The Simple Thermostat, Energy Star Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat With Mobile App, 7 Day Schedule, Compatible with Alexa (Black With C-Wire)

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Comes with a C-Wire kit for homes that don’t have one. Detailed walkthroughs are available on our support site and support is available by contacting us at [email protected]
Energy Star Certified: Proven savings from thermostats installed across all U.S. climate zones.
Learns from You: your home characteristics and your interactions with the thermostat teach Simple how best to save energy for you while keeping your comfortable. You’ll see a leaf indicator when the thermostat is saving energy.
Convenient App Access: Adjust temperature, change schedules, or set the Away mode to boost savings when you’re not home.
Amazon Alexa: No need to walk to the thermostat, just tell Alexa to change the temperature or to make the room warmer.

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The Simple Thermostat, Energy Star Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat With Mobile App

The Simple thermostat requires a C-Wire for power, and comes with a C-Wire kit for homes that do not have one. Detailed walkthroughs are available on our support site, and personalized support is available by contacting us at [email protected]. Available in both black and white models, Energy Star-certified. Customizable daily temperature schedule with 9 templates. Large, easy to read display with both indoor and outdoor temperatures. Personalized energy efficiency settings Alexa-compatible for convenient voice control One-touch “Away” settings for easy out-the-door energy efficiency.

Automatic away saves energy by using the location services of your phone to automatically set the Simple thermostat to AWAY. mode Personalized energy saving reports Mobile app available on iOS and Android Desktop app compatible with Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity Hardwired (C-wire) for reliability Conventional 24VAC 2H/2C compatibility, or 3H/2C with a Heat pump with emergency heat compatibility Not compatible with millivolt or line-voltage systems. Not compatible with multi-stage heat pumps. Visit or contact support at [email protected] for compatibility questions.

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Black With C-Wire



10 reviews for The Simple Thermostat, Energy Star Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat With Mobile App, 7 Day Schedule, Compatible with Alexa (Black With C-Wire)

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    I purchased this to replace a 12-year-old thermostat. My heating system is old and I do not have a 24v C wire. I purchased this because it came with the C wire adapter. (Only problem is it has to be connected to the system board on your furnace.) So, I decided to purchase a 24v transformer and connect this to my C wire. All seemed to be going well but I ran into some wiring problems.Another problem that I had was getting the thermostat recognized. This requires that you have the wiring exact or it will not register.The temperature seemed to be off and customer support was able to adjust it for me while I was on the phone. This required the thermostat to be recognized by the app. I decided to call Simple and get some support. Their customer support is awesome. They stayed on the phone until all of the wiring issues were resolved.I have had the thermostat for a couple of weeks and it works great.

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    E. Hill

     Love the fact that it’s very fast and snappy and it links up with your WiFi and you can tell Alexa to control it without touching it and you can control it if your on vacation from the app that goes with it….. download it from the Google app store or iPhone app store.👍🏾😀🤗Nothing I dislike about!Go buy one! You won’t be disappointed. Easy to install yourself if you have a common wire”C” wire. Directions for installing it yourself are precise and very easy to follow.

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    Polo Marco

    This is a really good thermostat! The thermostat was very simple to install, instructions on website was very informative. The app that supports this device works perfectly, I hope they keep it the same and don’t change anything about it. I hope this company continues to manufacture good products like this!

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    I knew I wanted a smart thermostat in my new house, but didn’t want to fork out the money for a Nest. I read reviews and did research until my eyes crossed. I literally feel like I read every review on Amazon and the whole internet. I decided on this for the price, features and look. I have only had it installed a few days, but really like it so far.We did have a slight hiccup with the installation. Our house did not have a C wire, so we had to connect to the furnace in the attic. To make a long story short, once we had someone come take a look, he confirmed that the wiring in our attic was goofy, so it was no fault of the thermostat. We did not even need the C wire adapter that came with it.It is user friendly, found wifi quickly, easy to program and set up, and love being able to see outside temp too. Great on a cold night to be able to turn the heat up without having to get out of bed. The mobile app works well in my opinion.I always try to leave review on products I buy, as I rely heavily on them when making a purchase, particularly online. I think this is definitely worth the money and would buy again. The app works with more than one thermostat, so if you have a large house with more than one unit, it’s easy to swipe between the thermostats. You can name them what you want so you know which is which.

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    Steve Ottmar

    The installation was very easy and the unit works great.I have compared the features of this thermostat to others on the market and am happy with it function.My only complaint is minor. This was installed in a bedroom and the backlight, even when turned down to low, is a bright for my liking. I have it configured to turn off the backlight after a few moments but then I can’t see it at all if the room is dark.So I guess you can’t have it all.

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    The online install wizard made this thermostat easy to install. What a great replacement for an old style, hard to program thermostat. The ECO and Away features work really well. I couldn’t be happier. Saving money and easy to setup schedules with a nice smartphone app. I use to have to flip on a light in the room to see the display on the old thermostat, but I can practically see this one across the room without turning on anything.Great product. It works.

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    Kathleen Roberts

    Allows us to adjust the thermostat from our mobile device

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    joe smoe

    Simple and easy to set up. Can turn off back light so as to be not obtrusive.

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    I replaced several old smart thermostats with these and found them to be relatively easy to install and very easy to operate at the thermostat panel or via the iPhone app. While removing the old thermostats and wiring up the new ones was tedious, the online instructions were good (you will need your smartphone alongside you while you do the installation by following their online instructions after setting up your account). My wife and I really like the clean look of these new thermostats. (Note that you can only set up daily temperature schedules online, not at the thermostat). The package includes a convenient wall cover perimter faceplate in case the old thermostat leaves a mark or unmatched paint when removed that is bigger than the new thermostat. (Fortunately, I did not have to use the C-wire kit included…if so, it probably would have stopped me from doing the installation myself.)UPDATE AFTER A MONTHThese thermostats are working great. I have 4 of them for the 4 zones in my home and the mobile app makes it really convenient to monitor and adjust schedules. There is also a “learning” capability online that somehow figures out usage and seems to make adjustments to balance out temperatures across zones. It also lets you set “eco” levels so it can save energy if desired by making automatic minor temperature adjustments.

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    Bryan L.

    Installation was easy, but I made it more complicated then was needed due to confusion over one of the features.The thermostat has an auto feature which automatically picks between heating and cooling. I got confused and not realizing that though there should have been two auto settings one for heat and one for cool. This had me in touch with the help desk for a long period of time disconnecting and reconnecting everything needlessly.I’m sure the auto feature will be nice in fall and spring when you never know if you’ll need heating or cooling.I havnt had it enough to comment on energy savings yet however I have noticed it has started adding the leaf and changing up the temp settings. So it appears to be working.Comfort is the main reason I bought this. My old thermostat was always leaving me cold while not running and hot while running no matter how I set it. Cloudy days were always too cold sunny days to hot regardless of out door temps.This thermostat after I set my initial temperature schedule with in a few days started making adjustments to the settings. These adjustments have made the house always feel like it’s at the correct temperature. It’s ability to make the house feel comfortable is better than I could have guessed.Will provide update once I switch to cooling. Hope it is as good as the heating.

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