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SYLVANIA General Lighting 74765 A19 Efficient 8.5W Soft White 2700K 60W Equivalent A29 LED Light Bulb (24 Pack), 24 Count

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These LED lamps make an energy-efficient replacement and substitute for standard 60 watt incandescent lamps. At 8. 5 watts, each bulb emits the bright light output of 800 lumens
These bulbs are a great energy-saving replacement for old incandescent bulbs because each lamp has a total lifespan of up to 11, 000 hours. You won’t need to constantly change your lightbulbs anymore
These LED lightbulbs require less energy and can save money on your energy bill. Each soft white light bulb works as a great replacement for old 60W incandescent bulbs
These LED light bulbs have a Color temperature of 2700 kelvin, which produces a soft white Color. This bulb is perfect for your nightstand, living room, or dining room
This bulb is not dimmable. Operating Temperature (°C) is -20 to +40
Does not ship to California

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SYLVANIA General Lighting 74765 A19 Efficient 8.5W Soft White 2700K 60W

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4 Pack, 12 Pack, 24 Pack


Soft White, Daylight



10 reviews for SYLVANIA General Lighting 74765 A19 Efficient 8.5W Soft White 2700K 60W Equivalent A29 LED Light Bulb (24 Pack), 24 Count

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    Father of 2

    1st LED Bulbs I’ve ever bought and absolutely wonder why it took me so long to buy! This was the one of the best deals out there at $29, but since then, the price increased. Day Light lights change your world. Now these are only 60 w Equivalent but are absolutely astounding! Perfect in every room in the house, and now, can actually see what I’ve been missing. In other words, I’ve really been living in the dark, up until now! Great Job Sylvania, and lets see, Great Job on sending these weeks ahead of time. Got within a week of ordering. I’m waiting for a price drop again so I can get some more! Family loves these and would recommend to anyone!

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    R. Compton

    SYLVANIA, 60W Equivalent, LED Light Bulb, A19 Lamp, 4 Pack, Soft White, Energy Saving & Longer Life, Medium Base, Efficient 8.5W, 2700K – I bought these for a ceiling fan, but they were too bright for the application. I ended up using 40W. The 3 60W were way too bright. That being said this product is really worth it. I used them in other lamps around and work really well. I would buy them again and recommend to others.

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    Bruce E Bowman

    I thought I’d never see the day when LED bulbs got this cheap. I’m very pleased to be able to get 24 for what I used to pay for a SINGLE BULB, not that long ago.So I bought this pack and replaced all the remaining CFLs and incandescents in my house and garage yesterday. Despite what others have written in their reviews, they all have the Sylvania logo, and every one works out of the box. Unlike some early LED designs, the light is reasonably omnidirectional, and they give off a lot of it — even a little more than the CFLs they replaced. And the color is a pleasing soft white, not the harsh, bluish color emitted by many.They are not dimmable. Look elsewhere for that.The biggest problem I’ve had with LED bulbs in the past is that their lifetimes have universally been MUCH shorter the interval stated on their packaging. But at this price point, if they last as long as a CFL, I’ll be way ahead.Time will tell…but right now, I couldn’t be happier.

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    About 2 months ago I changed out all 4 of my vanity lights with LED GE Reveal bulbs. Well, last week 3 out of those 4 stinking bulbs burnt out. I thought I’d give these a go because it can’t get too much worse than LED bulbs burning out after 2 months of use. 3 of these got put in and OMG THEY ARE SO BRIGHT. I think these are the best bulbs I’ve ever had in my bathroom. I can see every wrinkle and spot on my face! Now maybe I won’t look like a clown after putting on makeup because I can’t see what I really look like. My bulbs have the Sylvania stamp on them. If they go on sale again I’m going to stock up. I should’ve got a photo of the difference in light with 3 of these and one of the old one. I’ll try to get that done before I changed out the 4th bulb.

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    I found one Cree LED light bulb that was whiter and lighter than any other bulb in the house. I came close to paying $21.99 for four. Imagine my excitement to find this Sylvania bulb with the same specs at $27.11 for 24. They are bright and white like the Cree. I didn’t need fancy dimmable or programmable bulbs. These are perfect. They work great, stay cool to touch, and give off white light instead of yellow. It feels like my eyes are better the pictures show the difference.

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    It’s been a real pain in the neck the last few years to buy something as simple as a light bulb. With the demise of traditional incandescent bulbs in the U.S., the hunt for a suitable substitute has been nothing but pure aggravation, wasted time, and wasted money. FINALLY, Sylvania has come up with the answer to my problem. THIS is the bulb you are looking for. It has superb brightness, gives off perfect soft-white glow, and lasts and lasts. In fact, I have yet to replace a single one I’ve installed in my home going back to last September (many of which are used literally every single day). The appearance of the bulb itself is a little different and it does take a little while to become accustomed to the change in look from the old-fashioned bulbs we grew up with. However, once you install these in your home or workplace you’ll be glad you did. No more funky colored light. No more low quality garbage that costs way too much and doesn’t deliver the light we have always enjoyed with incandescents. No more replacing bulbs constantly. If you are like I was, looking for a solid replacement with modern energy efficiency, this is it. A++++++ product!

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    Len Nuanez

    I must admit, after strong the unbelievable price of just over $1/bulb I was a bit skeptical. Especially after seeing one of the top reviews claiming they didn’t actually receive the high quality Sylvania bulbs as the box so prominently displays.Much to my relief however, not 1, but all 24 of the bulbs I received in my Sylvania box were in fact high quality Sylvania light bulbs!! As I swapped these remarkably high efficient sources of light out with the standard incandescent bulbs my house was ordered with I noticed that the new bulbs were actually brighter than their outdated counter parts. This was quite a pleasant surprise!

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    Great deal for the Money! I replaced all my curly florescent type blubs and Halogen type with these and wow they look awesome.Pros:- Bright! Maybe even brighter than a normal 60 W bulb (in my opinion)- You cannot tell these are LEDs the light looks the same “warmth” as a normal 60 W bulb- 10 to 22-year life, I am not sure if they will actually last this long but we’ll see.- The box claims 82% less energy than halogen bulbs, again we’ll see.- Only slightly warm to the touch even after being on for hours. No fear of the little ones burning themselves touching the lamplight.- Plastic so if you drop they won’t shatter into sharp glass fragments.- Put this in my outdoor porch light and I swear it attracts fewer bugs than the normal 60 W bulb but my result is very unscientific as it could be temperature, rain or other factors causing a decrease in bugs.Cons:- They don’t work well with a dimmer switch, but this is made clear in the ad. I will say it kind of works for a small range then it starts wildly flickering which is not good for the bulb or your eyes. If you have a dimmer you need to keep it on full (which kind of defeats the reason for the dimmer)- The porcelain base most of the time stays hidden away but, on some lamps and ceiling fans, it is clearly visible. I much prefer that look to the curly lights.

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    I purchased these Sylvania 60 Watt, 5000K, 800 Lumens bulbs, to replace all of the 75 Watt CFL bulbs in my home, and front porch. The bulbs are much better than I expected. They are brighter than the CFL 75 Watt.I don’t understand the reviews which states the bulbs are the same, or not as bright as CFL. These bulbs are BRIGHT!

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    I hate walmart

    I love LED light bulbs. They last longer, use less energy, aren’t made of thin breakable glass and are safer to handle when hot. The only complain I have with all LED bulbs is they don’t state clearly, you shouldn’t use them in enclosed light fixtures like ones found on ceilings. HOWEVER you can still use them safely its just that the lifespan of the bulb drops dramatically due to excess heat building up in the bulb. Also a tip for new LED users. You can tell a bulb is dying because it will randomly turn off but work again after it has had time to cool down. that has happened to me twice with these bulbs. If you dont have LED bulbs. Get them

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