TESSAN WiFi Smart Outlet Switch with 3 Individual Sockets Work with Alexa Echo Google Home, Wireless Remote Control Outlet, Timer by Smartphone, Weatherproof Outdoor Power Strip

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3 Individual Smart Outlets – TESSAN smart wifi power strip comes with 3 outlets. Three AC outlets can be controlled individually or simultaneously. With IP44 waterproof design, built-in weatherproof covers for each outlet. Protect the outlets from rain and dust when not in use. The smart plug can be placed indoor and outdoor. Ideal for your garden, patio, Christmas tree, landscape lighting, fountains, heavy duty electrical outlets, pool pumps (Max 2HP), filter, lawn mowers and other appliances.
Wireless Control – Remote control the outdoor smart plug from everywhere. Compatible with free “Smart Life” app. Set up on/off notification on phone, you will never forget to turn off the device when going out. Support 2.4Ghz Wifi only, dual-band (2.4G&5G) WIFI need to set a separate 2.4G channel.
Hand-Free Voice Control – TESSAN wifi outlet compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Each outlet can be controlled separately. Simply give a command to your voice device instead of going out or picking up your phone. Make your smart home life more convenient and easier.
Smart Timer and Schedule – Set up your daily or weekly schedule for specific devices. Each device on this outdoor smart timer will be turned on and off as its own schedule. Saving your processing time and cut down your bill especially for high power appliances (support 100-125V, 15A, 1875W/2HP Max each). Timer countdown feature can be set on phone easily, without going to face the traditional timer. Allow your devices turn on/off off following sunrise and sunset. More program can be set on app.
Safety and Friendly Service – TESSAN outdoor extension cord with on/off switch is made of fireproof material to ensure safety. Outdoor weatherproof design to handle heat, rain, and other extreme weather elements. Friendly customer support provided directly from TESSAN. We will follow up and respond within 24 hours.

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TESSAN WiFi Smart Outlet Switch with 3 Individual Sockets Work with Alexa Echo Google Home

TESSAN Smart Plug Outdoor

Why Do We Choose TESSAN Outdoor Smart Plug?

Link your devices with TESSAN programmable smart plug. Allow 3 devices controlled at the same time. Set up your smart home automation has never been easier. Save your operating time, no longer go out at night to turn off the decorations. Save your bill, no longer forget to turn off high-power appliances.

TESSAN Wifi Smart Plug Outdoor

TEESAN SOP03-US Programmable Smart Wi-Fi Plug Outdoor 100-240V,15A,1875W, 2HP


Outlet Quantity: 3 Outlets US Standards
Rated Current: 15A (Max)
Rated Voltage: AC 100 240V, 50-60Hz
Rated Power: 1875W(Max)
Wireless Frequency: 2.4GHz
Wireless Standard: IEEE802.1 1b/g/n
Dimension: 6*5.4*1.6 in. Weight: 265g
Power cord Length: 6.3 Inches
Remote control: Smart Life App


Support 2.4Ghz Wifi only, dual-band (2.4G&5G) WIFI need to set a separate 2.4G channel.
Not Suitable for water immersion. It’s Protected from water spray from any direction but not submersible.


3 Outlets
APP Remote Control
Voice Control Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
Timer / Countdown Function
Schedule Function
Programmable Automation
IP44 Weatherproof
Waterproof Cover Cap design

Work with Alexa and Google HomeRemote and Voice Control

The outdoor smart plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. Simply make a voice command to turn on/off the connected devices via Smart Life app. Controlling your outdoor smart plug has never been this simple, just enjoy your smart lifestyle.





IP44 WeatherproofWaterproof and Durable

Equipped with IP 44 waterproof construction. The rubber cover lip on each sockets help prevent liquid from getting in, and splash-resistant design, ideal for reaching seasonal lighting, swimming pool, fountain, and other indoor and outdoor plug-in appliances.






Versatile Outdoor Smart Wifi PlugVersatile Outdoor Smart Plug

TESSAN outdoor smart plug is equipped with three individual outlets, featured with IP44 Waterproof, Timer setting, Voice control, App Control ,and applying to Alexa and Google Home. Ideal for porch light, Christmas tree, fountains, sprinkler system, lawn mowers, pumps and other indoor and outdoor plug-in appliances.






Compatible with Smart Life appSmart Life App connecting Devices guide

1. Download “Smart life” App at APP store or Google Play or from scanning code on the user manual.

2. Register the app by phone or e-mail address.

3. Power on devices, Hold the reset button on the device for 5s, Then you can see the indicator Green light is now rapidly flashing, Then click “confirm indicator rapidly blink” Button on the phone. (Just Pay attention to look at the green light, Green light rapidly blink means default mode connecting, Slowly blink means AP mode connecting).

4. There are two ways to add the plug to the Smartlife. You may add manually or auto scan. When you add it manually, please select the Socket (Wi-Fi). And you can also choose to auto-scanning to add it.

5. Once you have found the plug, enter Wifi password (APP support 2.4GHz Wifi network only), Connecting and Done.

Compatible with Alexa and Google AssistantWork with Amazon Alexa

1. Log in APP, Choose skills in the options bar, and search the Smart Life in the input box.

2. Select Smart life in the search results, and then click the Enable skill. If account has been bound, you can click on Disable Skill to remove your binding, and then click on the Enable Skill to continue to bind a new Smart Life account.

3. Input your user name and password that you have previously registered for Smart Life app.

4. When it prompt successfully linked, it means the Alexa account is linked with Smart Life account.

5. Simple say some voice commands like “Alexa, turn on bedroom light” to control.

Works with Google Home

Tap “Home Control” in the hamburger menu on the home page, then tap “+”.
Find “Smart Life” in the list, select your Smart life account’s region,type your Smart life account and password, then tap “Link Now” .
After you assign rooms for devices, your devices will be listed in the Home Control page.

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10 reviews for TESSAN WiFi Smart Outlet Switch with 3 Individual Sockets Work with Alexa Echo Google Home, Wireless Remote Control Outlet, Timer by Smartphone, Weatherproof Outdoor Power Strip

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     The setup was easy and IT WORKED unlike other outlets I’ve purchased, and returned. It is of what appears to be high quality. I’m powering a backyard string light and a fountain.I’m not easily impressed so this was a surprise that the WiFi signal is picked up through the wall. I do have three WiFi repeaters around the house though.

  2. blank


    No problem with Smart Life app or syncing to Alexa. Works exactly as I’d hoped to turn on/off an outdoor ceiling fan w switch controls overhead / no pull chain. I like this one better than some because it has the socket covers to help prevent rain from getting in. They’re nice soft rubber. A USB power cube doesn’t fit great because of the casing/recess, but it does get power.

  3. blank

    Lynn M. Baker

    The plug works 100% as advertised. Very easy to install and program.

  4. blank

    Glen Pounders

    I read many of the reviews about the trouble with Alexa integration but mine seems to work fine. I had trouble at first with getting the device connected to the network and the smart life app. My problem was I had a lamp plugged in and turned on while trying to connect. I was getting very frustrated but finally tried without the lamp and bang, it connected without any problems. It then updated the firmware. Next, I connected to the Alexa app using the device -> other and it found the device and I was able to add this to a routine. I am using this for my outdoor Christmas lights. It worked so well I purchased 1 more and it works fine also. With Alexa, I can add all my internal and external lights to come on at dusk and turn off altogether at 11 pm. With manual timers, I was always chasing a curcuit that trips and reset the timers which you can never get synced exactly the same. I need to check exactly how many watts and amps I have on each curcuit. So far no trips

  5. blank


    This is the best in every way. It set up in like 45 seconds flat. Integrates with Alexa and Google seamlessly. Each of the 3 sockets can be controlled individually or together. The timer function is super convenient and easy to set. I considered maybe 5 outdoor smart plugs and I’m happy I went with this one. The price and quality is unbeatable. It feels like quality in your hands and doesn’t look cheap. I’ll have to find uses for this during the summer like maybe controlling strings of patio lights or something because I like this plug so much.

  6. blank


    Below is my original first impression, but it needed an update. To the original review, add the fact that if you view this using the Tuya app on your phone, it gives the current temperature, humidity and air pressure; it acts as a remote weather station! that is pretty neat bu t it also could alert the owner if the line was overheating, eliminating a major safety problem with extension cords.This is sturdy, it looks and feels well made.This was simple to setup and I’ve experienced no WiFi drop-out issues so far; but it does NOT link to Alexa, for me anyway.But it does work very well using the Tuya App, which is more secure than Alexa anyway, so I would recommend this smart outlet.I would not hesitate to purchase Tessna again if I needed another.

  7. blank

    Larry Gordon

    This product has worked well all summer and through significant rain exposure. I have it plugged into an outdoor receptical on my deck and I have the outlets oriented downward to mitigate water infiltration. I am only using one of the 4 outlets on the device and I have it scheduled using a Amazon Echo Plus. It operates flawlessly.

  8. blank

    B. Davis

    I’m using this control my Christmas lights. It lets me set start and times according to time of day and day of the week. And that can be set for each individual plug. The wifi range is just fine for me. Had no issue connecting to wifi from about 60 feet away and through doors and walls. The instructions we re easy to follow.I integrated mine with Google and it setup just fine there too. I can give voice commands to my Google devices or manipulate it through the app and the device responds correctly. Being Wifi, I can control it from anywhere. I don’t have to be home, and I don’t have to set the length of hours to run based on when I press a button. If I had need for more, I’d get more.

  9. blank


    Perfect for my pool area! I did have an issue with my dual band router (suprise suprise it was Comcast). It would not connect to the 2.4 which is needed. After getting that sorted out it connected very quickly and easily.

  10. blank

    Shelly Cummings

    I installed this smart plug very easily myself and it has worked perfectly. It was very easy to install and to integrate with my Echo devices. We use it to turn our pergola lights off and on. I would highly recommend this product. My backyard and pergola are now easily lit up with a simple command, “Alexa, turn on the patio lights.” If only everything were this easy! You’ll be happy you purchased this! We are currently only using one of the three plugs, but I love that I have the ability to control two other devices with this also and we do plan to add on later.

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