Tenergy LED Light Bulb, 9 watts Equivalent A19 E26 Medium Standard Base, 5000K Daylight White Energy Saving Light Bulbs

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DIRECT REPLACEMENT – The Tenergy 16-Pack Non-Dimmable LED Bulbs are perfect replacement for incandescent light bulbs. These E26 LED bulbs have medium standard bases. No breakable parts and are free of toxic chemicals, they are safe for your family and the environment.
INSTANT LIGHTING – The 750 Lumens LED bulb is able to maximize its brightness immediately when powered on.
ENERGY SAVING – It illuminates an equivalent of a 60-Watt incandescent bulb but only consumes 9W of power, making it one of the best energy efficient light bulbs!
SUPERIOR LIGHT QUALITY – Non-flickering light and zero harsh glares prevents eye fatigue and provides a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere. Replace office light bulbs to help promote work productivity by providing a better illuminated work environment.
UL CERTIFIED & 3 YEARS WARRANTY – Built with premium materials and circuitry, Tenergy LED light bulbs are certified by the rigorous safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories. Long service life with a special 3 year warranty.

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Brand Tenergy



led daylight white light bulbs

Energy savings with energy efficient led bulbs



  • Not to be used in total enclosed luminaires/lamps.
  • This is a non-dimmable light bulb. Do not use it with dimmer switches.


Technical Specifications:


  • Lighting Technology : LED
  • Color Temperature (K) : 5000
  • Bulb Type : Household
  • Bulb Shape : A-Line
  • Indoor/Outdoor : Indoor
  • Light Bulb Base Code : E26
  • Light Bulb Base Type : Medium
  • Light Bulb Shape Code : A19
  • Wattage (watts) : 9
  • Light Output (lumens) : 750
  • Watt Equivalence : 60
  • Color Rendering Index (RA) : 80
  • Average Life (hours) : 15000
  • Dimmable : Non-dimmable


Product Dimensions:


  • Bulb Diameter (In.) 2.36
  • Product Depth (in.) 2.36
  • Product Height (in.) 4.29
  • Product Width (in.) 2.36


Package contents:


  • 16 x LED Light bulbs (5000K Daylight White)

Additional information


16 Pack, 32 Pack, 192 Pack


Daylight White, Soft White



10 reviews for Tenergy LED Light Bulb, 9 watts Equivalent A19 E26 Medium Standard Base, 5000K Daylight White Energy Saving Light Bulbs

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    I purchased enough of these bulbs to replace all of my old fashion bulbs in my house and shop. Even some in my house fans that were smaller bases. First class products that provide better and more light using much less energy. After several months I had a bulb failure. Upon contacting Tenergy they sent replacement, no questions asked. I have a lot of Tenergy products including batteries, chargers, and now bulbs. All first class from a FIRST CLASS company. You can’t go wrong with anything you purchase from Tenergy.

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    Bright af and works exactly as described. Light is bright and vivid and not a soft light. This is better. Will see how long it lasts. So far so good.

    1 product
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    The best thing I liked about this product is the price and the quality. I changed all my bulbs with this led bulbs. This is only 9w bulb so I am saving a lot of money in my electricity bill than before. The light are very bright compared to my old bulbs. I am just happy with my purchase.

    1 product
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    I ordered this set of bulbs to replace all the bulbs in the house, I was using the fluorescent spiral ones all around the house and was not pleased with them because of the amount of heat they produce, this replacements are even more efficient and provided a brighter type of illumination minus the temperature problem. Perfect fit for my needs. A box was sufficient to replace every single bulb in the house, now lets wait for the upcoming months electricity bill, it probably would not be a noticeable difference in $$ but definitely it’s already an improvement in light quality and temperature.

    1 product
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    VERY pleased with these bulbs! As you can see in the photo attached, the original incandescent bulbs are still in the closest light fixture, and the new LED bulbs are placed in the rear light fixture. The “daylight” looks makes such a difference in this room! I also Love that the bulbs are plastic and not glass – so family friendly! Will definitely be purchasing more bulbs.

    1 product
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    Kindle Customer

    I had waited to purchase LED bulbs because of the price. When I saw these on a deal, I decided to give them a shot. I installed these in a bathroom fixture with four bulbs months ago. So far, we have had no issues. They are still going strong with almost constant use by two teenagers who “forget” to turn off the lights. The lighting they produce is very natural and excellent for applying makeup, etc. These bulbs also do not hurt my eyes while reading at night like fluorescent bulbs did. I will purchase again! The lighting is better, the energy use is ideal, and they last a long time! I will also say that none of the bulbs arrived broken if you are concerned about shipping.

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    The bulbs came pack really neatly look and perform really good. The white light is refreshing compare to soft white bulbs which made everything dimm in the kitchen.

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    These are good bulbs. A couple years ago we changed out every bulb in my house to LED bulbs to get the energy efficient cost savings. The only downside is that LED bulbs are usually more expensive (but they last longer than non-LED bulbs). I compared one of these to an LED bulb that had been in my house, and these seem even a little brighter (probably because they are newer). These bulbs are a good deal for this price!

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    We just moved into a new apartment and, surprise surprise, it’s all running on old, incandescent bulbs. Being the astute, energy-saving people we are, we decided to buy LED bulbs in bulk. Getting a giant box is a lot cheaper than going to Ikea, so this was an easy decision for us.We’ve replaced about 10 bulbs so far and everything has been fantastic! These are brighter, and the fact that they consume way less energy? Just an added bonus. It’s nice knowing that these bulbs aren’t going to be dying anytime soon, and they provide a solid amount of light. I’ve always preferred pure white vs. soft white, and these absolutely deliver.If you’re looking for a ton of bulbs, this is the way to go! You will absolutely be making the right choice. Awesome.

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    This is a good deal, trying buying each light bulb seperately. Unfortunately I bought 60W version and it wasnt strong enough for my large living room. plus my camera shades are on the dark side so they dont enough light to brighten the rooms. So think about your lamp shade material before you buy this product. I still havent used all the light bulbs. I used one for about 2 hours then put it back in the box. not sure if i can return it. I went to costco and bought 4 100w Led and it was brighter but would have been cheaper if I bought 16 at 100w from amazon. also note, that some lamps have recommended watts so dont go start a fire at your home. follow lamp instructions and use the correct light bulb

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