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Titan Electric Tankless Water Heater

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Tankless Water Heater
220 V
54 Max Amps

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Brand Titan



Titan Electric Tankless Water Heater

The Titan N-120 is the most popular model for average size homes. This space saving water heater will provide “endless” hot water for your entire home, apartment and other locations. As the Titan only heats the water when it is needed your energy savings on hot water can be up to 60%! In many cases your energy savings in the first year will pay for your investment in a state of the art Titan Tankless Water Heater.

The Titan N-120 will replace an entire conventional tank heater with no disruption to your comfort. Let’s not forget the endless hot water you will experience. You won’t have to worry about running out of hot water for your guests after repeated showers! The Titan is recommended for warmer climates where the incoming water temperature is above 65 degrees (F).

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10 reviews for Titan Electric Tankless Water Heater

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    Jennifer White

    We have been dealing with erratic water heater problems for a couple months. It finally died completely. My original heater came with the house I purchased 3 years ago. After inspection, troubleshooting, etc..we found out it was 12 years old. I found the exact same model at Home Depot but delivery would not be available for almost 2 weeks. That is way too long without hot water! I hopped on Amazon and was able to get it the next day! Pretty easy to install. We did it ourselves in the course of 1.5 hours (it would have been faster but our house is super DIY’d from the previous owners ugh). I am very pleased that it was not a complicated procedure and the newer version makes it simple to understand!

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    This is the third one I have installed. The first one in this location lasted 11 years and made lots of hot water. It’s compact, easy to install and works pretty darn good.

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    One bathroom, one dishwasher, one washer, one person- hot water all day everyday all the time. Have used this product since 2004. This is my third one in 15 years. They seem to burn out every 7-8 years, but at this price it’s worth it. Highly recommended.

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    Eric Schultz

    Pretty easy install, no need to open up the box to connect electrical. You’ll need a 60 amp electrical disconnect box (ten dollars), 1 line of 6/2 wire (2 dollars a foot), a 60 amp double pole breaker ( just above ten dollars), 3 cable clamp connectors (well below 10), Teflon tape for PRV (2), and a pressure relief valve (PRV) (11 to 20) and the fittings to put in the PRV (varies but probably around 25), some cable staples to hang the wire, and some #8 screws to mount the tank and disconnect box.Inlet/outlet is 1/2 and big box stores around me usually only carry 3/4 PRV. I used a corregated steel pipe connection to the inlet/outlet instead of the supplied compression fitting. The inlet connection kept giving me a small leak, so i had to use some blue blocker + teflon tape to shut it up.I mounted a rectangular plywood sheet to the wall (cinderblock) then mounted the hotwater heater and disconnect box to the plywood. I’ve had trouble getting screws to hold in masonry in the past, but it could be just me.I also recommend using black electrical tape on white part of the the white wire in the electrical box and disconnect box to signify the wire is hot.I suspect many people that have units that go out after a few years are not descaling their hot water heater. Get rid of the build up ever year or two by flushing it with vinegar water.

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    no larger than a phone book , unlimited hot water , cheaper electric bill than standard water heater ,( it only uses electric when hot water is used ) have been using this model for last 10 years in a couple houses , love them , they are also easy install , but does require 60 amp breaker and proper wire for that , this one is installed in Tidewater Va, and works fine in cold climate ….it is dependent on water temp in, and flow out , so look at chart and be sure this size is right for you ….

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    Molly’s Mom

    I was replacing like for like. We’ve had Titan tankless for over 13 years and I’m just now replacing it. It has never given us any problem but it was just old and stopped heating up. we can have both showers going and we are both receiving hot water. I would never have a hot water heater again.

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    Replaced one I had for 15 years. They work great.

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    Matthew Yoder

    We have never used a tankless water heater before and I had my doubts. I was especially leery about the price on this model. We had it up and running now for over two weeks and we couldn’t be happier.

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    Kelly R

    Perfectly fitting replacement for an older Gemini water heater. It’s not fancy, or digital, but it works for us! My husband (who is a “learning as we go DIYer”) was able to install this without any issues.

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    Just installed this after old water heater needed replacing. Easily installed. It also provided even HOTTER water than our old, traditional water heater and I felt like our old one was very, very hot. There are 2 adults living in the home with 3-5 kiddos filtering in and out, sleeping over, etc. Regular, long showers and deep baths drawn.

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