TORCHSTAR G25 Globe led Bulb, Vanity Light, 5W (40W Eqv.), UL-Listed, Warm White 3000K for Makeup Mirror, Pendant, Bathroom, Dressing Room, 3-Year Warranty, Pack of 6

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Price: $21.99

☺ LOWER ELECTRIC BILL – This 5W non-dimmable LED light bulb is Energy Star certified, it can replace 40W incandescent, 88% less energy consumption, save up to $96 throughout its operation lifespan
☺ All around illumination – Omni-directional beaming; even and well-balanced light, glare-free and ghosting-free. CRI>80, shows object’s true and realistic color
☺ UL-listed for top quality and safe operation, does not contain mercury, UV, infrared or other deleterious radiation, instant on
☺ DURABLE – comes with 22.8 years long lifespan, less frequent replacing and maintenance cost than incandescent. 3-Year Warranty
☺ Suitable for use in dry and damp locations, ideal for bath and vanity light fixtures, pendant light etc

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TORCHSTAR G25 Globe led Bulb


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Spectacular Lighting

This bulb’s well-balanced lighting is perfect for seamless interior lighting without flickering or buzzing.

Full Room Lighting

This omni-directional bulb can be used in most light fixtures for a better lighting effect.

Widely Used

This damp-rated bulb can be used in vanity mirror lights, pendant lights, floor lights, and so much more.

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blankSwitch and Save

Replace your old 40W incandescent with this 5W LED bulb has better performance and uses 88% less energy.

Outstanding Lighting

Your whole room will light up with well-balanced lighting thanks to the smooth diffused lens.

Note: This 5W G25 globe LED light bulb is non-dimmable.


Voltage: 120V

Wattage: 5W

Equivalent wattage: 40W

Dimmable: No

Luminous flux: 350lm

CCT: 3000K warm white

CRI: >80

Working temperature: -4℉-104℉

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1 Pack, 6 Pack


Soft White (2700K), Warm White (3000K), Daylight (5000K)



10 reviews for TORCHSTAR G25 Globe led Bulb, Vanity Light, 5W (40W Eqv.), UL-Listed, Warm White 3000K for Makeup Mirror, Pendant, Bathroom, Dressing Room, 3-Year Warranty, Pack of 6

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    Just installed these and they are very bright for bulbs rated as a “warm white.” Made the mistake of looking directly at the light fixture when I turned them on. Wasn’t sure about them at first but I like how well lit the sink area is now. Will make it much easier to do my makeup in the mornings. Also appreciate that these bulbs do not have writing or branding on the actual tops of the bulbs themselves, as they are exposed and not in an enclosed fixture.

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    These bulbs EXACTLY fit in the fixtures where I previously used traditional/incandescent bulbs. I bought them because the four 40W bulbs over the vanity in my small bathroom radiated WAY too much heat. These bulbs, being LED, radiate very little heat. They are VERY bright white – which works great in the bathroom. I’ve only had them for about 2 weeks, but so far no issues with moisture (two showers per day in bathroom) and no sounds emanating from them (at least one reviewer reported an audible sound of some sort coming from these bulbs). I am very pleased and would definitely recommend these bulbs!

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    Great Odin’s Raven

    HOLY LORD THESE ARE BRIGHT. We replaced all of the lights in our hall bathroom with these. Previously, we had regular warm white incandescent vanity lights (6 of them). As they started burning out, I figured we’d replace them with brighter, and more energy efficient, LED’s. While I’m glad we did, be very aware of how strong and bright these can be! I really like how much light we have in there now, but I made the mistake of looking at the lights when I flipped the switch the first time. Eyes seared like tuna steaks.

  4. blank


    The led daylight bulbs arrived today and I installed them. Very pleased with the amount of, and the crisp clear light they provide. The only issue was I had to clean the double sinks, faucets, vanity top as the new bulbs exposed some areas that needed cleaning! I swear since I have been upgrading the bulbs throughout the house with daylight led’s, my eyesight seems to be better. The reality is that the old cfl’s and incandescent warm bulbs were dim and a yellowish hue, making my eyesight seem worse than it really is.

  5. blank


    Purchased these to replace low, soft white apartment bath vanity bulbs. I wanted bright lighting to be able to put on makeup as well as to fully light up the entire room. Mission accomplished. The lighting is great! The difference of these daylight bulbs versus the low, soft white bulbs is stunning. Now, I can actually see what I wasn’t fully seeing beforehand. I’ll never go back to low, soft white bulbs for my bath ever again.

  6. blank

    Andrew Rappard

    I’ve gotta say these bulbs are winners. One of my co-workers told me to not make the same mistake he did and get 7w led globe bulbs for the bathroom. He said they’re way too bright. So, I ordered these 5w led bulbs. They’re perfect. I ordered 12 (eight for master and 4 for a guest bathroom) and none have failed over the last two months. They are instant on, no warm up and absolutely no heat as expected. I highly recommend them.

  7. blank


    Since I just installed them I can’t speak to their longevity, but if the specs are accurate they should last much longer than the incandescent bulbs they replaced. I got 3,000 color which is brighter and less warm than I thought, but it gives a pleasant if bright cast to the bathroom, not too white. The energy savings is substantial since the fixture uses six bulbs. I haven’t done the math but eventually the savings in energy consuption and rate of replacement I figure will more than pay for itself and then some, let alone the inconvenience of replacing every year or two. I was impressed with the packaging — very small box with each of six bulbs securely placed within for easy transport.

  8. blank


    Nice glove light bulbs that make my fixture seem super modern. The one thing I don’t like is the text in the edge, but I won’t be looking directly at it close up all the time. This is for the dining room so I got 40w and warm esp since other reviews said it was very bright and my fixture has 6 bulbs. It is a little less warm/yellow and a little more bright that one would expect for the specs (other reviews were accurate) but I’m happy with it!

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    E. Kao

    I liked everything else about the clock (I have two), the silent sweep and the thermometer, but the hygrometer was irritatingly always reporting 60% on one unit, which made me think it was broken. Then I moved the clock, and now the hygrometer responds.Turns out that it samples air through a small hole in the back of the clock. If you hang the clock so the black plastic backing is flush against the wall, air can’t get in and out, so it will tell you the humidity of the air inside the clock. The temperature gauge has the same problem, but it’s not as noticeable, because the temperature of the clock will eventually match that of the rest of the room.Solution: Tape a cotton ball to the back of the clock, so it doesn’t hang flat against the wall. Air goes in and out through the holes, and the humidity meter works.It’s still not the most accurate hygrometer. Even with the two of them next to each other and comparing with a small digital hygrometer, all three have different readings (within about 10%), but still it’s kind of useful. Worth it for the price to know if your plants need extra care, or whether you should make a note to drink more water on a given day.

  10. blank

    Lyman D. Elliott

    These replaced the globe bulbs over the bathroom vanity perfectly. They are a bit pricey but well worth the money, especially if they last as long as advertised. I went with the daylight rather than the soft white and am very glad I did. Extremely bright without glare. These are replacing some old bulbs that had florescent bulbs inside the globe and are far superior. Uses just over 1/2 the power of the old bulbs but are brighter and light up immediately, whereas the old bulbs took almost a minute to reach full brightness.

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