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SUNGOLDPOWER 200 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module Kit:2pcs 100W Mono Solar Panel Solar Cell Grade A +20A LCD PWM Charge Controller Solar+Solar Panel Connector Extension Cables+2 Sets of Z-B

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1.The kit Includes: 2pcs 100W Solar Panel (Grade A solar cell )+ 20A PWM Solar Charge Controller + a pair of 10ft solar panel connector cable + two sets of Mounting Z Brackets + a pair of solar panel connector Y branch Connector.
2.Solar controller: 20A output controller with 2 USB ports, PWM charge management,12V/24V system auto-sensing, LCD display can indicate the battery battery voltage and charging current, multiple Electric Protection.
3.Installation: Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for fast mounting and securing.Suitable for Caravan, RV, Golf car, Electric car, Yacht, Boat, Tent or backpack etc.
4. Ideal output: high modules conversion efficiency.
5. Warranty: 25 Years transferable power output for solar panel and 1-year on rest of the kit components.




SUNGOLDPOWER 200 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module Kit

1.The long-lasting 2pcs 100W monocrystalline solar panel, the waterproof design ensures that the panel can be used in all weather conditions.

2.20A Solar Charger Controller with two usb socket, comes with a display that can clearly indicate the status and data;Can be conveniently switched modes and parameter configuration.

3. IP67 Rated waterproof solar panel connectors and reach 25 years outdoor service life standard.

4.High quality Z style solar panel bracket ,aluminum corrosion-free construction which makes the installation work easy ,affordable and quick.

5.Easy Installation with pre-drilled hole. Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use.

200w 12v solar panel 60W 200W 24V 130W 100W solar panel
200W Mono solar panel 60W Mono solar panel 200W Mono solar panel 130W Mono solar panel 100W 12V Solar Panel
Maximum Power 200W 60W 200W 130W 100W
Voltage 12V 12V 24V 12V 12V
Cell Type Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline
Dimensions 47.2 * 21.8 * 1.4inch 30*21.2*1.2inch 62.2 * 31.8 * 1.4inch 29.9*21.2*1.1inch x 2pcs 47.2*21.8*1.4 Inch
Weight 16LB X 2PCS 10LB 29LB 21LB 16LB

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100W Solar Panel Kit, 200W Solar Panel Kit



10 reviews for SUNGOLDPOWER 200 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module Kit:2pcs 100W Mono Solar Panel Solar Cell Grade A +20A LCD PWM Charge Controller Solar+Solar Panel Connector Extension Cables+2 Sets of Z-B

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    Ducks Fan

    Used on Rv to connect one 12 volt house battery . Easy to install. The hardware was all quality .Not flimsy works well good value.

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    Update: 6/5/2020: I am running the system with 4 marine batteries and can run my mini fridge 24-7 no problem. I’m using a 3000w inverter from batteries. Can run sweeper, saws, fridge, and charge devices with no issues.I am new to the solar world so I had many questions about the product and how to use it and the company helped out and answered them. They offer great support if you have any additional needs after the purchase. The only additional item I had to purchase was longer wires from the solar panels to the charge controller and from the charge controller to my batteries. This is primarily due to my set-up situation but it is likely that you would need longer wires in most situations. I’m happy with my purchase and the panels are working great.

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    Dan Jones

    I am not an expert on solar panels, but these seem to be well made, affordable, and function very well. Minor irritations: the instructions for checking the various screen functions could be a little better written for clarity. I also needed to purchase about 6 additional feet of wire to complete the runs from the roof to the inside of the control panel.

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    I did have some initial issues with the amazon order and missing parts, but that’s another story.Once I got everything I needed up and running, I was surprised to find that these panels and controllers will actually get pretty close to 200 watts on a sunny day. I have maxed out at 195 watts in extreme desert sun, but still regularly hot 180-190 watts in regular coastal California mid-day sun. I have them mounted on the roof of a truck camper and, along with 200aH of batteries, they are more than enough to run my fridge, inverter, furnace, and lights in normal conditions. Very pleased with this purchase, I was expecting to maaaaybe get 150 watts on a good day, these panels and controller have far exceeded my expectations.

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    Jeff T.

    Installed these on my RV to help keep the batteries topped off while away from shore power. Pulling 2.2A of charge current while IN THE SHADE, 13.8A in full sun. I am in MN, so more southern latitudes should see even better results. Setup was quick and easy. The panels are well made, and while the controller seems very basic, it includes a lot of useful features.

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    Amazing quality. I used this kit for my backyard shed. It powers my lights,power tools and a security camera I have out there. One note I would like to add is to make sure you connect your battery prior to connecting the panels to the controller.

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    Mike K.

    The solar panel collectors themselves are well manufactured. Thick sub-strait glass and the cables are long enough to sit on the ground next to my RV and plug in to the Solar plug without adding more cable. The controller is the kind of standard low cost PWM style for AGM lead acid only charge control. I can set the many charge and cut out parameters easily. I charged a flooded lead acid battery that was in my basement to verify the charge rate was in line with my sun in Colorado’s October sun mid-day and I was getting what I think was ample charge rates of 6 amps and it did throttle down to trickle charge after arriving at the voltage I set, then shut down after a short while. So 20 amp controller and good quality panel that I was even able to add piano hinges to the aluminum frames so I can fold them up like a brief case and add latches to hold them together for storage was a bonus.

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    Bart D.

    I bought this 2x100watt kit to go on my van. I paired it with 2x100ah AGM batteries. So far I am pleased. It works! I have not tested heavier loads than my new roof fan because I am still in the middle of conversion. For testing I only connected one of my batteries and had the fan running on high all day while also charging my phone. The panels kept the battery fully charged. So cool! First time solar panel user here, so it was exciting to see and test. I used my voltmeter to check the charge in the battery several times during the day to monitor the fluctuations in power going in and out. When it was really sunny, the fan used less than the panels were putting out. I like that the controller has a built in usb port. I had a packaging issue and technical question about the controller in regards to the pairing with my battery type so I contacted the seller. Customer support is very responsive and helpful. They took care of the issue and gave me the necessary feedback to ensure proper function of my set up.

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    Really a decent setup for the $. Everything works as expected. The charge controller is a little flimsy but works well. Great buy overall. Had to buy cable and mounting brackets separately. Only drawback.

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    These things went together easily and with no surprises.. Connected to two 12V car batteries, the system runs my off-grid cabin with no problem. highly recommend.

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