Timex Men’s TW4B18700 Expedition Scout Solar 40mm Blue/Gunmetal Fabric Fast Wrap Strap Watch

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Price: $59.50

Adjustable blue 20mm fabric Fast Wrap strap with hook & look closure fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
Charged by any light with a four-month power reserve
Blue dial with full Arabic numerals; date window at 3 o’clock
Gunmetal gray 40mm brass case with mineral crystal; luminous hands
Water resistant to 50m (165 ft): In general, suitable for short periods of recreational swimming, but not diving or snorkeling

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Brand Timex



Timex Expedition Solar Collection

Timex Expedition Scout Solar Timex Expedition Acadia Solar Expedition Ranger Solar Expedition Gallatin Solar
Scout Acadia Ranger Gallatin
Battery 4-month battery reserve 4-month battery reserve 4-month battery reserve 4-month battery reserve
Water Resistance 50m 50m 50m 50m
Case Size 40mm 40mm 43mm 45mm
Strap Material Fabric or Leather Fabric Leather Fabric or Leather
Case Material Brass Resin Brass Resin

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Black, Blue/Gunmetal, Brown/Gunmetal, Green/Silver-Tone



10 reviews for Timex Men’s TW4B18700 Expedition Scout Solar 40mm Blue/Gunmetal Fabric Fast Wrap Strap Watch

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    No Time to Shop

    My husband really likes the watch. He has dementia & the watch is an easy on/off for him. The solar-power is a plus because a dead battery in his other velcro banded watch happening during this pandemic has been traumatic for him & me.

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    The specific version that I bought is model TW4B187009J, which has a gunmetal-colored case, blue face, and gray cloth band.Pros:- Uncluttered, easy-to-read face- Subtle branding text on face- 40mm isn’t too large or small — not at all bulky- Metal case- Date is set moving the crown in either direction- Comfortable, well made cloth band that’s free of gaudy branding text seen on other Times watch bands- Luminous glow on hands and numbers lasts two or three hours- Good value (but watch the price because it changes)Cons:- Second hand doesn’t line up with tick marks- No Indiglo because of solar power

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    I have small wrists. Anything bigger than 40mm would be too big. The metal bracelet-style bands don’t usually work for me. I was surprised by the softness of the leather band on this, and also that there’s a “leftover” hole when fastened. The second strap holder is movable, so the end isn’t left flapping. My only complaints: The second hand is extremely thin and dark, so it’s hard to see. It’s fairly thick and heavy, but it does wear well. The date numeral is a bit hard to see. Overall, it’s a good looking watch and fits me well. And no battery to replace!

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    Big Foot – OR

    Works as advertised and the adjustable Velcro wrist band fits great on my XXL wrist.

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    This is my second Timex Expedition purchase, this time I wanted to go with something a little more understated and simple. This fit the bill nicely. The fit and finish of the watch is excellent for the price and it is something that I wear daily. As stated, for the price this represents excellent value for money and I would highly recommend it to those looking for an inexpensive but functional daily driver.

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    Braxton Texas

    Appears to be well made. The leather band seemed to be good quality too, but I always put a slip through watch band I can quickly remove to wash with a little soap and water. I have found leather gets worn out quickly when exposed to the elements outdoors. This watch replaces a much higher dollar watch that finally gave up the ghost. I really like this Timex better than my old watch. I am very active outdoors and I appreciate it’s rugged water resistance. I am getting older and my eyes are not what they used to be. I can see the large numbers very easily at a quick glance and can even see the smaller military or 24 hour numbers very easily. A BIG improvement over my previous watches. The contrast between the lighter color digits and hands against the dark background helps a great deal. Other than the numbers, hands and date, it is a black out body. Makes a sharp looking watch. It is also easy to tell time in the dark. Easy to read in the dark but not bright enough to draw attention. This is the first solar watch I have had and since I have only been wearing it for a short time, I can’t speak to how the power holds up for the long haul. I just know I got tired of replacing batteries on my older watches and hope this is a solution. Appears to be a great watch for the money!

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    J.L. Populist

    I have owned a number of Timex watches, all of them have been battery operated models.I was curious when I found this solar model at a reasonable price here on Amazon. The other Timex models were always comfortable and high quality, affordable watches so I thought I’d try this model.Appearance-wise this watch does look like I expected it to. The band is a pale, almost slate blue.The watch case is metal and looks gunmetal in color. The face is a blue.The watch arrived already charged, but I did set it in a window to charge anyway in case it was low on power.The fabric band is very comfortable, I hardly know it’s on my wrist. It fastens with four small velcro pads. It’s a secure fastening style.The numbers are very easy to read. That’s something the Timex’s I have owned have been very consistent with.Setting the watch is extremely easy. It’s all done by pulling out the pin to one or two clicks.It seems to be keeping time well enough that I don’t notice is being slow or fast. It may be a fraction off one way or the other, but nothing so far off to be noticeable.I have owned solar powered watches in the past and some like the Casio and Citizen models are very good watches. The appeal of the Timex solar is basically two issues for me:1. The brand. Timex has been a favorite of mine for decades.2. The price. For around $50 you get a new solar powered watch? That’s cheap for an established, known brand!What I like about the watch personally is the comfort, and also the simplicity. It’s not loaded with extra features that I don’t need. Do I need the day displayed or an alarm? No. It has the time and a date window. The hands are luminescent. (This model does not have Indiglo lighting). I really like it for what it is. Solar powered, basic, comfortable, and at a great price. Think of it as the working man’s solar watch or an affordable solar watch for a budget.

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    C. R. McElroy

    Fits well on my wrist. The diameter is a bit large for my liking, but an increasingly common/popular size. Clean look easy to read. No back light. Will try to follow up on solar functionality. Leather band is flat, not raised like some other bands/models.The above was about the leather band version. This part is about the cloth velcro band version. They are functionally identical. The cloth band version I have is the blue face with the blue band. I really like this band it feels very good on my arm, pretty much the same as the leather band, but it is far easier to put on and take off.

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    This is noticeably quieter than a timex expedition. I’ve always loved timex value for money, but hated that I could hear the watches across my bedroom at night.Even in a low noise environment, the ticking is not perceptible unless you’re holding it near your ear. Sure, it’s not as quiet as my 80s quartz Seamaster, but few things are.This is a great upgrade over the vanilla expeditions.

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    Oliver S.

    I expected this watch to just replace my work watch that gets beat up but wow have I been impressed. This is now my go to for everything, dress with a nice band, wrenching at work, adventuring it does it all very well. If you’re job uses military time like in the medical field this is for you.

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