TOPGREENER Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, 15A, 1800W, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

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2-pack Wi-Fi outlet works with Alexa and Google Assistant (sold separately) to enable voice control, no hub or subscription required
Control appliances remotely and monitor energy usage to optimize energy efficiency using the TOPGREENER app from the App store, iOS and Android compatible
Can be used with other smart plugs to control electrical appliances, or can be added to a group of devices for advanced scene control
Create schedules or set timers in the TOPGREENER app to turn the plug on and off automatically
Handles loads up to 15A (heavy-duty) 1800W, requires a secured 2. 4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection, durable design, fire resistant, UL listed, FCC compliant

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TOPGREENER Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

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10 reviews for TOPGREENER Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, 15A, 1800W, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

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    A. Kiss

    I have a dehumidifier in my basement and I was searching for a plug that I could monitor remotely to see if it was running or not. I didn’t need the ability to remotely switch on or off (which this does, as does hundreds of other plugs), but specifically needed something to tell me if power was running to the unit (meaning it was on and doing its job).Out of the box, this unit worked perfectly and was super easy to install/download the app. It’s been flawless for months now and I finally figured out what was turning off my dehumidifier… it was set to a certain percentage, and when reached, it would shut off. But the problem was that it never turned back on when humidity rose. With this smart plug, I was first able to recognize that no power was running through it, and then was able to turn it on (which I never thought I would use!). Worked perfectly.Hoping this helps someone who has a similar use case as it’s pretty narrow since it doesn’t really use all the features of a “normal” smart plug.

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    I can literally”tell” my plug what to do!One of my main intentions was to use this device with Alexa. When I flipped through the instructions, I didn’t see any steps on how to do so, so I mildly panicked at first. However, after installing the app and connecting to the WiFi, I played around with the app some more and realized I jumped to conclusions. Steps to connect the plug to Alexa or Google assistant are on the app, you just have to know where to look. Just select the device on the app, and at the top right corner, there should be three dots (…). Press it and it should take you to a page with more information and options for the plug. There should be a section named “Supported Third-party Control” with icons for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Simply click on of them, and you’ll be redirected to a page with steps outlining how to connect the device to that voice assistant! I followed the steps for the Alexa option and now use voice commands to operate my plug!

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    I was looking to replace some cheapy analog dial timers that eventually will wear out/lose time. I’m not controlling anything heavy duty right now. I have no Alexa or similar device (nor do I want one) so I downloaded the Topgreener app to my cell. It was easy to install & works flawlessly so far. The units were easy to activate & program. One unit controls an LED window candle with negligible power draw. Another controls an old-style electric blanket (on-off, temp control with no auto-off) so things are toasty come bedtime. A third controls a manual slow cooker so if the cooking time is shorter than the time I’m away, I can either turn the unit off or start it later. They seem to have the ability to ride out at least a short-term power outage. I shut the circuit off that had the night light in order to install an AFCI in the lead receptacle position. After about 15 minutes I turned the power back on & later that evening the light came on as programmed & has functioned correctly ever since. A nice feature is the “Statistics” where you can check the receptacle voltage, current draw, & kWh consumption.I’m pretty impressed with the units & the app. I’ve purchased two sets & will not hesitate to purchase more should the need arise.

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    R. P. Dedic

    I’ve used all sorts of timers for grow lights to start plants to Xmas lighting to vacation security lighting. I’ve used mechanical timers and electronic timers. Every timer I’ve used had some major problem that made them irritating to use. Mostly it was setting. These smart plugs are a breeze. Their set up is intuitive and simple. The best thing is that they work. I don’t have to worry about DST since they are on Internet time. They are easily checkable. They are easily adjustable using the app. What is there not to like? Nothing!

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    Kindle Customer

    Super product. Took a minute to figure out the first connection. Have to hold the on-off button for 5 seconds to reset before it will connect. Had no problem connecting to my 2.4 G wifi network. The second time, the app remembered the network name and password, so super easy to set up subsequent devices. I have not tried with Alexa (I don’t use that). This is awesome value for the money. I bought the package of 4 for about $10 each. Each item is half the price of the kill-a-watt and will not only monitor power usage, but will shut it down on a schedule. I am on a tear to reduce power usage. Now doing a study of my spa. Will turn it off for several hours a day and see if that helps power usage. Haven’t had a power outage yet, so not sure if it will turn itself back on after power outage. The android app is super. Two suggestions: 1. The statistics page doesn’t have the name of the outlet device on it, so its easy to get them mixed up (I have 4 deployed). and 2. Make it easier to reset the KWH for a given outlet. I assume it can be done, but I still haven’t figured out how to do it. Update: I had a question on the app and sent an email to the seller and had very fast response–less than 24 hours–and he answered my questions. So a 5 star for customer support as well!!

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    Radio Control Hobbiest

    Best bang for your buck, would like to see hourly graph for power usage but it’s fine. You can see current power usage as well as days total, the days of the month, the months totals. Values you can see for right now are current (mA), power (W), voltage(V), total kWh since you plugged it in.You can remotely activate/deactivate as well as right on unit. I have been using these to watch power consumption of 3d printers as well as a method for remotely turning the printer off if something goes wrong. I wish the outlet portion could rotate to potentially allow 2 of these in one outlet (one overhang up, one overhang down) but it’s ok. Good wattage capability with these, and great price at 4 for $29.99. Definitely would buy again if needed.Also for those Who care greatly about instant power usage, these only update every few seconds and a few second delay between command of turning on and off, not an issue but if you need instantly may look at a wall switch, internet takes a few seconds.

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    Kellsie G.

    Awesome item. I got these mainly for their power monitoring capabilities. Accuracy is pretty close to my Kill-A-Watt. I was able to set these up with the app on my android phone pretty easily. Can’t beat them for the price of $10/each. Bonus that the company appears to be based in the USA (Irvine, CA).–My only issue with adding these devices to the android app was the lack of feedback when it fails. I was entering the wrong wifi password and the app would just eventually count to 100% and fail. Would be nice to have displayed why and/or where in the process it failed.–I decided to test these against my Kill-a-Watt p4450 monitor. Measured voltage was the same most of the time as my Kill-a-Watt (within .4 volts on 120 volt line otherwise, probably due to the syncing delay with the app servers). I used a small load of a 24 watt incandescent bulb. Both monitors matched at 200 milliamps, although the TOPGREENER would frequently bounce up to 412 milliamps for a split second. The power reading in watts would, however, hold constant at about 24. I’m not really sure what that is about but overall I’d say it is pretty accurate.–Power usage of the device itself seems to be about .5 -.6 watts when the plug is off and about 1 – 1.2 watts when on. Seems very reasonable to me.On a side note: it would be nice if TOPGREENER would produce a version of this focused on the power monitoring aspect (mainly without the on/off relay).

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    Bruce L Roby

    I had a recent power bill that was up 50% from the month before and I had not even used the heat or A/C for 30 days so it had to be something in the house. Bought this 2 pack, and while the installation took a bit (has to be 2.4.ghz band on your wi-fi – including the device used to install) they are working as described. It would be nice if the app would allow you to add the local rate for $ charged for power so it could give you a reasonably accurate amount that you are using in a money factor.On a side note, I would not consider this to be an “essential” item, but it was delivered in 48 hours per PRIME. Nothing that is being sold by Amazon is arriving in less than a week – even when my vehicle was out of commission waiting for car parts.

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    Dan Felten

    I bought these plugs to finish off two rooms in my house and really did not know this company’s brand at all. Well I was surprised on how easy and compatible they were with the other apps out there to program each plug I used . I used the Tuya smart app as I have already used there plugs , don’t use the main configuration app , instead use the alternative programming app which follows after it says it can’t connect . Once you do that the rest is cake work in programming the smart plugs . Alexa works great , I use alot of voice commands , just add the Tuya smart app into the Alexa app and your ready to go . If I need more of these I suggest buying these instead of the high priced ones !

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    Mr. Scoutmaster

    This TopGreener smart outlet plug helps me remotely power my troublesome furnace OFF and ON from anywhere. My ten year old Bryant high-efficiency furnace has an intermittent problem. When the thermostat calls for heat, the furnace does a startup cycle of running a purge blower, then igniting the burner. The burner doesn’t always ignite and the furnace shuts down. To make it try again, the power switch must be turned OFF, then ON. Once in awhile, this has to be done twice. We have had a service tech out three times, but the furnace always behaves when he’s here. Last winter, we were overseas, visiting family. I checked our smart thermostat and saw it calling for heat, but the house was dropping below 60 degrees. Several times, our daughter had to go to our house and turn the switch OFF, then ON to reset the furnace. I needed to find a way to do this from anywhere. Smart switches that I found seemed to be intended to control lights and/or didn’t have the capacity to run a gas furnace. I needed to find a smart device with a 15 amp capacity. I chose the TopGreener smart outlet rated to operate appliances up to 15 amps. I also wanted to be able to bypass the smart device, just in case there were any problems. The photos show what was done. The smart outlet plugs into a single receptacle that is always powered. The power cord from the smart outlet is connected to the three-way switch. The Common terminal of the three-way switch is connected to the bottom switch to power the furnace. The remaining three-way switch screw connects to the source power. Thus the three-way switch will power the furnace from the smart outlet or constant power. The TopGreener Android app works very well. The only issue I had was trying to initially pair the smart outlet. The paper instruction sheet packed with the smart plug is correct and worked. After set-up, it was easy to rename the smart outlet. It works well with Alexa, but the instructions were a little confusing to me. But I confuse easily. The ultimate test was when I contacted a friend across the ocean in Guam, and asked him to install the app and try to power my furnace ON and OFF. It worked!

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