TCP LA927KND6 LED Light Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent Energy Efficient (9W) Non-Dimmable

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SAVE UP TO 85% ON YOUR ENERGY BILL – Buy TCP energy efficient 9 watt LED bulbs to replace your 60 watt bulbs and see the immediate savings!
LONG LASTING 18 YEAR LIFESPAN – Rated at 20, 000 hours based on 3 hours per day. High quality TCP LED light bulbs last longer!
PERFECT BULB VERSATILITY – These Soft White (2700K) LED provide warm and ambient lighting. Ideal for use in table and floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways or ceiling fixtures.
800 LUMENS OF IMMEDIATE LIGHT: LEDs provide bright instant light to any room. There is no waiting time to warm up to full brightness.
CONSISTENT COLOR – Keep the soft white light you love with 2700K LED bulbs
QUICK & EASY INSTALL – These are standard A19 shaped bulbs with a medium E26 screw base. Simply install this directly into medium screw base light fixtures.
20+ YEARS OF LIGHTING EXPERIENCE – Manufactured by TCP Lighting, a leader in LED innovation. You can trust us. We know light.

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TCP LA927KND6 LED Light Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent Energy Efficient (9W) Non-Dimmable

TCP LA927KND6 LED Light Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent | Energy Efficient (9W) Non-Dimmable A19 Shape E26 medium base, 6 pack, Soft White, 6 Lamps

TCP LA927KND6 LED Light Bulbs are ideal for use in table and floor lamps, for instance living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways or ceiling fixtures.

The TCP energy efficient LED bulbs are a perfect replacement for standard 60 watt incandescent household bulbs. They only use 9 watts – an energy savings of up to 85%!

In addition the bulbs emit a Soft White color (2700K) which is perfect for indoor lighting as it mimics the glow of standard incandescent bulbs and are suitable for use in indoor or outdoor enclosed fixtures; not dimmable.

Color: Soft White | Size: 6 Pack

TCP has 20+ years of lighting experience and is a leader is LED innovation. We know light.


Table and Floor Lamps

Living Rooms


Dining Rooms


Ceiling Fixtures


Replaces your current 60-watt bulb with an energy efficient 9-watt bulb, saving up to 85%!

Lasts 20,000 hours (18+ years) based on 3 hours per day

Suitable for indoor/outdoor enclosed fixtures

Additional information


4 Pack, 6 Pack, 16 Pack


4.1, Daylight, Soft White



10 reviews for TCP LA927KND6 LED Light Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent Energy Efficient (9W) Non-Dimmable

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    Michelle C.

    I bought these for the 5-bulb chandelier in my dining room. They aren’t kidding when they say these lights have a “daylight” quality! It’s great for me, because I often use my sewing machine at my dining room table and the bright light is very helpful.Despite being bright enough to kill vampires, it’s not the kind of light that hurts human eyes. Still, these bulbs might not be the best choice for most people’s preferences in a multi-bulb fixture over the dinner table.

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    TV Junkie

    I just got these and put three in an enclosed 3-bulb kitchen ceiling light. The package is not clear re. suitability for enclosed fixtures, but one warning on the label says to put the bulbs in enclosed fixtures if used outside. One or more of the Amazon reviews said these were suitable for enclosed fixtures, so I went for them. Before putting the glass shade back on the ceiling fixture, I ran the lights for a few minutes and then felt the bases. They were warm to the touch, but not burning hot. The warm white light they cast is very nice and easy on the eyes. The light is yellowish or golden, very much like incandescent bulbs. So far I’m quite pleased, and the price was very good.

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    Mary Carneal

    Got these in today. Installed all 16 of them, it was the exact number needed for my small home. All bulbs work and give out a nice warm light. These are mainly replacing CFL bulbs that used 13w each, will pay for themselves in just a few months even at 4w savings!Replacing all bulbs at once gives my home nice consistent warm lighting. I had a few daylight bulbs previously and I do not care for that bright white light.I have one lamp that stays on 24/7. I will report back when the bulb fails for those that are curious about the longevity.

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    I have purchased 4 of these 6-packs. Every one of the bulbs worked perfectly. I like how cool they are to the touch. We are not FL and it really helps keep the rooms cooler, such as in small rooms like bathrooms and closets. My wife likes the blue “daylight” color. I like the old yellow “soft white” incandescent color but I am starting to get used to the blue light. It is harsher, but much brighter. My wife is convinced it will help our daughter in MN where the winters can be long and dark.

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    Excellent bulbs. Led technology has come a long way in terms of price and quality. I have converted my whole house to led and my electric bill has gone down at least 75 dollars a month. Everyone should be converting their entire house to led bulbs. These are far superior to CFL. I some areas I have had led bulbs for three years and have yet to replace one. Also great for bulbs that are high up so you dont have to go through the hassle of changing them.

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    What a differance it made to replace the dull yellow lights with these! I can see again & have less eye strain! And unlike most similar LED bulbs, these ARE rated for use in enclosed fixtures. A MUST FOR SHIFT WORKERS with enclosed light fixtures.I almost deducted a star simply because these are a smidge on the blue side but they are not bad. I have 100 watt equivelent bulbs from another manufacturer that have the same specs except for wattage but are a better tone however can’t be used in enclosed fixtures like these can.I was at the point that I was desperate to see & stop the eye strain & was wanting to just remove the globes/covers from all the ceiling fixtures so I could use daylight LED bulbs. But after finding these, I can have my cake (fixtures) & eat it (see) too!*If* I can find another brand rated for enclose fixtures, I’ll probably try out the other brand next time to see if the hue of the light is more like the open-fixture-only daylight LEDs I got for bathroom & closet use. But I would buy these again if I needed to, though we did the entire house so, if they last as long as indicated, it will be a VERY long time before we need new bulbs.These bulbs significantly improved my life. A MUST for shift workers who are awake at night & have enclosed fixtures.

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    I was going to give this 4 stars since a bulb or two was buzzing when I installed them, until I checked again and tried a few bulbs, they all buzzed! The problem was the SOCKET, NOT THE BULB! The same bulb that “buzzed” in the bad socket worked fine in the fine socket! Never had a issue with these, they are a great product at a great price!P.S the review is for the 6 pack, non energy star ones. Daylight and soft light versions. The daylight is great for offices, bathroom vanities and kitchens where you want that brighter whiter light. The soft light ones are better for dining rooms etc.

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    Concerned Citizen

    I originally bought a large package of Phillips 60w 2700K LED bulbs which cost less per bulb than these. The Phillips bulbs worked great everywhere except for the garage door opener. After putting them in the garage door opener it was extremely difficult to get the door to open or close when the bulbs were lit. It turns out that the Phillips bulbs are putting out a ton of RF interference that was blocking the signal from the remote unless it was within about 10 feet of the door opener. I read on another website about lots of LED bulbs having this issue and they recommended these to solve the problem. I swapped out the Phillips bulbs for these and the remote again worked from a reasonable distance.I wouldn’t recommend these for the rest of the house simply because there are alternatives that cost less and which appear to work as well in non-RF sensitive environments; but I would definitely recommend that you buy these for the garage door opener.

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    I will update is something goes wrong, however there is such a difference in these from the ones the apartment had before! I hate yellow lighting and these are true daylight light bulbs. None were broken in shipping. I’ll buy again.

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    paul 29

    this light bulbs all have worked so far. The only compliant is that some think that it is too bright. It think its fine and it some people like the warm light like old light bulbs. I would make sure you know the one like first. I didn’t get much of a power saving because might old lights use 10 watts and these used 9 watts. I put them on the socket that we used the most. I put them also in the basement to help better light area’s that our regular light bulbs didn’t get to. also to replace the last of the old light bulbs that we had.

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