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SOLIOM S600 Wireless Tilt Spotlight Solar Battery Powered Motion Detection Security Camera

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S600 Security cameras can turn its head 320 degree horizontally and 90 degree vertically pan and tilt,clear two-way audio and 3X digital Zoom(No optical zoom),which provide you much broader and flexible view of cameras for home security
The security camera is 1080p full HD day time video and Motion activated Spotlight color night vision;4 pieces white LEDs and 2 pieces infrared LEDs captures clear colorful videos at night;Even see through the dark up to 32 feet in very low light conditions
Soliom outdoor security camera is 100% wireless and easy to install;Scan the QR code to pair up security cameras to your phone via Soliom+ app;Extensible battery powered camera with larger solar panel gives you a reliable wireless security camera system in your yard
The outdoor camera S600 uses highly sensitive PIR motion sensor with built in radar to double control and reduce false alarms,with 120 degree detecting angle captures all human movements steadily;Does not trigger caused by trees or insects
The wifi camera can choose to save all videos in micro SD card up to 64gb or the cloud storage(One month free trial);All videos can be replayed directly via the app.The outdoor security camera uses RTMPS streaming encryption for a more secure data storage with amazon cloud web service

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Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi Pan Tilt Spotlight Solar Battery Powered Motion Detection Home IP Camera with Color Night Vision, 2.4G WiFi, Secure Cloud/Sd Slot Storage -SOLIOM S600

Soliom try to make security camera outdoor becoming simple and easy

soliom solar cameraSoliom S600 Solar battery Powered outdoor security Camera, 100% Wireless and easy to install, solid cameras for home security in your yard.

Broaden Your View – You can easily control the security cameras to rotate 320° horizontally and 90° vertically to cover every angle of your house.

More Sensitive PIR Sensor – Protect your property and send timely and accurate alerts. Soliom unique technology with minimal false alarms compare to most outdoor security camera in the market.

Soliom App control and instant push message– Live view, playback the videos in the Cound and Micro SD card, download manual record videos

Color Night Vision – Equiped with 4pcs White light LEDS and 2pcs infrared LEDs, it enables sharp colorful night vision up to 32 feet. And 1080p high-resolution images make you never miss any details.

night vision

Optional to Starlight Color Night Vision and Black and White Vision in the App

Soliom outdoor security camera let you see detail-rich images in 1080p Full HD even in low-light environments. You can identify people, vehicles, and other objects around the outdoor camera. You can also choose to record black and white videos or the colorful daytime videos by turnning on the 850 infrared LEDs or the White light LEDs from the Soliom app.

The built-in spotlight illuminates the surrounding area and allows you to see and record videos in color clarity even in low-light when in White light LEDs mode. Infrared LED setting also available by simple clicking the LED icon on the live view page via the app. which allows you to see the black and white pictures and videos to save power

easy to pair

Super Easy to use and Pair

Just download the SOLIOM+APP, register an account, Turn on the security camera and Scan the QR code with the App and do the initial setup. After connected, You can live view it, change the setting or rotate it to a ideal angle via the app.

Soliom S600 outdoor security camera can record videos to sd card and Cloud as well as send alarm to your phone when motion triggered by the outdoor camera. You will always be in the important.

Camera Size: Φ1.57 x 4.1 In

Not support 24/7 continuous recording or NVR, only support motion detection recording.



More Details of Soliom Pan Tilt Security Camera

rotateRotate any angel as you want

You can easily control the wireless outdoor camera to rotate 320° horizontally and 90° vertically to cover every angle of your house or garden. Full coverage in any corners








live streamRemote Access

Remote control become so easy with soliom App. You can get live feed or replay captured videos anytime from anywhere. With soliom App, you can control all your soliom cameras to stay aware of your home or business with this amazing wireless security camera system.








more userShare to More Family members

The wireless solar camera supports maximum to 10 Users to live stream at the same time. Share the wifi camera with your family members for a happy moment or take care of kids or elders anywhere.









push mode and playback the videos

Soliom S600 solar wireless security camera system

Smooth live view, accurate motion detection and quick respond for playback.

Technical Details:

App: Soliom+ Field of View: 320° horizontal, 90° vertical and FOV 160° lens angle Video: 1080p HD, Live View, Colorful Night Vision Motion Detection: Accurate PIR sensor with angel 155° and Range more than 30ft Audio: Loud Two-way talk with noise cancellation Power: Large Solar panel with battery box ( 9000mAH-3pcs 3000mAH battery preloaded and you can install extra 3pcs 18650 battery to battery box) Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz (NOT SUPPORT 5G 802.11 ac WiFi) Internet Requirements: Requires a minimum upload speed of 2Mbps for optimal performance. Operating Conditions: Weather Resistant between -4℉ to 140℉ (-20℃~+60℃) Mounting Base: Wall mounting base with adjustable solar panels and camera angle. Install height recommendation of 9 feet approx. Dimensions: 11.3 in x 7.8 in x 6.6 in (28.6 cm x 19.8 cm x 16.8 cm) After-sales Support: 2 years full replacement *warrant*y for all Soliom products. Contact [email protected] soliom. net for any assistance. Installation: Average install time: 10-15 minutes

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Item Weight

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10 reviews for SOLIOM S600 Wireless Tilt Spotlight Solar Battery Powered Motion Detection Security Camera

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    Sean T

    Very nice camera considering price. Easy to install, and if you follow the instructions, its fairly easy to configure. Remember to get to PTZ function, you have to slide the screen to the left and PTZ functions display. Also make sure to charge up batteries before use.

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    This is by far the best security camera I’ve had. You can move the camera around from the app which is really cool and if you put it in the right place you can cover a ton of area. The solar panel holds the batteries and there is room inside of 6 18650’s which is probably a bit of overkill, it comes with 3 installed and room for 3 more, unless it’s dark for days on end the 3 batteries should be plenty, but always good to have options. The motion detection is spot on and starts quickly, works much better than my Ring doorbell. Overall awesome high end security camera.

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    I have been searching for a good security camera which will not be part of my current security system ‘RING ‘ landscape. With much deliberation and detailed study (review) I went ahead and ordered The Soliom S600.. wow its amazing!There has been a continuous uptrend on the solar powered security camera in this market, and this is becoming a big demand from customers , however options are literally not many. here is my scenario, I had to put on my side of my house where I absolutely don’t have an option to bring any electric cable unless I make a big hole in the wall , which I am not ready to do. I wanted this to be complete wireless for network as well power connectivity. I have enough sunlight and why not to utilize …. This SOLIOM model has all packaged so nicely!I would love to create my own SOLIOM ecosystem probably in few days given the quality the features these little equipment have.Pros:1. Designed for perfection .2. Very easy to set up, approximate time to complete the set up max 30 min including installation @ Wall3. Solar Panel is so nicely designed , it just sits atop of your pan camera without giving the load to the mount.4. Battery is sufficiently getting charged with full sun through out the day.5. PIR works.. trust me, I have not received more than 2 false notifications , that too on high traffic area , It works.6. App is smart, you have multiple options of adjusting the tilt manually or through the screen to have active viewing and focus area.7. It perfectly sends the notification for the human detection in your phone.8 Just right! It is engineered just right to give you around 300 degree view when you are panning it through your app and up down view approx 90 degree9. WIFI signal reception & working is absolutely fine.10. LED lights are strong and really life saver in the night.Cons -I wish some day I would be able to have all my cameras under one app (My ring & Soliom)

  4. blank

    R. Ernst

    Amazing 👏 technology advanced security camera..Swivel using app is incredible coupled with Zoom feature is outstanding…than on top of that the Solar charging as you can see in my picture is by far one of the best features….Totally wireless and with the WiFi feature…Pictures are only in SD that I took but it has the HD feature by simply tapping in app…Alert settings are amazing as seen in my pics. Without question a bargain for the money! Easy install and connection!

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    Amazon Customer

    We love this item! Easy to install, and when we’re at work or away from home, we feel more secure since we get notified by the sound every time someone or animals get close to the entrance. We can see on the video, and also talk to the person who is at the entrance by the microphone system. And it’s solar power! We definitely recommend this item.

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    I also have an S90 camera so I feel that I can point out the differences fairly well between this one and that model.First, the camera motion detection does work better on this one vs the S90, although could still be improved. However I am now actually able to detect people walking towards the camera some of the time so that’s a plus.The new Soliom+ app has made things easier for sure, especially when it comes to pairing. Now you can hold out your phone in front of the camera with the QR code displaying and it will pair up. This worked first try for me. I’m not a fan of the list of events, the old app had a scrubber interface and I actually kind of preferred that.Picture quality is very clear, and the addition of the LED lights really help with night vision. No issues here. I also like how the default is now HD vs SD on the old app. This camera in particular has the ability to pan and tilt which is nice. I would have liked to have more fine grained control over the movement, hitting the arrows moves the camera more than I would like.Battery life is really good. I actually didn’t do the recommended charging beforehand. I figured since it’s summer that it would probably be OK. I also have this thing going off all the time because it has plants and shrubs in it’s field of view, and even will all the events and the battery not being charged beforehand, I have never seen this thing go below max battery.A couple things don’t make sense, like I made the default “on” time to be 60 seconds when an event is detected, but the timing of the recordings are all over the place and typically less than 60 seconds (sometimes more), not sure why.Overall it’s a good camera for the price. If they can continue to make motion detection better than this camera has a real chance to be a great camera.

  7. blank

    Daril W.

    Soliom customer service is outstanding! I would recommend! They took care of my concern and addressed my issue.

  8. blank


    So there is a trend of truly wireless earbuds going around, started by the AirPods. However, security cameras have used the “wireless” moniker for many years, once they found out a way to CONNECT wirelessly to your phone. Before that, you had to buy an expensive CCTV system with the cameras, recorders, and monitors, which combined cost in the thousands. Not to mention the costs of all the professional wiring and set-up needed. It wasn’t a problem for those who used the cameras indoors to watch their kids or their belongings in their home. But for those who wanted an outdoor security system (to watch their front door/porch, garage, barn, garden, yard, etc., you had to go that expensive professional set-up route, or attach your camera near an outdoor power outlet. Many people, like me, didn’t want that expensive professional set-up, so we resorted to extension chords. But even then, it still limits your options to where you can mount it, especially if you want to mount it somewhere high so intruders and troublemakers can’t mess with it.Now, with security cameras having a solar-energy power system, backed up with a rechargeable internal battery, it can finally become truly wireless, free from outlets and extension chords. What I really like about this particular camera is the orbital shape, which makes it look more organic and warm, instead of the rectangular CCTV style cameras you see in the movies. It also makes it much more compact and easier to mount, especially if you have to reach while doing it. Finally, because of its compact shape, the solar panel mounted over provides a somewhat shade/protective awning over it.Set-up is quite simple and straight-forward. Power on the camera, download and run the app on your smartphone, which connects with the camera and allows you to use it as a hub. You can view the live video feed as well as the saved videos on it, as well as to control the camera, such as panning and tilting. The videos are saved onto a microSD card within the camera, but you can also save the videos into your phone once it’s been stored into the camera(the videos are saved into segments). There is a microphone on the camera, so you can also hear from your phone of the live feed. There is also a speaker on the camera, so you can communicate to the other side. This is useful if you have a family so you can communicate with your family members when you are away, especially if you have young kids. There is a night video mode, which automatically kicks in when not enough light is detected. This camera stands out in that it has color night mode! I’m sure there are others out there, but this is quite rare, and is the first camera I’ve owned which has this feature.Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this camera. It allows me a peace of mind when I’m away, and gives me the freedom to mount it anywhere outside my home. And I can change the spot any time I want, being free from chords and the power outlet. The other extremely useful benefit from this is you no longer have to worry about a power outtage. When science and technology meets and comes up with a product such as this, that is a beautiful outcome. Now I can finally travel with peace of mind. The only cause for worry is if you live somewhere that constantly rains the whole day for a week lol.

  9. blank

    McKay C

    This took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to pair it with the app then it took about 2 minutes to actually install it on my deck. I got this to overlook my backyard. I like being able to pan to wherever I want. I installed a mini SD card to have local storage. It saves video footage for when I am manually viewing or if it detects activity. It picks up my kids when they are in the backyard (and the app notifies me when there is movement). It has also detected something as small as a cat.I really like being able to view my backyard without having to go outside. It helps me to keep track of what is going on. I have been looking for a camera that is solar powered because where I placed this is an area where I can’t run power. It has been great to run off solar power. It hits direct sunlight for just a few hours each day but that seems to be more than enough to power it completely.I am happy with the video quality. It does a great job at night as well and even has lights which is pretty cool. Overall a great option for areas with no power.

  10. blank

    Jeff Barnum

    We love the pan, tilt, zoom option and the video quality is great. The setup is extremely easy. You can add 3 extra 18650 batteries for backup power but it’s not really needed. You can store/review the files on your micro SD card or the cloud. If you want to use the cloud, they have 3 different price plans as shown in the pics. So far so good, really happy with this purchase.

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