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SUNER POWER 50 Watts 12V Off Grid Solar Panel Kit – Waterproof 50W Solar Panel + Photocell 10A Solar Charge Controller with Work Time Setting + SAE Connection Cable Kits

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Ideal solar power kit for variety of off grid applications including shed, cabin, gate opener, etc where 12V batteries is used as well as charge and maintain Cars, RVs, Boats, Trailer batteries.
Intelligent solar charge controller with optimized charging algorithm and three-stage charge make the system work more efficient, full protections prevent battery from overcharge and over discharge, over voltage, short circuit.
Photocell Control & Work Time Setting – Turn on the loads in dusk and turn off in dawn without manual operation, 1 to 13 working hours setting according to personal requirements, practical and useful.
Compatible with multiple mounting brackets. For adjustable flat mount brackets, check the ASIN: B07QKR2NC5 ; For adjustable pole mount bracket, check the ASIN: B088KFFP3P ; For upgraded Z-mount brackets, check the ASIN: B088R7JC4M .
Plug & play SAE connector, easy to install and virtual free maintenance. Backed by SUNER POWER extended 12 months warranty + lifetime professional technical supports.





SUNER POWER was founded by a team of technicians who worked together for at least 10 years in solar industry prior to starting the company. They bring decades of collective experience to the table and have built SUNER POWER into one of the top residential solution providers in a very short time. But never mind what we think — the real proof of our rapid success and vision for the future is demonstrated by the faith others have invested in us.

To serve our customers by bringing transparency, simplicity products and services through the competitive marketplace. We are committed to providing home and business owners with an easy way to be powered by affordable, clean and reliable solar power.

50W Solar Panel

The 50-Watt Basic Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit is ideal for a variety of DC applications, including RVs, boats, 12-Volt battery charging and LED lights. Made with high-efficiency poly crystalline solar cells for years of service, this solar kit is easy to install and virtually maintenance free. An anodized aluminum frame and a sealed junction box make the panel weatherproof for outdoor use.

The kit includes: 1-Piece 50-Watt poly crystalline solar panel, an IP65 waterproof intelligent charge controller and 3-piece SAE cable kits- battery clamps, battery rings and bare wire cable, and manual.

Tempered Solar Glass

Tempered Solar Glass

The hight light transmittance solar glass allows the solar cells absorb more sunlight and increase 2%-3% power ouput. The tempered glass increase the ability to stand water and snow load in outdoor, free maintenance.

Solar Charge Controller


SAE Connector


Tempered Solar Glass


Solar Cells


Upgraded Z-Bracket Pole Mount Bracket Flat Mount Bracket SAE Extension Cable 5-Way SAE Adapter SAE-E26/E27 Cable
Upgraded Z-Bracket Pole Mount Bracket Flat Mount Bracket SAE Extension Cable 5-Way SAE Adapter SAE-E26/27 Bulb Cable
Adjustable NO 0-15-30-45-60 Degree 0-15-30-45-60 Degree
Cable Length 5m/16ft 0.15m/0.5ft 5m/16ft
Compatibility 50W/100W 50W/100W 50W/100W Universal Universal Universal

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10 reviews for SUNER POWER 50 Watts 12V Off Grid Solar Panel Kit – Waterproof 50W Solar Panel + Photocell 10A Solar Charge Controller with Work Time Setting + SAE Connection Cable Kits

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    sandra martinez

    Bough this for maintaining the battery on my motorcycle the olace where i park it theres no electrical plugs i decided to buy this particular model to use in the futere for more than that too. It does work and i actually tried charging diferent things and it worked out of the box. It charges car batteries, cellphone batteries with the right atachment, a light that atach to a cigarette lighter. I tried all i could find and it worked i even tried a tire inflator but that was its limit i tried all of it with out being attached to a battery just direct sunlight. Over all good panel for what i needed and costumer service is excelent if you got any questions or problems they’ll go out of their way to fix the issue as fast and easy as possible

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    A Mom

    I bought this for a Mighty Mule 500 gate opener. It does not come with a mounting bracket so I made do and used the bracket from the 5w panel I bought when Ininstalled the opener. I didnt realize until after I started working on it, but the Mighty mule control box can handle up to 30w without an extra control box – so I didnt need to buy this particular group though the SAE connectors are kind of worth it. It really was complete unplug and replace and the new solar panel is charging everything perfectly. Very pleased

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    freejack 1

    Pretty awesome keeps 2 marine batteries charged all the time.

  4. blank

    Jeremy C

    I plugged this in on Jul 1–90 degrees, barely any clouds at all. It yielded .81 A x 20 V = 16.2 Watts.*I never expected an affordable solar panel on Amazon to have output equal to 100% of the description, so to be clear I’m not complaining, I’m thrilled with this panel. Thus, the 5 stars.This takes 5 seconds to set up and is basically idiot-proof. If you want to mess with the light output then make it 120 (and it’s not idiot proof).I use this for car camping (I wouldn’t call it glamping, but others might disagree). I have a heavy canvas tent and this is light enough to put on the roof or hang from a corner, if it’s not a windy day. I really needed 30 Watt to ensure net zero consumption, but those panels were too heavy.If you need a longer cable just search for any SAE extension. This is what I bought so I can position the solar anywhere in camp, 20+ feet from my tent. in mind that you will only get a few hours of maximum solar, you have clouds and haze (and rain!) and if you’re not moving the panel as the sun moves, you have angular issues.I figure 1/4 of the time it’s at full capacity or 100%, 1/4 at 75%, 1/4 at 50%, and 1/4 at 25%. (This would be lower in winter, but I don’t camp then.)Or on average just use 62.5% of the solar panel’s output when trying to figure out if you can cover your uses.For this solar panel that’s 121.5 Watt-Hours on a 12 hour summer day by my calculations.[I use my battery to run a fan, so on cloudy/rainy days I don’t get as much solar but I also don’t run the fan as much. You may have similar needs. If not, be sure to allow for cloudy days!][EDIT: I just realized I extended the panel’s cable by 25′. That could be a reason for loss of efficiency. The 5 Watt panel I measured below is much shorter.]* This 5 Watt trickle charger (that doesn’t require a controller) was outputting 5 Watts (.25 amp X 20 V) alongside the Suner. 5 Watts is in fact what it lists, so haze or clouds can’t be the excuse for the Suner.[Again, I like the Suner and recommend it.]

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    Jason Bass

    I haven’t had any issues setting up the solar panel or charging the battery. I have it laying on top of my deer stand at the moment, waiting on the mounting brackets to arrive. I purchased an inverter that allows me to run a 5v DC light kit, batter charger for my feeder batteries and plug in my phone to keep charged. This product is the perfect solution to my needs. I’ll never have to worry about my phone going dead, having a fresh battery for the feeder or having a light in the stand. Possibilities are endless with this set up. I have room to bring a portable DVD player and keep the kids entertained while hunting.

  6. blank


    I pop riveted my panel to Renogy Z brackets and secured them to a 16X20 piece of angled plywood on the side of my snowplow shed The controller is fastened to an interior ceiling beam, and since it seems to be regulating the battery charge well, I am content to let it do its job without interference.Like all of these products, be sure to keep your battery leads separated to prevent a short circuit. I rely on my plow to be ready when I need it, and a well charged battery goes a long way to make that happen. This system works well for me.

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    NJSC Coquis

    I bought this to maintain the battery in our spare car. The car sometimes it’s four weeks and the radio memory will suck the battery Dr Anjali. This safely keeps the battery topped off. I have it plugged into the constant 12 volt outlets in the center console and the charging module is in plain site so I can see when and how well is charging. Also plan on using it on our pop-up camper for those summer trips when we’re off the grid.

  8. blank

    Caroline Fix-it-Lady

    This product came all in one package. It has just about everything you need to install this unit; he only thing missing is the screws to attach it to something. I put the panel on my shed’s front wall, under a roof overhang so it’s protected from falling tree limbs.Installation is easy. You can use screws through the face of the frame or the sides of the frame. Everything is plug and play after that.But be smart. Read the instructions before connecting anything. You must first attach the controller to a battery before connecting to the PV panel or you will hurt the controller.I connected it to a dead 190 cca lawnmower battery. Despite being a cloudy day here, the battery went from 10 volts to 12.6 volts in one hour. (In case you didn’t know, 12.6 volts is what a properly charged measures.) LED lights clearly indicate when the battery is dead or fully charged. (See pictures). This is both a battery charger and battery tender, meaning the controller keeps the unit from overcharging your battery.There are several options for how to connect to the battery. For testing I simply used the clips, but a ring terminal option is included. There is also and end that let’s you connect to wires as well.You can also connect more that one battery (2 six volt batteries can be charged if wired in series; more than one 12 volt can be charged if the batteries are the same type and age. Again, see the instructions.)There is an options to add lights. The controller has timer settings in one hour increments or dusk to dawn. I will be adding these. I was really surprised at how many settings were available. You could easily use this to power site/ landscape lighting.Two slightly negative comments:1) The mounting instructions aren’t good. You are left on your own to figure things out. I wasn’t sure if I had to angle the panel into the sun or if it would work fully vertical (actually installed it these way).2) The first unit shipped had a damaged wiring attachment point on the panel. The good news is one phone call and they sent a whole new unit right away, so it only delayed me a few days. So the negatives are small.I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to anyone, too. Nice unit that charges fast. And I am excited about using it to run lights, too. I originally only wanted it as a battery tender for my lawnmower and once I saw how powerful it is and it’s ready built to handle lights, too, I am excited about adding lights. Once that is done, if I need to update thus review I will. But on my first day, I was thoroughly impressed.

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    I was having trouble keeping the “house batteries” on my RV charged as they were 4 years old and on their last legs. Every time I would go to the RV in storage and try to use a function that required the house batteries they would be at a low voltage and would not start the generator. The batteries were two 6 volt batteries wired in series (12 volt total).This solar charger and controller arrived quickly and in good shape. I installed the solar charger and put the solar panel in the front window, and went back to check the batteries several days later and they were both up to 12.7 volts and would start the generator with no problem.During the installation the first controller displayed lights that was not consistent with the instructions, so send a note to support. Mason responded quickly and went through a few questions to make sure I had it connected properly. Through Mason’s determination we were able to get it working right away. My appreciation to Mason for his quick responses and helping me to be a satisfied customer. Love this solar panel! P.S. I also purchased the 25 ft extension cable as it was stretching the cable that came with it too tight.

  10. blank

    Don K. Reilly

    I needed a charger that will keep my RV batteries charged, I have just installed it, and I really cant give a accurate time period of how long it took to reach full charge. the support team was very helpful in answering all my questions about my concerns.

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