SUNGOLDPOWER 6000W Peak 18000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter with Charger 60A

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Price: $1,199.00

1. This Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch.Low frequency,low Idle Current,remote control
2. Adjustable Charging Current: The max charge current can be adjusted from 0%-100% via a liner switch at the right of the battery type selector. This will be helpful if you are using our powerful charger on a small capacity battery bank.the liner switch can effectively reduce the max charging current to 20% of its peak.Choosing “0” in the battery type selector will disable charging function
3. AC/Battery Priority: Our inverter is designed with AC priority by default, when AC input is present, the battery will be charged first, and the inverter will transfer the input AC to power the load. the inverter can be easily customized to Battery priority via a DIP switch, When you choose battery priority, the inverter will invert from battery despite the AC input.
4. Auto Gen Start:the inverter can be customized to start up a generator when the battery voltage goes low.When the inverter goes to low battery alarm, it can send a signal to start a generator, and turn the generator off after battery charging is finished. The auto gen start feature will only work with generators designed to work with this feature.
5. Protections: AC input over voltage protection/AC Input low voltage protection/Low battery alarm/High battery alarm /Over temperature protection/Over load protection Short Circuit protection (1s after fault)
/Back feeding protection




SUNGOLDPOWER 6000W Peak 18000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter with Charger 60A, Solar Wind Power Inverters DC 48V AC Output 120V 240V Converter

LOGO6000W Peak 18000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter DC 48V AC Output 120V 240V Converter

6000W Peak 18000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter DC 48V AC Output 120V 240V Converter

  • * Low Frequency Pure Sine Inverter With Charger
  • * AC/Battery Priority Selector
  • * Automatically Generator Start
  • * Safety and Convenient
  • * The low freqency inverter can power all kinds of appliances
  • * LCD Display, Remote Control
  • * Low Idle Consumption
  • * Battery type settings for charger
  • * Multi Stage Smart charger 60+/-5A, charger can be disable
  • * 10msec typical transfer time

6000W Peak 18000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter DC 48V AC Output 120V 240V Converter

6000W Peak 18000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter DC 48V AC Output 120V 240V Converter

AC Charger:
  • Charger Rate: 60+/-5A
  • AC input Range(Grid or Generator): 140V-270VAC/184V-253VAC(select by SW2)
  • Over Charge Protection Shutdown:62.8V
  • Selectable Charge Setting based on battery type
  • Adjustable charge current: off 0%-100%
  • 3-step intelligent battery charger

Inverter Output:

  • Continuous Output Power: 6000 Watts
  • Surge Rating: 18000 Watts (20 Seconds)
  • Output: AC120V and AC 240V ,60HZ
  • AC Input:240V
  • Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave (bypass mode)
  • Typical Transfer Time: 10ms(MAX)
  • Nominal Efficiency: >88%

INVERTER6000W Peak 18000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter DC 48V AC Output 120V 240V Converter


  • 6000W 48V Split Low Frequency Pure Sine Inverter
  • English Manual
  • BTS cable
  • Remote Control
  • Unit Weight: 72lbs
  • Unit Size L x W x H: 27.5×12.2×11.8inch
  • Shipping Weight: 79lbs
  • Shipping Size L x W x H : 30×13.3×12.9inch

Split Phase Power Inverter DC Input:

  • Nominal Input Voltage: 48.0Vdc
  • Minimum Start Voltage: 40.0Vdc
  • Low Battery Alarm: 42.0Vdc-44.0Vdc
  • Low battery Trip: 40.0Vdc-42.0Vdc (select by SW1)
  • High Voltage Alarm: 64.0Vdc
  • Low battery Voltage Restart: 52Vdc
  • Idle Consumption: 81W
  • Power Saver Mode Idle Consumption: 30W


LED Indicator

Battery type Suitable: lithium LiFePO4, gel, AGM and lead Acid batteries. We recommend checking battery charging specifications for all batteries.

Charging Current Control: The max charge current can be adjusted from 0%-100%

LED Indicator:

  • Over load trip
  • Over temperature trip
  • Charger on float/fast charger mode
  • Inverter power on line,battery charger off
  • Shore power on line battery charger active


Multi Functions

Auto Generator Start: The inverter can start up a generator when battery voltage goes low. Generator power should be 1.5 times higher than the inverter power.

AC/Battery Priority: The AC Priority and Battery Priority switch is selected by SW5.

Battery Temperature Sensor: BTS cable can monitor the batteries for extended life and longevity.

Remote Control: Comes with 33 foot connection cable, control the power on/off.

ac wiring

AC Wiring Method:

240V split phase:

Input: Hot line+Hot line+Ground

Output 1: Hot line+Hot line+Neutral

Output 2: Hot line+Neutral


1. The output voltage of this unit must never be connected in its input AC terminal, overload or damage may result.

2. Always switch on the inverter before plugging in any appliance.

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6000W 48V Split

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10 reviews for SUNGOLDPOWER 6000W Peak 18000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter with Charger 60A

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    Dwayne H

    SHIPMENT & BOXINGTook 2-1/2 weeks to receive so not to bad on shipping. Was packaged very well (double boxed) and foam inserts and thin wooden cover to keep it safer. This thing is HEAVY! but i was aware that it was before orderingINSTALLINGWas straight forward install. Just hook your 48v battery bank and hit the switch and on the inverter hums. If you plan on mounting to wall, its best to use the wood board cover it came with and sit inverter on it to mark the holes so you have a templet so you can set your screws for an easier install. It does come with an remote wired switch to turn on or off but im using it at home but would be more useful in an rv/camper. It also comes with a battery sensor which im not using as i will not be using the battery charging feature on this inverter. The battery input terminals covers are a nice touch and adds to clean install.AFTER A WEEKS USEI must say i really like the inverter a lot. I do have the option to run grid power to the inverter so it can switch between battery or grid power which will also charge my batteries but the only problem i see so far is that you cant set the transfer from battery to grid by selecting a specific battery voltage. From what i read it has a default voltage that i dont want my batteries to be down to which is waaay to low for my preference which is 42v. To prevent my batteries from discharging so low im using a 50amp 240v split phase transfer switch that i can program to my exact battery voltage to trigger the switch to grid. So other than not using the charging feature (im using solar) and the the ac inputs, this inverter is a beast! It runs my well pump and most my downstairs with no problems. When the well pump comes on or using other hi demand power hungry devices the fan kicks on and not too loud. It does have two modes on the power switch, which is regular “on” that consumes around 3 amps of DC and power saving mode which i saw about 1amp DC. I keep it on regular mode and dont mind the extra draw in power. One thing i find annoying as one reviewer point out as well is the constant cycling of information on the display screen. I wished they could of put a button so that you can change it yourself but that is minor. This is one of the best inverters i have bought and well worth the money. I just wished they added a couple of programming features that you could due with the display. If your looking to buy one i definitely recommend. I will update my review if i have any questions. 5 Stars is my final verdict for this inverter for the price.

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    Robert F.

    I’m Happy with this unit. Its very stable. It runs everything in my house except for the HVAC. If batteries run down it switches back to utility and you can’t tell the difference! It probably could run the HVAC system, but I will need more batteries and panels. I have 16 each.

    1 product
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    Ray S.

    I bought the 6000 watt model as I hated the smaller modified sine wave inverters that I had tried to use for this application. To have a quiet pure sine wave inverter running at full line voltage (both 120 and 240 volt) at 60HZ for whatever transfer switch circuits I choose (within the output capability) meets my needs. I’m using the 24 Volt model supplied by (4) 12 volt sealed batteries series/paralleled. I don’t use the provided line charger in that I want to run it off the grid often and to use my 800 watt solar array to charge the batteries. I also don’t use the auto transfer feature as I don’t use a generator. So far it is working great. To use it to run my water pump and kitchen refrigerator full time helps offset the power bill. I have no illusions of it paying for itself down the road as it is basically an emergency power supply should the grid go down. As far as the downsides, none is a deal breaker. I use the 3-second power saver load search to minimize no load power drain (150-200watts). I haven’t figured out how to get the 30-second search cycle to work but I can do without it. The only other slight irritant is the continued cycling of the display. But again, I get get along with that. I’m really quite satisfied even though the cost put me off a bit. To be fair, I haven’t found another as cost effective for the features offered. I verified the pure sine wave, voltage and frequency with an oscilloscope. Pics of the unit, batteries, solar array and transfer switches are shown.

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    Heavy, and worth it. If you want a decent low freq inverter, this is the best option for the best price. I bought the 6000w version, because I have to live off grid. I knew that I was going to use 4000+w at times during the day and didn’t want to buy 2 $2000 inverters. Handles everything, garbage disposal, fridge, ac, saws, washer. After having a high freq inverter, and then this. This was the best purchase for my system. Quality seems great, power output is great, handles large inductive loads with ease

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    I don’t own a spectrometer, however, this inverter does the job. No problem using my 220v mig welder. I’ve also run my 220v plasma at cutter (up to 20amp setting so far) and 8 gallon air compressor simultaneously.My battery bank is made up of 16 400ah LiFePo4 bank. (2p8s, 800ah @ 24v)

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  6. blank

    Mona salcedo

    This inverter is excellent. Very powerful.

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  7. blank

    Thomas Horvath

    Just got it today , it’s connected and passing all my load tests. I’m not new to inverter , I have 6 , sized 3500watts, 4,000, 5000, 5000 split phase 2 6000 watt split phase. When I tell you it’s as advertised it is because I put the loads to them and so far this one is tied for first, of course I don’t know how long it will last, but it’s well built and weighs a lot with those transformers.

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  8. blank


    Wooo, this unit is a beast I’ll recommend this any time 100% powerThis inverter is well builtAnd so heavy thumb up….

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    Woody C.

    I’ve live off-grid for 8 years now. I owned an aims split phase 4000 watt lf inverter worked perfect for the 2 years I had it. I needed to upgrade to 24v to reduce amperage at batteries. I purchased this unit and so far am pleased. At idle, no load still uses around 90 watts. Ran microwave, washer, stereo, lights, refrigerator all at same time! I don’t use power saver mode, still need to check out charger.Update!This thing is built like a rock. Using for over a year now! Runs my offgrid home with plenty of power to use my hot tub, microwave, 1.5 hp well pump, welder and other high power devices without fail.Update!2 years never been shut down more reliable than grid.

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    Amazon Customer

    I have been very pleased with this product. It worked just as described, easy to wire and install.

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