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Solar Spotlights, Magictec Warm Light 2-in-1 Adjustable 4 LED Wall/Landscape Solar Lights with Automatic On/Off Sensor

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Solar powered all-weather spotlight; rugged and durable; waterproof and heatproof.
It has easy ground-installing or wall-mounting facility. All screws are provided; tools and wiring are not needed.
Fully 180-degree adjustable unit enables lighting to be used exactly where needed and catch sunlight at optimum angle for charging; automated off’ at day provides lighting exactly when needed.
The unit is powered by a 18650 solar-powered and rechargeable lithium-ion battery operating at 2200 mAh, and functions for about 10+ hours after full-charge. Use of either one of its two brightness modes, as provided, will vary the total lighting time.
Versatility of lighting focus and brightness, and durability in all conditions, makes this a powerful and energy-efficient solution for any kind of outdoor lighting.

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Designed with waterproof and heatproof ABS materials which give it the ability to stand extreme weather conditions including rains, sunlight, storms, and snows.

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Rgb (Red, Green, Blue), Warm White, White



10 reviews for Solar Spotlights, Magictec Warm Light 2-in-1 Adjustable 4 LED Wall/Landscape Solar Lights with Automatic On/Off Sensor

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    These things are BRIGHT. Not the small amount of light I expected from most solar lights you find and lowe’s or home depot. I bout a set of two to light up some newly planted trees in my backyard. I love this things and I’ll be ordering more. the Low setting is extremely may not even need the High setting being that it’s so Bright. The pictures I took are on the Low setting. The light emitted is amber/yellow…not blue…not white, not Bluish-white. It’s a warm yellow. The solar panels are large..about the size of a cell phone. I put these in the sun to charge at 10am. By dusk, these things kicked in and the put out some serious light. I’ve only used them for a day but hopefully they hold up over time. I’ll be buying more.

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    joe hicks

    I received my lights today and installed them, currently they have not had a full day to charge but they are perfect for what i needed and came on right on time when the sun set. The light produced has a yellow color to it, its not too bright but not dim at all. I am definitely pleased with these lights and would recomend then to anyone looking for lights to accent there home.

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    I am very pleased with these spotlights. I had purchased 10 spotlights from another big box retailer and they were a joke. Not bright at all and more of an accent light for a plant. These spotlights are incredible. We have a beautiful pineapple water fountain in the front of our house and these lights were the perfect addition. We will definitely be ordering more. They have such a beautiful amber glow unlike so many other solar lights that are that ugly bright white light. You will not be disappointed! UPDATE FEB. 2019- I ordered the first set in the fall of 2018. Through the dark and cold gloomy winter these lights have continued to shine bright. I just ordered two more and love much. They truly are a great value.

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    Love them! The center light is underground electric, the two smaller lights on either side are Magitec Solar Spotlights…no difference! They are simple to use, work beautifully and last throughout the evening! The cost difference is crazy. No worry of cutting electric wires. Definitely recommend and would buy again for other areas in our yard!

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    Had to buy a replacement light that my son stepped on in our garden bed and snapped. The lights are perfect for providing the trendy up lights that so many people have on the exterior of their houses. They are also the perfect warm color. I didn’t want anything that appeared blue or purple, these are warm and inviting. Easy to install.

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    These are nice warm lights. Bright enough to light up a wall but not the bright white that looks like a prison break. I live in Fl and it’s summer so they charge up quick and last longer than I can stay up. Good buy for the money.UPDATE: I bought a second set because these lights are great. A nice warm light that lasts almost until morning and recharge during the day. After hurricane Irma we lost power and used these to light the inside of the house at night. Even with cloud cover the lights lasted 4 -5 hrs on low.

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    Amazon Customer

    Amazing quality lights. Work great

  8. blank


    The best! I have been using for several weeks with no problems. They perform exactly as stated; the light color is a warm yellowish (which is perfect for my application; on the low power mode the lights last most of the night. So far I have no complaints and plan on installing more.Update 03-20-18: LEDs continue to perform perfectly. Continue to last most of the night. I have installed them in a waterfall on my property and they remain waterproof. They are not submerged, but they are exposed to significant splashing. I am very happy with their performance, appearance and durability.

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    C. Price

    I received them today around 2p. I immediately sat them in place and in the sun. 6hrs later they look PERFECT!! Just what I wanted. Not too much. I am not sure if this is the high or low option but its PERFECT. I may order 1 more set. Instantly impressed and neighbors walked over to compliment. Unless there is damage during shipping, you will not be disappointed! ORDER THEM. This a total of 6 including 1 at a tree near the street that’s kinda cut off in the pic.

  10. blank


    I have been very impressed with these lights. Granted we have cloud free days for the most part but the lights are subject to shade when the sun moves behind nearby trees.I estimate the lights are getting six hours of sunlight a day. The result has been approximately nine hours of light each night. Even as the sun rises the lights are still illuminating the trees. The only drawback is the lights produce more of a spotlight effect, a bit narrow, and not a floodlight pattern. However, this is a very minor drawback as they have been very impressive since day one.

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