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GVSHINE [30W Panel Foldable] Solar Panel Lighting Kit, Solar Home DC System Kit for Emergency

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  • ★ NEW DESIGN EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY ★ Keep your ordinary electricity need in the hurricane, snowstorm time, Combine the charging and lighting, with anti-reflective and high-transparency. This is a completely independent off-grid power system.
  • ★ FULL ACCESSORY EASY INSTALL POWER ★ Includes 1 10V 30W Flexible Solar Panel +1 Solar DC System + 2x 2W LED + 2x 3W LED + 2 for IPHONE 4&8 Adapter + 3 Cord, meet whole ordinary electricity need no any added cost. genuine energy conservation and environmental protection.
  • ★ WATERPROOF MULTI-PURPOSE SOLAR ★ Flexed panel can be mounted on a Curved Roof, RV, Travel Trailer, Van, Truck, Boat, Cabin, Tent or any other irregular surface. High waterproof grade never worry about rainy, hurricane, snowstorm outdoor using!
  • ★ FAST CHARGE PORTS & BRIGHT BULBS ★ The 5V 2A output is a universal charge port, can quickly charge your cellphone, digital devices, power bank, fan etc. The multiple outlets enable several LED bulbs working at the same time.
  • ★ POWERFUL LIGHTWEIGHT SOLAR KIT ★ Full kit only 9.9 lbs. EASY INSTALLATION, Working time: 2x 2W bulbs—13 to 14 hours, 2x 3W bulbs—10 to 12 hours, 4 bulbs—8 to 9 hours. Widely applied to the wild, home, outdoor such as patio, garden, outdoor party, camping, snack street etc.



>> GVSHINE 30W foldable solar panel lighting system >> Power system can be chargerd by DC power

>> 4 LED solar bulbs each with ON/OFF switch >>>> 4 USB charging output ports

>> 3 Cellphone charging cable >>>>>> IP65 waterproof grade



Solar panel:Polycrystalline 11V 30W Battery:Lithium battery,7.4V 14AH Light source:2x2W LED+2x3W LED

Package Includes:

1 solar system with panel

4pcs LEDs

3pcs 1m android phone charging cable+1 for Iphone 4 plug+1 for Iphone 6 plug

8pcs Tapping screw ∅4*40,plastic anchor 8pcs

16pcs stainless steel screw with plate 3M*15

16pcs Hexagon stainless steel nuts M3

4pcs H shape conjunction parts

4pcs support shelves

1pc Galvanized spanner


The red indicator light will turn on when connect to solar panel where a input power from.

Load: The indicator light will turn on once any of the five outlets has been connect to load and there is a power output.


(1)Yellow area: low level of power stored in battery,the protection of over discharge function initiates;

(2)Green area: medium level of power,this area shows the battery works in normal condition.

(3)10V: Full power, the protection of over charge function initiates.

POWER: the switch for the whole system

(1)Turn on this switch,all outlets are ready to export power.The battery voltage needle points to Green area and shows how much power is stored in the battery.

(2)Turn off this switch,all outlets stop to export power.The battery voltage needle points to zero.

IN CHARGE: connect to solar panel to charge the battery.The solar panel will charge the battery no matter the switch is being Turned ON or OF.

When the panel connected to IN CHARGE with switch Turned ON,the CHARGE indicator will be lit up and the BATTERY VOLTAGE shows how much power the battery stores.

The system can be charged and export power at the same time

NOTE: Except solar panel,this system can be charged by AC or DC power.Recommend to use transformer:AC:100V—240V with a power output DC:9V 2A

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1 review for GVSHINE [30W Panel Foldable] Solar Panel Lighting Kit, Solar Home DC System Kit for Emergency

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    Manuel Ruiz (verified owner)

    I love it. I bought it after Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico power infraestructure. They say that we would be without power at least another 3 months and in some places a year. This little system is great. If you see my 3rd picture, thats my kitchen really well iluminated. I just ordered a second set for the bedrooms. The solar panels cable to the battery box is like 16ft and from the battery box to each light bulbs there are another 16ft. I ordered 2 usb extensions to reach the farther bedrooms. Im also charging cellphones, tablets, usb power banks and rechargeable mini fans. I reccomend this little kit. Im not sure if this is appropriate, but this just occured to me. I have been going out to the mountains on weekends to give water, groceries and other supplies to people who lost everything during the hurricane. If some of you could donate me a couple of this systems would be a great help. My email is There is a lot of missery up there. If I did something wrong Amazon just delete this part of the post, dont close my account or something like that…

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