TerraBloom ECMF-100, 4″ Inline Duct Fan with 0-100% Speed Controlled EC Motor, Metal Case, Energy Saving

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TerraBloom EC duct fans are used in indoor grow facilities and vertical farms, heating and cooling transfer, commercial drying and air filtration applications. Our inline blowers can also create negative pressure environments, simulate wind, exhaust odors and smoke as well as intake fresh air from outdoors
Built with cutting edge brushless EC Motor and dual jet type blades, this blower delivers 160 CFM airflow rate using just 18 Watts at max speed. It translates into only $45 annual cost of 24/7 operation at max speed using $0.29 average cost per KWH. Our fans don’t “purge” or waste electricity at lower speeds
Our EC fan gives you a unique flexibility of controls – choose any speed from 0 to 100% using the included variable speed controller without creating background noise or hum at low speeds. Or choose to upgrade to a wireless remote control (Model: ECMF-WR) or intelligent thermostat speed controller with temperature programming (Model: SC-ECMF). This fan also supports PWM and 0-10V controllers via 3.5mm audio port
Coated aluminum housing resists rust, protects motor and blades from accidental damage and harsh elements to reduce maintenance in demanding applications. This fan has IPX4 ingress protection rating. This is fan is extremely compact and fits into spaces with minimal clearance
Duct Diameter: 4” (98mm) * Airflow: 160 CFM * Power 18W * Noise: 28-56 dBA * Pressure: 334 Pa * Bearings: Dual Ball * Size: 6.3 x 7.3 x 5.9 in. * ETL Listed * 2 Year Warranty

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EC fan inline duct TerraBloom

4" EC Inline Duct Fan For Grow Tents and Indoor Gardens Exhaust Intake Booster 4 4in 4inch inch inline duct fan blower ventilation ducting 160 cfm 200 variable speed control 6 inline fan duct ducting blower ventilation grow tent terrabloom 350 cfm variable speed 6 Inch remote speed controlled inline duct fan by TerraBloom 350 cfm varibale speed ECMF Thermostat Controller Smart Fan Speed Controller Wireless Remote With Receiver for ECMF fans TerraBloom remote speed controller
4″ EC Inline Fan, ECMF-100 4″ Remote Controlled EC Inline Fan, ECMF-100-R 6″ EC Inline Fan, ECMF-150 6″ Remote Controlled EC Inline Fan, ECMF-150-R Thermostat Speed Controller for ECMF Fans Wireless Remote Add-On For ECMF Fans
Type Of Motor EC EC EC EC Accessory for ECMF Series Accessory for ECMF Series
CFM 160 160 350 350 Supports ECMF series Fans Supports ECMF series Fans
Power Consumption at Max Speed 18 18 40 40 Powered by Fan Powered By Battery
ETL/UL Listed N/A N/A
Casing Material Aluminum Aluminum Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel Plastic Plastic
Included Speed Controller 0%-100% Variable Speed Controller 15%-100% Wireless 6-Speed Controller 0%-100% Variable Speed Controller 15%-100% Wireless 6-Speed Controller N/A N/A
Recommended Use Small Grow Tents, Indoor Gardens, Bathroom Exhaust and Mini Greenhouses Small Grow Tents, Indoor Gardens, Bathroom Exhaust and Mini Greenhouses Grow Tents, Indoor Gardens, Bathroom Exhausts, Electronics Closets (Laser Cutters, Mining, Server, AV Equipment) Grow Tents, Indoor Gardens, Bathroom Exhausts, Electronics Closets (Laser Cutters, Mining, Server, AV Equipment) Supports ECMF series Fans Supports ECMF series Fans
Environment Requirements Indoor Use Only, with temperatures between 15°F(-10°C) to 140°F (60°C), Humidity Under 90% Indoor Use Only, with temperatures between 15°F(-10°C) to 140°F (60°C), Humidity Under 90% Indoor Use Only, with temperatures between 15°F(-10°C) to 140°F (60°C), Humidity Under 90% Indoor Use Only, with temperatures between 15°F(-10°C) to 140°F (60°C), Humidity Under 90% Indoor Use Only, with temperatures between 15°F(-10°C) to 140°F (60°C), Humidity Under 90% Indoor Use Only, with temperatures between 15°F(-10°C) to 140°F (60°C), Humidity Under 90%
Dimensions 6.25″ (L) x 7.25″ (W) x 5.9″ (H). 3.66 Lbs 6.25″ (L) x 7.25″ (W) x 5.9″ (H). 3.66 Lbs 7.25″ (L) x 4.9″ (W) x 6.95″ (H). 4.55 Lbs 7.25″ (L) x 4.9″ (W) x 6.95″ (H). 4.55 Lbs 4.5″ (L) x 4.5″ (W) x 2″ (H) 5.75″ (L) x 4.75″ (W) x 1.75″ (H)
Supported Speed Signals PWM, 0-10VDC, Potentiometer Remote Only PWM, 0-10VDC, Potentiometer Remote Only Built In 6 Speed Options Built In 6 Speed Options

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4" (160CFM, 18W), 4" (160CFM, 18W) With Wireless Speed Control



10 reviews for TerraBloom ECMF-100, 4″ Inline Duct Fan with 0-100% Speed Controlled EC Motor, Metal Case, Energy Saving

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    Robertó Montalban

    It’s noisy at full blast 5000 RPM but any fans I’ve ever heard running that fast are…VERY adjustable, half throttle still moves a lot of air and the motor itself is very quiet.Dual ball bearings, efficient PWM driven and 2-3 less power used than one of “those” AC powered hummers that are so hard to get dialed in.I’d buy it again in a minute – don’t be surprised if I get the 6″ model next. : )Thanks!Robert

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    Steven Moses

    Easy Installation, long cord for speed controller allowed me to put the speed controller in a convenient location. The fan is quiet, even at max. I bought this fan to draw warm air from our main living level in the house which is heated by a woodstove in the winter, down into the basement. When we are heating with wood, our furnace doesn’t run so our basement, therefore, the floor under our feet, gets very cold. To make this all happen I installed a vent at the top of a wall on our main living level near the wood stove and made a hole in the ceiling of the basement that corresponded to the proper chase in the wall. I secured rigid ducting to the bottom of the chase and hooked it up to the fan with some flexible ducting. I powered on the fan and walla! It was drawing warm air into the basement. I have only had it installed and operating for two days but the temperature of the basement which measures roughly 26x30x6.5 feet high has definitely improved. The floor under our feet is warmer as well. We can now comfortably wear socks and don’t feel the need to wear slippers or moccasins to keep our feet warm n the floor. Yesterday, it was 28 degrees outside and the basement was a comfortable 58. Prior to installing the fan the basement would have been in the low 40 degree range. The fan is installed pretty much under our living room, about 3′ under the floor and I can’t hear it running, even on the max setting. A fantastic, economical, home improvement.

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    bryan n

    Ordered based on decent reviews. I Was skeptical about air flow with a vivosun filter attached to it. I am very impressed with this 4 inch fan. Great quality and so so so smooth, cant hear it running at around 50%. We will see how it lasts. I will update periodically if I’m bored and I remember. Def will if it gets noisy or anything. No news is good news.Been 8 months and still running like a top!

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    Kim N Cordle

    Exactly what the doctor ordered. I have a 36x48x72 grow tent. I use this as an exhaust vent. Being a small tent, it was extremely difficult to find a fan that could put out low enough cfm to be useful. Most 4″ fans are 190cfm and up. And, while they are adjustable, a motor that uses brushes can only be put down to 50% power or it will damage the motor. This bad boy is brushless and you can take it all the way down to 1% output if need be. Fantastic for a small tent. Couple that with the fact at full power it only consumes 18 watts! And it is very small, which again works well in a small tent. If you’re a small tent grower, this is the fan for you.

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    this little fan is awesome. previously used the vivosun 4in, but the last one i purchased was probably defective and far too loud. it eventually died. to their credit, vivosun did give me a prorated refund at about 90% of purchase price. that said, i’m soooo glad i spent the extra money to purchase this fan. the small size surprised me, and this review may change if the small, lightweight size can’t handle normal use. but, for now at least, two weeks in, its worked like a charm. the small size is misleading; the thing really moves air well. bonus is the power control; it comes with a cord that is long enough for pretty much anything. moreover, the noise level is neglible; the device is whisper quiet. finally, being able to adjust a full 100 percent is so intuitively right, i am surprised more fans with speed control don’t allow full control. very happy with the purchase.

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    This little fan sucks air! I have the 4 inch version. Wow really well built, and terabloom is based here in Chino California which is a plus when dealing with them for customer service. The fan is brushless and uses an e.c. motor. This means it runs smoother and more efficient than brush speed controlled fans. The speed controller that came with mine was the wired one and you can run the fan from 1% to 100%. As an exhaust fan in a 2x2x5 space and with a filter attached I can run it at 20% and it moves more than enough air even without using an intake fan. The e.c. motor also allows it to run really quiet. I’m very impressed.

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    So far, I like the fan. It will be going into a 2×4 tent with a scrubber later on. At first I was a bit worried about the static pressure and wondering if it will handle a scrubber. On max speed I’d estimate a CFM reduction by a third or so with a scrubber attached which should still replace all of the air in my tent over twice per minute.Fan I had before was an iPower 6-inch AC fan. It was huge and heavy but it moved some air for sure and used way more power. Did not like the sinusoidal humming due to the speed controller turning the motor on and off hundreds of times per second.The amount this fan moves at 20 watts is pretty incredible. If I get decent flow with a scrubber than this is the new direction for grow equipment.Update:Got my filter in and airflow through the filter is great with this fan. Fit is really tight though but it works.

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    Brandon M

    So far this 4” fan is working like a champ in my 2×2 tent. I have it on nearly the lowest setting of the dial and it’s still pulling a decent amount of air through a 4” carbon filter. The noise level isn’t much over my 6” fan already running at the bottom of the tent, but that is likely because I’m on such a low power setting.Setup was a no brainer – an arrow points what way the air flow is, attach a 4” duct to each side, plug in power cord, connect the dial cord and adjust dial to desired air flow amount.2 cons:1) the connector socket for the dial cord had a moment or 2 of not working which required some wiggling of the cord until it started working. This was worrying to me because after extended use, wonder if the problem will worsen to the point of no functionality which would mean the entire fan would not operate since it requires the dial to be plugged in and working. Not a problem yet, more of a worry2) the price is more than most other 4” fans and I’m not 100% sold the build quality warrants the price.Those 2 things said, no other complaints and am pretty happy with the fan so far. I would recommend it.

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    Scott E. Redstone

    I first heard about this in-line fan from “When Geeks Craft” on You Tube. My Glowforge is a wonderful machine and its internal blower evacuates the fumes to an outside vent with gusto and Lots of Noise. In a shared workspace making as much noise as an electric drill, for 30 minutes or longer, does not ingratiate you to shop mates.After installing this in-line fan my Glowforge now looks like a spooky machine as the laser soundlessly slices through and etches all sorts of materials. The Glowforge itself has an option to shut down the internal fan when an external one is attached.Now I don’t have to bring donuts in once a week as peace (and quiet) offerings. The savings alone will pay for the TerraBloom.

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    Fast shipping!We ordered this inline fan to help reduce temperature and humidity in a 4×4 grow tent, and it’s “almost” too big in terms of cfm, as this fan moves A LOT of air. Just make sure you have enough intake vents or a intake fan as this will suck a tent down with no problem! We run the fan on a temperature controller with the included speed controller set to 25% fan speed to exhaust excess heat. It’s perfect for our setup.Pros:Robust all metal constructed case (impeller is plastic) and great mounting optionsEasy and quick to set up20w on max 10w on min for electricVery quiet compared to other fans of same sizeMoves A LOT of air for size and power. It’s a lot bigger than we expected in terms of cfm movement!Easy to install 4in duct to fanPrice when purchasedCons:Can only use the included speed controller, not able to use a temperature or humidity controller that controls speed based on conditions or after market speed controller. Stuck using terrablooms.Price raised after purchaseNothing worth reducing a star forThe first photo of the killawatt shows power draw includes running this fan at 25% a 6in clip fan on low setting, and a 135w quantum board turned down to 75%. 107 watts total usage! Great for seedling and getting them acclimated to the room.The second photo of the killawatt is this fan at 100% the light tuned to 80-90% (best efficiency for this light IMHO) 6inch fan clip fan on high and a heated Matt only uses 140 watt total. Great for veg phases for what we have growing.So if you’re trying to save energy and still grow that is an amazing option! This setup in our area runs us around 8$ a month in electric cost.Haven’t tried it with a filter yet, but we are planning on buying another fan and two filters for intake and exhaust from the same manufacturer, and we will update when we get to that point.Final thought:High quality, quiet, efficient fan. Worth the investment and we would definitely buy another! Only wish they hand an option to control the fan and speed based on humidity or temperature.

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