72w. The 2x100w series’d rigid panels on my truck are producing 143w right now and actually have good air flow. So I’d say the output of this panel is a lot better than what I’ve read of Dokios and similar, producing 60w from a “200w” folding panel.It’s heavy but that’s okay, it rolls up tight and compact and feels more durable than my smaller folding panels. The smaller ones I have can be flexed but these feel like unfolding a book of floor tile, so that’s where the weight is coming from. No other comments on durability though, too soon to tell. Just feels like it’ll last. Unfolding it is straight forward, you just flip the 6 tiles open and then unfold the other 6 from on top of it. I liked that because I could unfold without having the panel producing any voltage until I flipped the last fold over – one side covers the other until this point. People who are familiar with throwing blankets over producing solar panels to halt current will understand and appreciate this.The flap that hangs off the side where the output box (or whatever you want to call it) is ok, I previously thought it was stupid when shopping. Part of the flap has the output box and the other part is what wraps over the panels and velcros them shut when folded up. I don’t think you could use this panel hanging horizontally (landscape mode!) without that flap catching the wind and being obnoxious, and causing stress on the wires inside that lead to the flap. But would be easy to hang vertically with the flap hanging down.If you review this item, try to observe the panel voltage and charge current going in to your battery. That’s useful info in a world of subpar folding panels that barely hit half their rated output.Oh yeah, wires. Let’s talk wires. They’re terribly thin on all the accessories. I’m using a 10 amp 2.1×5.5mm jack as my solar inlet to my charge controller so I was able to use the included 2.1×5.5 extension cable. The MC4 adapter and alligator clip adapter are both like 22 gauge. It’s very possible the 2.1×5.5mm extension cable is also high gauge. I ordered a 16 gauge heavy duty 10ft 2.1×5.5 extension (but I’m realizing now I should have gotten a male to male – it hasn’t arrived yet). In any event, using as large of wire as possible from the panel’s output box to your charge controller is always recommended to curb voltage drop.If you really want to give the panel the best shot at producing, get a 2.1×5.5mm male jack with screw terminals (they come in packs of 10) from Amazon and shove as large a wire as possible as you can in to them (12 gauge in my experience) and keep the wire as short as you can to reach where it needs to go. This will allow more voltage to flow through the wire at greater lengths and in high temps.Ending review, this took me a while to type and its been at least another 30 minutes since I said it was producing 72w. It’s giving me 70w right now – barring a handful of days here in Colorado this is as hot as it’s going to get.UPDATE after first trip: Took this to the mountains and laid it in the grass to charge up my LiFePO4 camper battery. Had to use their included 2.1×5.5mm extension cable again as the heavy duty one I ordered hadn’t arrived before I left town. This was going in to a Victron 75/15 MPPT charge controller. 72*F ambient temps and mostly clear skies. Didn’t bother angling it, and the grass wasn’t letting it lay perfectly flat either so it was a very slight bowl shape. Was watching the charge controller over bluetooth and about an hour in to charging I hit 80w for a while… covered in bugs (adding new pic). Would recommend.

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    T. Pancake

    I have tested and used this product to re-charge a couple of 12V batteries (one 12 amp hour, and one 100 amp hour). I think it would have done fine with the included 14.5V “charging box”, but I purchased a 10amp solar controller by SUNER POWER (waterproof) and various fittings (about another $50 in total, including a female cigarette charger – see below) to more fully utilize the 100W capacity of this solar panel. The 14.5V “charging box” is a safe way to make sure you don’t overcharge a 12V battery, but it also acts as a throttle to prevent overcharging (safety at the cost of speed). With some research and “know how”, you can find the fittings you need to incorporate a solar charge controller.This is way more power than needed for charging cell phones and smaller electronics. If that’s all you need, save money and look for something smaller.The other reviews are accurate: It appears durable (for sure), easy to clean, etc. It’s a very convenient size when folder and stowed – that was one selling feature for me. The panel is waterproof, but I’m not sure the connections are. I think they would be okay in an unexpected light rain shower, but to be safe you’ll definitely want to keep the connections covered at the output “box” from the panel (which can be done with the “flap” that wraps the folded panels when stowed). There is a rubber flap over the connection points at the “box” from the panel, but those would naturally be “open” if you are plugged in during a rain. You don’t want water in that “box”!If I were to ask for more, I wonder why there isn’t a female cigarette lighter plug (it comes with a male plug)? That one confused me, but I was able to find one separately on Amazon. It would also be great if there were a solar controller to maximize the output of the panels for 12V charging, but I’m sure that would add to the cost, too, and some buyers may not need that application.

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    I bought it mostly because of it’s compact size. I was really impressed by the quality materials. It’s somewhat heavy, but I’m not complaining. It produced right at 100 watts indirect sunlight. Very impressed.

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    Went dry camping and this solar panel combined with the BALDR power station held up great. The panel was easily packable into a small book size, and the included bag was great to hold all of the accessories. My power station only charges at 52 watts input max, but the solar panel provided the full 52 watts easily even on an overcast day. Estimated it was able to charge my power station from 15% to 50% within a few hours. The earlier in the day you can unfold it out, the better. I haven’t tested the full output with another device, but connecting my phone directly to the panel’s USB port charged my phone quickly. I’ve had this panel on the ground, and the kids walked right over it leaving mud tracks on the panel, but it held up great.

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    Bike Ninja

    This was a hard purchase for me, I was prepared to be disappointed. What a great surprise! First off, I was basically shocked at how small this panel was when it showed up. Which was amazing, because I was concerned about fitting it in my bags. I have an old 20W solar panel purchased years ago, and this thing is half the size and 5 times the capacity.First thing I did was a quick test of the output – I got 19.63 – 19.75V and waaay more amps than it was rated for (maybe I got a free upgrade – shhhh don’t tell them). The already-charged 12V motorcycle battery I hooked it up to as a load started audibly sizzling before I could even get the clamp meter on the cable! So I knew instantly it was working well. Most power banks want “less than 20 – 22V” so this is the ideal voltage.The cables it comes with are indeed a little on the small side gauge-wize. But this is less important in a very short wire – so it’s less of an issue than people make it out to be. The issue is power loss – but this is a function of wire length. They’re certainly able to pass the current. Easy enough to upgrade them if you want by either soldering your own or buying something – the connectors are 5.5×2.1mm (“5521”). It comes with a great assortment of tips – which if you’re using it the way I am, will come in handy for use with your power bank. It comes with a two-compartment fitted bag. One side for the panels, one side for the accessories. The accessory side of the bag will help protect the “bump” with the power outlet box – although the strap already does that pretty well.I was a little surprised at the weight/heft of this thing. I was a little intimidated that I was going to break it in the process of unfolding it because it feels very dense. But this concern was unfounded – the whole thing seems shockingly durable, including the joints between the panels. Really I couldn’t imagine it being any tougher – clearly this is the product of several generations of development of these foldable panels since I last bought one. It honestly looks very tough – I think you could possibly hammer a nail with these (almost definitely with the edge) although at $200 I’m certainly not going to try it lol.Really I can’t see anything to complain about on this product. It appears to be a very well made piece of gear. The cables could be heavier yes – but that would make the product heavier and add bulk too – and these cables get it done. I probably will upgrade the cables that I use – but then I also don’t need to carry the MC4 or alligator clip cables so that works out.It’s a shame the electrical box has to bulge out on the side – but then, these all seem to be made the same way and I think there’s good reasons for that. As it is, the strap protects the box very well (it wraps around the whole panel to keep it closed and cover the box – which is also attached to the strap) and seems very sturdy.I haven’t had it long – but at this point I would have no problem enthusiastically recommending this panel to anyone.This is an unpaid/uncompensated review of a product I purchased – I’m just writing this to help out others.

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    Mark Reynolds

    This is my first solar panel, I like that it fold up small just like my laptop works right out of the box I open it connected it to my Halo Bolt 58830 power bank and it charge it to full charge Wow I was impressed, charge my phone and my laptop just from the sun, good for camping trips and the beach.

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