SOLPERK 20W Solar Panel,12V Solar Panel Charger Kit+8A Controller, Suitable for Automotive, Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, Marine, RV, Trailer, Powersports, Snowmobile etc. Various 12V Batteries

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💡[High-efficiency solar panel] Solar battery charger is to convert sunlight into electric energy and charges the battery. The more the sunlight is, the higher the charging efficiency is. The charger will generate current to trickle charge the battery that prevent the loss current of the battery in storage or standby process.
💡[Charger and Maintenance Device] This product is a solar battery charger and maintainer. It can safely charge and maintain Various 12V batteries such as Wet, Gel, MF, EFB and AGM. In addition, it is also suitable for any car, motorcycle, ship, tractor, RV, Powersports, snowmobiles, trucks, shed, cabin, gate opener, etc.
💡💡[Full-automatic intelligent charging and maintenance Controller] Intelligent three-level charging mode, chip intelligent management charging and complete protection of battery, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, reverse protection, overload protection, under voltage protection, over charge protection to improve system efficiency and extend battery life .
💡[Easy to install and angle adjustable] The product is equipped with a bracket that adjusts the mounting angle for better sunlight reception. The product is light and easy to install for inexperienced people. The interfaces are plug-and-play. The kit needs no extra maintenance, no electricity. It’s energy conservation and environmental protection.
💡[More durable] Weatherproof Solar panels applies g a more durable aluminum alloy frame. It’s windproof and rainproof, but it can’t be immersed in water. Extended 12 months warranty + Lifetime technical support.

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SOLPERK 20W Solar Panel

solar battery tender 12 volt

solar battery tender, solar battery tender 12 volt outdoor
solar battery minder

Alligator Clips

The included crocodile clip helps to connect the battery. For battery maintenance, you can use an alligator clip to connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

The red alligator clip needs to be connected to the positive pole of the battery, and the black alligator clip needs to be connected to the negative pole of the battery.

Note: Connect the battery polarity correctly to avoid short circuit.

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10 reviews for SOLPERK 20W Solar Panel,12V Solar Panel Charger Kit+8A Controller, Suitable for Automotive, Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, Marine, RV, Trailer, Powersports, Snowmobile etc. Various 12V Batteries

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    The solar charger is very efficient and super easy to set-up. Small and compact, it provides a trickle charge to my boat battery for continuous starts.

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    It is very easy to use. I will need a few more weeks to give you a full answer on durability and suction power. I had it connected to my battery for only a week. We’ll see when I try and start my boat in a week or so?

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    I was sick of always charging a 4 wheeler battery so I ordered this instead. I am able to hook it up and leave it sit without taking up any outlets. Seems to be working so far!

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     This is my second solar panel, I like it better (so far) than the other one I own for 3 reasons: long wires, can be placed in a wall (which I will do when I came up with a place for it as well as a plan for the wires), and (my favorite) the passage box that indicates if it is charging or not (I had to use a voltmeter, but mine is not always working perfectly so having this is great).It looks nice (as most solar panels honestly), and seems very resistant. I will definitely place it on my wall when I figure out the best place for it, I now keep it in my pool area where there is almost always sun light.Oh! It comes with a manual, my first solar panel did not so I had to figure things on the internet. And also comes with the necessary things to fix it on a wall if you want to.

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    Scott B.

    I bought this unit to maintain my snowmobiles batteries. Now it did say it’s intended to maintain a peak charge, not recharge a dead battery….However….When I put it on the sled middle of September the battery was low enough that it wouldn’t turn the motor over. I mounted it on S hooks on the rear of the trailer that faces south. I told myself il get over here in a couple of weeks and check on it..Well a couple of weeks turned into 2 and a half months..Today I opened up the trailer, looked at the control box, it indicated a fully charged battery. For grins and giggles I turned the key on the sled and the thing turned over like it had a brand new battery!I will end up ordering chargers for my other sleds now. A couple of these chargers is way cheaper than a new battery in each sled every year or 2

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    PK in Michigan

    The solar battery charger seems to work just fine. It was placed on the dashboard of our truck, that for some unknown reason was not keeping a charge. Now the truck starts right up, so the solar battery charger is doing it’s job. Making life easier for those of us that need the truck to start up without a problem.

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    Joey O’

    I have used this device multiple times on my RV camping trip. It works great, my only knock would be and adaptor for RV’s.

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    Jimmy D

    Very well built. Please note, the charger will not work if it is not plugged in directly to the battery. If you plug it in to the cigarette lighter, and the ignition is not turned on, it will do nothing. It is mentioned in small print the directions. Be careful.but my lighter outlet does stay on, so I have no problem.

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    Jack Price

    Updated …. I did update it to five stars because I absolutely love the solar panel and the seller after ensuring my controller was not functioning properly sent me a new one free of charge with extremely quick delivery thank you so much to the seller and it’s a great product ..First reviewI really would like to give a 5 star but the controller that came with the panel does not have and volts coming through it.. I get 18 volts with a meter at the end of the wires from panel but when connect it to the solar panel side and connect the clips the is no volts reaching the attached battery.. so I disconnected the clamps and tested the wires out of controller on battery side and no power… I had another controller from another system and when I connected it to the panel it had 13.8 v coming thru it to the battery clips..I found out the issue after having it (supposedly charging the house battery on my rv in storage and I went to ch3ck on it and it was at 3.8 v.. hopefully I can get it to fulling change and hold a charge or I will be out not only cost of having to buy a new controller ( hopefully vendor/seller will send me a functioning controller) but also a new house battery.

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    Kindle Customer

    There were no section attachments in my box. So I can’t speak to it.However the charger has been amazing. I recently replaced my 2 RV batteries in my travel trailer and thought this might be a better method to keep the trailer charged, rather than have it plugged in 24/7 and checking the acid levels every couple months. So far in the week before a trip the batteries stayed at 100%. Camping I brought my generator but never had to use it. Keep in mind I’m pretty economical at battery usage. Only using the pump for water. I did shower, dishes and of course coffee. Showed minimal battery loss in the am and always fully charged again in the afternoon. Best purchase ever.

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