SUNKINGDOM 13W 5V USB Port Ultra-Thin Portable Outdoor Solar Panel Charger for All USB Devices

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Price: $33.99

our solar panel charger with dual USB controller,can charge for 2 USB devices at the same time
Highest efficiency Sunpower solar cell used,up to 23.5%
The surface is fully water and heat resistant ,notice the water on the back side with connector
Good power solution for charging all USB devices directly under sunshine
Professional and rich experience ,18-month warranty and friendly customer service




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SUNKINGDOM 13W 5V USB Port Ultra-Thin Portable Outdoor Solar Panel Charger

  • Sunkingdom is specialized in research, design, production and marketing outdoor solar and power products with strong R&D ability to develop new solar application products with more than 11 years;
  • We mainly produce photovoltaic modules/solar panel and solar products, which widely used for UAV, medical devices, cellphones, laptops, batteries, game players, printers, digital cameras, household appliance, etc;
  • We introduced the newest production line, testing machine, laser cutting machine, non-Pb soldering line, module testing machine, laminating machine and so on. We use top-quality solar cells and EVA,TPT,strengthen glass,seal silicon etc;
  • The company attaches great importance to product quality, which have passed ISO9001, quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification;
  • All our products are compliant with UL, CE, ROHS, FCC,TUV regulations. With the implementation of international certification standard production
  • our company won the national high-tech enterprise in 2013, and has won ten national invention patents, more than 50 national utility patents and software copyright.


Ready For Camping or Travel


Portable To Take Along

  • Solar Panel Power:13W
  • Working Voltage:5V & 5V
  • Output Port: Dual USB Ports With Inner Voltage Controller
  • Working Temp: -20℃–80℃
  • Material:PET+EVA+Sunpower Solar Cell+EVA+TPT+EVA+EVA+TPT
  • Size:12.01*12.20*0.07inch
  • Single gross weight:0.44 kg/0.96lbs/15.52Oz


Easy To Charge For Almost All USB Devices, As Sunshine Available

Application For Phone

Good Solution For All Kinds Of USB devices,Enjoy Your Camping or Travel

  • High efficiency


The efficiency of our semi flexible solar panel is up to 23%, however, most of other similar items on the market is only around 21.5% or more less.

  • Easy installation


(1) Holes on the panels are pre-drilled for fast mounting and securing, perfect for non-permanent installations.

(2) Can be affixed by adhesive, grommets or velcro (with which you can easily attach or detach the panels.)

(3) Can be installed without costly structural roof reinforcements.

  • Widely Compatibility


Sailboats, Yachts, Marine applications, Motorhomes, ExpeditionVehicles, Commercial Trucks, Caravans, Off-Grid and Remote communication sites and more.

Ultra Light And Thin With Waterproof Except Of the Dual USB Conjuction Box

Very Flexible

High Flexility With Strong Strength,Reliable

  • Flexible


(1) Can be curved to a maximum 30 degrees arc.

(2) Versatile installation options: applicable for RV, boat, cabin, tent, yachts or any other irregular surface.

(3) Ideal for storage in tight spaced or crowded areas that are typically off limits for traditional glass and aluminum models.

  • Reliable


The Adanced Material Used,More Layers Of EVA Use,which Make the Solar Panel Much Stronger;

  • Productivity


Bypass diodes minimizes performance drop due to partial shade and prevent battery discharge at night.

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10 reviews for SUNKINGDOM 13W 5V USB Port Ultra-Thin Portable Outdoor Solar Panel Charger for All USB Devices

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    I have attached this to my backpack with some makeshift bands that my backpack already has attached. It’s nice to always have my devices charging without having to use my portable, so I can save those for when there isn’t any sunlight. With me being on-call all the time, it’s nice to have a phone that is always charged!

  2. blank


    Its gr8

  3. blank


    This solar panel is perfect for our extended days outside. My husband uses his iPhone 6S to keep score on an app. We have brought pocket chargers, but on some days we can drain those as well. This solar panel charger is perfect for keeping our devices charged! It comes with caribeaner clips, so we just clip it on the fence and let the team charge their devices as needed. It has been compatible with our iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, kindle, and our pocket chargers. When you place it in the sun, a blue light comes on the black pack that you plug into on the back so you can tell it has energy. My iPhone SE was temperamental once and after charging for 5 min gave me a “device may not be supported” message, but I simply unplugged it, plugged it back in, and it started charging again. In fact, I’m charging my phone with the solar panel as I write this review!

  4. blank

    Jasper Jarel

    EXCELLENT!!! Must have for camping !!

  5. blank


    Well made durable panel.

  6. blank


    Purchased this 13 watt solar panel charger to use outdoors when I’m out on the deck soaking up the sun, playing on my phone, and need to charge my devices with no electrical outlet nearby. So far it works great, but do need good sun to charge it, and also had to leave it in the sun for a while before actually using it. Also like to go hiking and fishing sometimes, so this will come in handy out on the water or on a trail in the woods.​The efficiency of this solar panel is 17- 23% which is pretty good. Made of very sturdy material, but lightweight. Comes with suction cups, and hooks to hang on window or other places.​There are 2 USB outputs. The white colored output is the 2.1 and the blue colored is 2.5.

  7. blank

    Shopping Gramma

    Thank goodness, I ordered this product! It was delivered before the most recent Blizzard 2 days ago. Our power was out for hours. I used it to charge my cellphone as well as a small radio. I was surprised how well it worked. At least we had communication should we have needed it!

  8. blank


    Got this for camping it works great to charge phones and tablets. We camp a lot and don’t always camp where we have electric so this will be nice to have so we can charge our electronics!

  9. blank

    H. Raymond

    This solar panel charger was purchased to charge various electronic accessories. It works well with charging mobile phones, tablets, portable power banks, and bluetooth headphones. I have used it inside and outside of the house without any issues. The included suction cups make it ideal for window mounting, and the unit itself is very light. Highly recommended!

  10. blank


    I bought this so I could charge my phone outside while I watched the kids play. It charges pretty well. Most of the time it will charge my battery all the way full while I’m out there. It is also really easy to use, this is the first time I have used something solor so wasnt sure exactly what I needed to do, but all you do is bring it outside and plug it in and it charges it.

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