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Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater – Tempra 29 Plus – Electric, On Demand Hot Water, Eco, White

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(36 kW)
On demand a continuous and unlimited supply of hot water
Sleek design saves space and no venting required
Requires hard-wired 240 or 208-volt electric service, with a maximum draw of 28,800 watts at 240 volts or 21,600 watts at 208 volts
Requires 3 separate dedicated 40 amp breakers with 8 gauge copper wiring, and a minimum of 200 amp total service to the residence

Brand Stiebel Eltron



Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater

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Tempra 12 Trend Tempra 12 Plus Tempra 15 Trend Tempra 15 Plus Tempra 20 Trend Tempra 20 Plus Tempra 24 Trend Tempra 24 Plus Tempra 29 Trend Tempra 29 Plus Tempra 36 Trend Tempra 36 Plus
kW 12 kW 14.4 kW 19.2 kW 24 kW 28.8 kW 36 kW
Voltage 240 V 240 V 240 V 240 V 240 V 240 V
Max. amperage draw 50 A 60 A 80 A 100 A 120 A 150 A
Min. required breaker(s) 1 x 50 A DP 2 x 30 A DP 2 x 40 A DP 2 x 50 A DP 3 x 40 A DP 3 x 50 A DP
Min. required wire size & number of runs 1 x 6/2 AWG 2 x 10/2 AWG 2 x 8/2 AWG 2 x 6/2 AWG 3 x 8/2 AWG 3 x 6/2 AWG
Min. recommended household electric service 100 A 100 A 125 A 150 A 200 A 300 A
Min. flow to activate unit 0.37 GPM 0.50 GPM 0.50 GPM 0.50 GPM 0.77 GPM 0.77 GPM
Output water temp. range 86°F – 140°F 86°F – 140°F 86°F – 140°F 86°F – 140°F 86°F – 140°F 86°F – 140°F

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Tempra 12 Plus (12 kW), Tempra 12 Trend (12 kW), Tempra 15 Plus (15 kW), Tempra 15 Trend (15 kW), Tempra 20 Plus (20 kW), Tempra 20 Trend (20 kW), Tempra 24 Plus (24 kW), Tempra 24 Trend (24 kW), Tempra 29 Plus (29 kW), Tempra 29 Trend (29 kW), Tempra 36 Plus (36 kW), Tempra 36 Trend (36 kW)



10 reviews for Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater – Tempra 29 Plus – Electric, On Demand Hot Water, Eco, White

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    The cost of this tanless water heater is equivalent to a high end tank type electric water heater. I had to install three new 220 volt circuits which made the initial installation more expensive and time consuming but worth it. I am a contractor so the parts is all that I had as an additional expense. I now have an endless supply of hot water, and when the day comes to replace the unit, it will be a plug and play installation that could be done in less 15 minutes. The initial install took about 6 hours with rerouting the water lines and installing the three new electrical circuits. I have more room in my utility room now that I have moved the water softener to where the water heater use to be.

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    Quite a large project for my tempra 24 plus. Required 100 amps. I used a 125 amp rated general electric box from home depot and 2x 50amp breakers. I struggled a lot on plumbing. I recommend the sharkbite water heater flex hoses you see in the pics to make plumbing way easier. No leaks in the box and it works amazing. I ran my shower as hot as I could stand and it only did 0.9gpm. Can easily do 2 showers simultaneous and much more. Only ran out when I opened up 4x faucets and a shower full blast hot 120 degrees and saw the flow start to reduce. I will never do that in real usage, so this unit is perfect for my 3 bed, 2.5 bath home. PS: I did an amazon warehouse open box deal and the unit had never been touched! Just a crappy box.

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    Amazon Customer

    I love this water heater! The temp outside is currently three degrees, but this bad boy just keeps pumping out water at consistent temperature. There are NO cold spots in the line, as was the case and more with the AO Smith heater of a similar build that I had before this one. That heater absolutely sucked! I ordered this one after the Smith died just one two months into service. I couldn’t be happier with this model, however. Everything is easy to understand and the controls are foolproof. Also, it is built much, much better than other brands. Comparatively, the Stiebel Eltron weighs easily four or five times as much as the Smith of a similar design, because everything inside the Stiebel is metal and copper. The Smith was all plastic. Stick with this one. This is the perfect water heater. Perfect. I’d give it thirty stars if I could, just because of how much the Smith totally and completely sucked by comparison.

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    Sunshine and Rain

    My old tank thankfully died. With a household of 5, someone always got shafted with the lukewarm or cold shower. Then you had to wait the obligatory 45 minutes for the next shower. Screw that!The installation is simple if you are inclined to do some simple plumbing and electrical work on your own. SharkBite fittings make modern plumbing so simple that it is like grown-up Legos. Otherwise, pay a professional.I got the highest rated tank that my electrical box would sustain and now I can shower while the washing machine is running and don’t even notice. Should someone else decide to shower at the same time, it does not matter.My master bathroom has a nice big tub in it that we never used. The entire tank could only fill it up to barely cover our knees. On the first night after installing the tankless, we filled that sucker up and soaked for a luxurious hour.Power consumption is down. Even though I probably take a 20% longer shower now, my energy bill is way down. The old tank was that inefficient. I think the gain is mostly due to the old tank slowly failing but my recent energy bills are the lowest they have ever been since moving into this house. Damn that old tank.So is everything awesome? 95% yes. The one downside is that the old tank was constantly warming the water and so the water in the pipes was somewhat warm. So when I turned on the water in the upstairs bathroom it was warm within about 15-20 seconds. The tankless does not heat unless it is running, so all the water is cold in the pipes. This adds another 15-20 seconds to hot water showing up in the upstairs shower. So I turn it on, wait another 15 seconds longer than I used to and then have glorious, unending, unwavering hot water. That is my 5% gripe.One more necessary addition is “3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Scale Inhibition Inline Water System AP430SS”. This keeps the scale down. But wait! There is more! It also slowly removes existing scale. I had some buildup in my water kettle and since installing that kit, the scale has slowly disappeared. The shower heads are also clearing up. If you get the tankless water heater, get the scale inhibitor. It will save your heater and benefit everything else in your home too.

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    Kindle Customer

    My 50 gal gas tank rusted out. I am in IT and naturally wanted something cool and fancy. I was going to go gas tankless but the estimates i got from 2 different contractors were 4.5-6.5k. So that was out. The estimate for gas tank was 2.3k which I didn’t want to pay either. Then I saw electric tankless, did some research and figured I could install that with my basic knowledge of wiring and plumbing.Looked at the cost and said heck $800 in parts + my time and I would save 1.5k over a plumber installing a gas tank. And Go!!! It litterally was as easy as I thought to instal.. Took me 6 trips to lowes for parts because I kept forgetting things but me and my dad installed it in about 7 hours. Probably 2 hours of real work and 5 hours of fumbling and driving to the Lowes. So then the real test was would it work. Yep it did. I estimated my showers pulled 1.5gpm and this box can push 3.5 gpm so i figured I sized it right for 2+ showers. After install I ran 1 shower and used the meter on the box to see the shower really only pulled 1.2gpm. Tried a 2nd shower and got to 2.5 gpm . And the water was super hot. set to 125 F out of 140 possible. My power box has a 200 amp master and this pulls 100Amp max. I have not noticed any dimming of lights when it comes on which i was slightly worried about. I am super happy. I will try and post in a month when I see the change in my gas and electric bill to see if it makes any difference.

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    Pablo R Garcia Jr

    I have installed over 50 of these in different houses i have built and haven’t had a single issue with any of them.

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    Glia Man

    This is exactly what I wanted to eliminate my gas-fired tank water heater. I have solar power, so it makes no sense to burn gas when I am generating my own electricity. The unit is light and easily mounted on a wall. However, the rest of the installation requires qualified tradespeople. Installation was $1600 but they did everything in 1 day. A couple of details:1. Buy the two valves shown. Your plumber will have them but they will be cheaper if you buy them from Amazon. Also get the 3M decalcification unit. Can’t hurt.2. At first the controller wouldn’t work and that was because the circuit board on the unit door was not seated quite right. Just giving it some gentle pressure had it snap into place.

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    I did a LOT of research on tankless before installing this one last weekend.We live just north of Seattle and installed the 29 plus model for whole house use. The water inlet temp in my region is around 45 degrees F. This thing has no issues providing 114 degree water to my shower while on the 116 degree setting.The water takes about the same time to start warming up as the old tank style heater as this unit was installed in the same spot. However, rather than a near instant change from cold to hot, it’s more gradual and adds a few more seconds of waiting for desired temp.We are a family of four in a 3 bed 2 bath house, no issues with one person showering at a time. Some may have issues not being able to use two showers at the same time, not a problem here as water pressure would suffer also. I’ve removed flow regulators from the shower heads and faucets, this tankless can run full hot no problem.Our house has no gas service, so replacing the 50 gallon water heater with this unit gave us our pantry back, so worth it.I installed it when my electrician replaced my electrical panel, so I’m guessing it about $150 in wire and breakers, and a couple hours for an electrician to run the service (depending on your setup). You will need room in your panel, or install a sub panel.It works right out of the box. Plumb it, wire it up, full with water (open the valves) and power it on. Set the temp and you’re done, that easy.

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    Been hobbling along with a 38-gallon tank for a family of 6 in a two bathroom house for close to 10 years. This is up there with one of the best appliance purchases we’ve ever made. For the first time ever could fill the bath up. The first time we could get everyone a bath/shower within an hour – had to wait 20-45 minutes for the tank heater to “reheat”. Freed up a whole closet full of space! Had electrician expand into a separate sub-panel for this. No dimming when active and cut-offs for each circuit next to the unit. Fairly easy DIY install. Had old unit out and new in over a few hours. The buttons on the unit for the saved settings and information weren’t working out of the box, but only because it had separated a bit – snapped the circuit board right back into place and all good. Quality seems very high. We are in south Texas, so no worries about ever getting the water hot enough. Settled around 120 – inlet temp never drops below 60. Weird not thinking about not doing dishes before (or during) someone’s shower because you’d use all the hot water… guess I get use to worrying less. :)Update After 1 Year:Including picture of the units calculated savings – $153; not too shabby, thought have to admin, this device makes it a bit easier to use more hot water. Rarely a week goes by without still have a large amount of appreciation for this appliances. Still, hands down, best appliance upgrade to our home. No issues and I’m keeping up with descaling (with vinegar) once a year.

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    Not Obama

    I installed this 10 yrs ago and it went out during the weekend. I must say this is a no brainer. I paid a little under 800 dollars for 10 yrs Worth of service. So yes I did get the same brand.. hoping for another 10 yrs.

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