The Original Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner-Solar Powered Glass Ball Emits Color-Changing Light

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Price: $79.98

Don’t be Fooled by Cheap Imitations – Our movement and light combine for a dramatic garden display.
Two tiers of colorful metal petals spin in opposite directions.
The 3″ diameter solar glass ball emits color-changing light by night.
Some assembly required. Instructions included.
Measures 27″ in diameter. Stands 74″ tall when staked, plus a 10″ fork to secure into the ground.

Brand Bits and Pieces



The Original Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner-Solar Powered Glass Ball Emits Color-Changing Light – Made of Metal and Steel

Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner

Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner

Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner

The Original Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner-Solar Powered Glass Ball Emits Color-Changing Light

Bits And Pieces has been supplying high quality, dynamic wind spinners for over 15 years. Beautifully constructed with iron metal components and weather resistant finishes that will last for years. Each spinner is selected for its visual impact when spinning and the artistic design integration into your landscape. The beauty of any garden area will be enhanced with a spectacular Bits And Pieces wind spinner.


Bits And Pieces wind spinners are created with unique finishes and special effects to blend and enhance any landscape or garden area for an eye-catching and dramatic show -­­ day and night.


Metallic paint and foil is applied to the various shaped spinning blades. Bright metallic and reflective painting creates a visual sensation in the garden. Shimmering colors capture the glint of the sun and make any garden stand out.


New patented technology has created an LED light effect powered by just the wind. The attached LED bulbs light up automatically when the wind blows. The stronger the wind, the brighter the lights to create a special light show treat at night!



​Solar powered LED glass balls are positioned at the apex of the pole on the Bits And Pieces solar wind spinners. The panel stores the sun’s energy during the day to turn on automatically at dusk to emit a beautiful light show of color changing lights in the landscape at night.


Kinetic spinning action is featured on many of our wind spinners. Designed so that the construction of each blade spins in a different direction. Ball bearing construction allows our wind spinners to quietly spin in even the slightest breeze.


Equipped with powder coated heavy forked stakes to secure each wind spinner into the ground, Bits And Pieces wind spinners remain steady even in the heaviest of winds. Easy to place in areas of uneven ground surfaces.

Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner





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10 reviews for The Original Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner-Solar Powered Glass Ball Emits Color-Changing Light

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    Nice addition to the yard. The petals spend different directions; outside and inside. It was easy to assemble and sturdy. Nice colors. Good Value.My bulb does not work. Pulled the paper from the connector and waited a couple days before trying a regular battery. Still nothing at night illuminating. Daytime it is nice to look at and is not cheap looking. Really like it and it’s half the price of the ones sold at the local Nursery.Bits N Pieces did contact me in May and said they’d mail a new bulb. Once I emailed them a few weeks later, the new bulb was mailed and received in a couple days. Doesn’t quite fit in my metal piece, but does enough AND it works. This is really a nice addition to the yard. I am not disappointed at all.

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    This wind spinner is fabulous to watch and for the price, a great & colorful, spinner that catches the eyes of anybody who is in or looks into my yard. I have three spinners and this is easily my favorite. I’ve gotten nothing but great comments from all of my neighbors who can see it, they all love it. The solar multi color ball lights up at dusk, brighter than one would expect from a simple led setup, is very colorful, easy to see from anywhere in the yard or sun porch and lasts well into the wee hours. I’m a night owl and haven’t ever seen it go out until sunrise. Others who own it might not have that experience, but I do. I would suggest, if you have the right kind of charger, to charge the battery fully before using it the first time. That may be why I have never seen it go out during the late hours. The only improvement I could see would be for the manufacturer to add another stability peg to more firmly plant it in the soil, however I did have a VERY strong, windy day and the spinner held it’s ground and spun like crazy. I sit in my sun porch and get caught up and somewhat mesmerized by it. I have found it very relaxing to watch while spending time in my sun porch or yard. The shipping was quick and very well packaged, all parts reasonably protected from bending and necessary attachment parts all accounted for. A excellent buy for the price and it’s quality! And…I don’t work for the manufacturer, just a retired chap who enjoys relaxing in his yard and sun porch….

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    I was looking for a metal spinner that would withstand the kind of winds we tend to get in my area, and came across this. I went to YouTube, saw a video of it in action, and really liked how it looked when spinning.I bought a used one from Amazon Warehouse Deals, and when I got it, it looked brand new. My husband put it together, but it didn’t look that difficult, and we left a section of pipe out because I didn’t want it so tall. To anchor it down, we bought a tall flower pot, and filled it with sand and potting soil which, even in heavy winds, has kept the spinner sturdy.In order for this to spin, it needs a wind speed of about 10 mph. It starts spinning really well when the winds get up to about 20 mph. However, even when it isn’t spinning, it looks really pretty, and since we have it in a flower pot, it looks like a giant flower. The solar light works really well, even when we’ve had a cloudy day.I love this well-built, sturdy spinner, and hope to enjoy it for many years to come. If the paint eventually starts coming off, I’ll just spray paint it, and it’ll look great.***UPDATE***Last night, we had really strong winds of about 36 to 40 mph, so the spinner was really put to the test, and it passed with flying colors.

  4. blank

    Semper Dixit

    So – I wanted two spinners so I bought this one and a Solar Wind Spinner Improved 360 Degrees Swivel Multi-Color LED Lighting Solar Powered Glass Ball with Kinetic Wind Spinner Vertical Metal Sculpture Stake Construction for Outdoor Yard Lawn & Garden Sold by: SteadyDoggie. Well, I put together the SteadyDoggie one first and it was a joke, The pole assembly would not stayed screwed in tight and the whole thing wobbled. Only one of the vertical dials spun, and that was only if the breeze was really really strong. This one assembled so easily and they even give you a screwdriver! Perfect parts, sturdy, easy to plant. Spins very gracefully. Now I need another to replace the unsteady Steady Doggie one.

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     I ordered this for my dad’s birthday. He is an electrical engineer and loves anything he can get his hands on and built/tinker with. He’s VERY VERY particular about craftsmanship and materials and he said the pieces were quality and well-built. He built it immediately and it’s sitting outside his home office.We live in the Midwest and this seems to spin even with a small breeze. He did mention that he greased/oiled the pieces (wd40 maybe?) as he put it together for ease of spinning.

  6. blank


    A lovely feng shui enhancing addition to the front garden. It was placed at a northwest crossroads point (big metal area) where wind enters from different directions and is a focal point for the neighborhood. When wind softly blows from one direction only the upper petals turn; wind softly blowing from the other direction turns only the lower petals. Stronger winds turn both sets of petals, spinning them at speeds according to the amount of wind and looking like a continually unfolding magical mesmerizing flower. It’s fascinating to see where the wind is coming from and how strong it is. At night the light softly glows in changing jewel tone colors, easily seen by passers-by but not intrusive to neighbors who might be looking out their windows.

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    Biking momma

    OMG!!! MY mom is 76. She is practically doing backflips in her happiness over this windspinner. It is large, probably 2-1/2 to 3 feet wide if it wasn’t round. It is a heavy duty, quality made product. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. It spins so easily and effortlessly it is mesmorizing. The color changing solar light is bright at night and is a unique xtra. My mom loves the color changing light almost as much as the windspinner. It is a spectacular addition to her garden. Did I say it only takes a mere whisper of wind to spin. It was very easy to put together (I hate putting anything together)about 10 minutes and SHAZAMMMMM…… INSTANT mother’s day gratification. Boy did we ever score brownie points with this one. It is expensive, BUT WORTH every penny. I am getting one for myself now. I cannot say enough great things about this beautiful spinner. I will remember to take pictures or a video and add it to the post next time I visit. Someone’s video review on here is what persuaded me to buy it. Kudos to them too. And many, many kudos to this product. PS, I am real, did NOT get any merchandise free, and am planning to purchase this for gifts in the future.

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    Just added water

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    Easy assembly (though included wrench did not fit most of the bolts – not a big deal).Spins very freely and a light breeze will see both wheels spinning. Paint is attractive and looks as shown.Light tends to be a bright dot in the yard more than something that throws a glow. Again – not a big deal.Will no doubt be buying more of these.

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    This is a stunningly beautiful work of art. At night the glass ball glows these beautiful colors into the evening. Unfortunately my solar glass bulb has just stopped functioning after less than two months. It receives a lot of California sunshine all day long. I don’t know how to fix this. All my other solar powered garden decorations have been glowing for years. How can I fix this? I bought one for a dear friend, will her solar bulb stop working in two months? Addendum: Amazon agreed to replace the whole works. I will just take the solar ball out of the new one and return the old one, this way I don’t have to assemble the new and disassemble the whole old one, the rest on which works fine. This is a wind and solar sculpture that really draws a lot of compliments. Buy it.

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    M. McGlasson

    I ordered this item as a gift and it was delivered as described and in excellent condition. However, as some have already expressed, the light did not work, so, we were disappointed. The Tulip Spinner itself went together relatively easily, but, didn’t discover the light didn’t work until after it was up. Bits and Pieces contacted me about a review and asked if there was a problem of any kind to let them know and give them a chance to take care of it before writing a negative review. I did and within a weeks time we had a replacement bulb. They were very easy to work with and took care of the problem in a timely manner. The replacement bulb works perfectly and we couldn’t be happier.

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