TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded, Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches Lights Outdoor Solar Spotlights Landscape Decoration Lighting Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off Security Torch Light for Patio Driveway (4)

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Price: $69.99

GORGEOUS DANCING FLAMES DESIGN: A safe alternative to the real “flames” — LEDs in the light cast a safe, soft, mood-enhancing glow. Please note the actual height of the item is 43 inches.
NEVER NEEDS BATTERIES, COMPLETELY RUNS ON SOLAR POWER: It collects solar energy all day, then turns on automatically at dusk. The solar spotlights runs on solar power, so you can place it anywhere!
LONG WORKING TIME – Built-in rechargeable battery (2200mAh). Light up 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter after fully charged . Charging time: 8 hours.
WEATHER RESISTANCE: Waterproof and Durable, withstand all kinds of weather all round the year.
EASY INSTALLATION: No wiring required, simply install it anywhere you like and enjoy the warm torch light.

Brand TomCare



TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded


Prior to first use, charging the light for two sunny days.

If battery capacity reduces over time, switch the light off for 3-5 sunny days in order to boost the batteries.

Light up 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter after fully charged . Charging time: 8 hours.

Weather will affect lights’ working time.




Now you can have the warm torch light without ever having to light a match or throw a switch.

Best of all, there are no dangerous flames — LEDs in the light cast a safe, soft, mood-enhancing glow.

During the daytime, they are retracted, and absorbing solar energy. At dusk, they literally pop up and light up, giving you lights along a pathway, driveway, deck or dock that aren’t in your way during the day. Includes installation hardware, completely wireless. Powered by a rechargeable battery that’s solar powered. Up to 12 hours working time after fully charged.



Weight: 230g


Size: 320*121*121MM

Rechargeable battery: 2200mAh

Solar panel: 0.88W, 17% efficiency

Charging Time: 8 hours

Working Time: Up to 12 hours after fully charged



Ambient lighting ideal for your patio, deck or garden

Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn

Normal operating time is 12 hours in summer

No wiring required — simply install and enjoy

Energy-saving solar technology (powered by an integral mono crystalline solar panel)


Package includes:

4 x Solar Torch Lights

4 x Extend Pipe

4 x Plastic Ground Spike

1 x Manual

Additional information


2 pack, 4 pack



10 reviews for TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded, Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches Lights Outdoor Solar Spotlights Landscape Decoration Lighting Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off Security Torch Light for Patio Driveway (4)

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     After reading all the great reviews, I decided to give these a try and they are absolutely as amazing as everyone said they were! Right out of the box they stayed lit for over 8 hrs the first night and the flickering flame is so realistic that from 10 ft away you honestly cannot tell that it’s not a real flame. Friends are already asking where I got them 🙂 Love, love, love them and will definitely be ordering more!

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    kathleen williams

    These are awesome! I read the reviews before I bought them and I must agree. I have been working on my back yard patio area and bought 4 to try. My yard has a lot of trees and is shady most of the time. I wasn’t sure if there would be enough light to work, but I charged them and they came on once it got completely dark and when I got up at 6 am they were still on. They look really neat and realistic. I’ll be buying about 8 more to do the rest of the area.

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    I was a bit skeptical about the lights because years ago solar lights didn’t last long. I know technology has come a long way and the reviews, especially the one by Toby Kinkerton Whiskers who I’m guessing is an engineer and took the light apart to mount it in a piece of yard art, convinced me to try these. BTW his review is under the 2 pack of these lights for reference.As far as placement and the effect on it’s charge, I have two on my deck where they are in the sun all day and two on a lower section, one of which is partly under a large tree. The two on the deck have stayed on all night every night, the one partly under the tree will not get enough charge to last all night and the other one in partial sun is about 50/50 as far as staying on all night. Eventually I will mount all four lights on the deck, right now I go outside each morning grab the lower lights and bring them onto the deck to charge then put them back in the evening and that keeps them on all night. I do get lots of compliments on the lights and a friend of mine bought them as well and can’t stop raving about them when we get together.The pros – I love the ambiance the flickering flames give off and the color of the light is very much like a true flame. The movement of the “flame” is also very accurate but unless you are at a distance, you can tell it’s LED’s but this doesn’t bother me as the movement and color are so accurate. I did worry the LED’s might make the lights look cheesy or cheap but in my opinion it doesn’t.The cons – It would be great if the batteries were easily accessible to be able to charge them in a charger using an outlet during the winter or replace them when needed. In all fairness, I haven’t looked at how to remove or change the batteries but I bought a cheaper set of pathway lights and the battery location was very easy to locate. The biggest con to me is the price. I’m happy to buy a set of four at just over $70 but I would love to get a second set and I wouldn’t pay that again. The material is simply black PVC tubes and matching black plastic for the head. The batteries seem to be very good and the light is nice but I’m hoping the price drops closer to $40-$50 then I may get another set.

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    Dana Smith

    Got these as a gift for my brother to put around his pond and they were perfect

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     They look very close to real, They run all night which is a plus too, I,m sure I will buy more for the back yard also, If you watch the video you will notice I have 2 wall mounted Tom care Solar lights, The flicker in this light is more foggy in appearance which I was a little disappointed in, They don’t look as real. I do recommend these lights

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    Big John

    November 2017 – Lifelike flame led lights. Outstanding! Out of the box they stayed lit for from the dark of night till the bright of morning. You will be thrilled to display the lights. Be aware, they are so real looking your neighbors will be envious.June 2018 – Now that I have had these lights since October 2017 I am updating my previous review. Still love the lights. HOWEVER, recently 3 of the 9 lights stopped working. I was able to get one working by replacing the battery. The other two light LEDs do not work properly. Only a horizontal small band of lights work. But those stay on steady. Do not sequentially blink (see photo). Supplier replaced two lights. I have ask not for third replacement. Kind of getting frustrated with 33% failure rate.

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    Laurie Shedrick

    These are pretty amazing. Everyone who sees these lights around my pool is shocked to learn they are LED. I think the seller should post a video, because pictures don’t do the lights justice, you have to see the lifelike flame in action to appreciate them. Even though they aren’t true tiki torch height (only 36.2 inches) they are amazing. I bought the first batch and followed up with a second batch because I liked them so much. I did have 1 light that did not work at first. When I reached out to the seller, they were truly concerned and followed up. The light did come on the second day and has everyday since. I have had several emails from the seller to check in on my satisfaction. I couldn’t be more pleased.

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    I purchased this set over a yr. ago , wanted to put these to the test before I reviewed . THESE ARE THE BEST SOLAR LIGHTS I HAVE EVER BOUGHT ! Just like all of you , I have bought MANY SOLAR LIGHTS THAT ENDED UP IN THE LANDFILL , NOT THESE !! IN AZ with violent dust storms BIZARRE rain storms , extreme high heat and freezing cloudy weather I did not expect these to function well or last very long , I WAS WRONG ! I go to work at 4 am and they are always on bright and strong . Even when the weather has been cloudy . They really look awesome when it’s raining as they are flickering ( glowing ) in the rain . I bought 4 more sets ! I stuck them in the middle at different hieghts in our red tipped yuckas , large pots with lava rocks , put them on our river bed entrances between pots in boulders , flag pole brackets etc. . They look nice , unusual and give out alot of that orange yellow fire light . The light these give out is expansive not at all like the basic solar lights . I put 2-3 in a bush at different angles and it lights up 12 ft up the walls and when it’s pitch black in the desert they light up to 20 ft ! My neighbors thought my backyard was on fire when I stacked them like a teepee to make sure they were charged . I forgot about them , sun went down and boom they really lit up my Hugh backyard , like a bonfire ! I was shocked ! Neighbors jumped up to the 8 ft block wall to see what was on fire , Haha that was 18 months ago and all of them are working like that very first day ! I have only one complaint the poles are a heavy duty plastic and some have warped in a115 degree heat as I have them at angles . Not all , just some . A heavy duty metal would really work well . The plastic hasn’t gotten brittle either . I love these good looking , durable , tough solar lights . I’m getting more to take to the beach and camping . We really enjoy how cool they look and provide security in dark corners and under windows , they really light up darker areas and provide a large fire glow , really very nice ! I will never again buy those tacky common store bought lights ! My neighbors bought some of these and put in their front yard , she must of seen the Amazon boxes cause she never asked me , lol !

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    Y. HSUEH

    As others have said, these are possibly the best solar lights you can buy for any amount of money. I live in Southern California and have a ton of solar lights and these are by far the best looking and longest-lasting. They stay on all night and the flame is beautiful to look at. In fact, I live in a very quiet neighborhood and they are actually almost *too* bright. Neighbors and even my handyman / general contractor have all complimented them and asked where I got them. I have a hammock, fire pit, patio heaters, and some Adirondack chairs in the backyard and these solar tiki lamps really add a lot when we BBQ and hang out in the yard. Hands down recommended without hesitation.

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     Gorgeous. I live in the nw which means I have a lot of cloud cover.. First use I charged inside and the flickered all night.. Since we’ve had bad weather and so they die out in about 4 hrs.. The flickering flame is enchanting

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