Sunbeam Advance 7 Outlet Power Strips with Surge Protector

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Price: $9.95

Master Power Switch for quick reset
LED Status Indicators
2 Always ON outlets, 1 Master Outlet, and 4 Master Outlet Controlled Outlets with 1 spaced far away for odd plug shapes
4 Rear Mounting Moles

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Brand Sunbeam



Sunbeam Advance 7 Outlet Power Strips with Surge Protector

The Sunbeam Advanced 7 Outlet Powerstrip with Surge protection is perfect for use with Computers, TVs or home and office. Featuring 2 Always on outlets, 1 master outlet and 4 master controlled outlets, this powerstrip is designed to save on energy which in turn saves you money. Each outlet is made with a sliding safety cover giving your home or office an added layer of protection.



INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROPER USE – For indoor use only – Cover unused outlets – Fully extend before using – Use within electrical rating marked on the cord set – Do not plug more than 1875 Watts into this cord set – Rated 125V



7 Outlets with Surge protection

Minimum switching level power for master outlet: 15W


Maximum type 3 SPD

400V (L-N, L-G, N-G) voltage protection rating, 1200 Joules protection rating

400V max clamping voltage

<1 NS response time 10KA max spike current Indoor use only

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10 reviews for Sunbeam Advance 7 Outlet Power Strips with Surge Protector

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    I hook these up all over the place so that when the stereo or TV is turned off it turns off all the game systems or other items hooked up to them so they just don’t get left on and drain power. Kids never seemed to turn off everything. Now with one item to turn off they can handle that and I save power and my equipment.

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    Florencio Velez PH.D

    It works as advertised. I have mine connected to an a/v receiver and it turns accessories on with it. There is a 45 second delay to turn off all but that has not been a problem. Definitely worth the price!

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    D. Nensel

    Needed one of these to turn off the roku when the TV gets turned off. Had an incident where the Roku just kept streaming food network for a week but no one knew cause the tv wasn’t on to see the stream. Ran right thru the bandwidth cap :(. Now with this if the TV turns off the Roku turns off a few seconds later.

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    Great little power strip for the price! I bought it for our media center, so all of the gaming consoles/streaming sticks/etc. would shut off when the TV is shut off. Works perfectly!

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    Pablo Lopez

    I have a sound system attached to a tv by arc with some goodies connected. My biggest issue was having the bass constantly on and this bad boy fixed my problem in one go. Easy to use, fantastic.

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    David R Horne

    It works great with my JVC receiver. My Kill-A-Watt Meter reads only one watt of parasitic power. That is the minimum resolution of my meter.

  7. blank


    All I have to do is power my projector on and the my entire entertainment turns on. Same thing with turning everything off. I’ve had this for several months now and it hasn’t let me down. There is a delay of a few seconds for the other devices to react but that’s not a problem for me.

  8. blank


    Does exactly what I need it to do and the price was right. Only issue I have is that there’s no manual included to describe its operation, and couldn’t find one online, so I don’t know if the undesirable 30 second delay in shutting off the controlled outlets is normal.

  9. blank


    It works what I need it for

  10. blank

    Eric L

    Exactly what I was looking for to turn off settop boxes & subwoofer when AV Receiver is turned off. Takes about 30-45 seconds to turn off, but instant to turn on. I don’t use the 2 unsiwtched outlets, would have rather had those as switched

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