Solar Lantern Lights Dancing Flame Waterproof Outdoor Hanging Lantern Solar Powered Umbrella LED Night Lights Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off

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🔥Realistic Flickering Flames: The distinctive dancing flame is attractive, which looks like the real flame; The warm yellow light creates a welcoming ambience. Antique flame effect will be an attractive decoration for tabletop,shelf,stairs, pathway,wall,patio,porch etc.
🔥Energy Saving & Save Your Money: This lantern light is solar powered, no wires needed, no batteries needed, just put it under the sunshine to absorb the solar energy, then the solar panel will transfer the solar energy into electricity. It is really energy-saving and help you save money.
🔥Long Working Time: With high efficient solar panel, ,it can lighted up for 15 hours after charging 4-5 hours under the sun. Note: The solar flame light won’t get charged when it is OFF, please press the button to ON and put it under sunshine to get charged.Working time and charging time will be influenced by weather condition, season.
🔥Easy to install: Equipped with a durable hanging lamp and a circular ring, this solar lantern light can be hung or clip on anywhere you want. Also, it will automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. No need to operate ON/OFF switch once put it into use, which brings you convenience and saves your time.
🔥Waterproof & Durable: Size:3.5”(L)*3.5”(W)*6.7”(H).With IP65 Waterproof and durable ABS Plastic, no more worries about raining, snowing and frosting, perfect for outdoor use.

Brand Yinuo Mirror




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Solar Lanterns Solar Flame Lanterns Vintage Lanterns Vintage Lanterns Solar Flame String Lights
Light color Warm White RGB Warm White Warm White Warm White
Power resource Solar powered Solar powered Battery powered Battery powered Solar powered
Product Size 4.8”(Diameter) x 8.5” 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 6.7″ 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 6.7″ 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 6.7″ 23ft
Material Metal ABS plastic ABS plastic ABS plastic ABS plastic
Quantity 2 2 2 1 1

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Colorful, Monochrome



10 reviews for Solar Lantern Lights Dancing Flame Waterproof Outdoor Hanging Lantern Solar Powered Umbrella LED Night Lights Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off

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    Jaye Rod

     I hung these on my front porch, they look beautiful! I almost didn’t want to put them outside because they are so nice. The flame is super realistic and I absolutely love them! Just got them today so I cannot comment on their longevity but I hope they last a long time.Check out my video clip. Update-6/3/19, they’re still burning bright despite quite a few weeks with mostly cloudy skies.

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    Diana Meyer

    When I bought these I figured they would be just like the other little solar lights that I have bought, tiny little light and just last a few hours. I was way wrong. These are amazing. They last all night long and are just as bright in the morning as when they came on at 9:00 pm. The light is a beautiful looking flickering flame that lights the whole little lantern up. The lantern looks so nice also. It seems to be tough, not to wimpy for china made. I am getting more of these. They look so nice on my porch in the day time and also at night. The picture is truly what they look like.

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    This solar light is perfect for camping or Halloween. The beating flame is very realistic and the brightness is moderate. My friends and me like it very much!

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    I bought 4 of these for our patio and LOVE THEM! Once they are charged and turned on, they come on automatically at sunset and give off this wonderful fire dancing glow/ambiance to the patio. I am enchanted with them each night. We live in the Palm Springs area, and we have a lot of sun, so there has never been a problem with them not getting solar charged during the day and they usually stay glowing way into the night/ very early morning! I plan to purchase a few more.

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    Amazon Customer

    These lanterns were much larger and brighter than the pictures show. I have had many compliments on them. They look very lifelike!

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    Coffee Nebula Family

    I have been on a home redecorating kick lately starting with my bedroom. I like to use lots of fun lighting in here and currently have a couple of light strands and salt lamps to go with our very bohemian space/galaxy theme. I only needed one of these in our actual bedroom, so I hung one in front of our house on the tent pole that sticks out where it looks really nice. I placed the other one on the walkway into our room so you can see the shelf when it’s dark and don’t run into it. It was perfect for this purpose.My room is very dark, so I have been placing it in the window to get a solar charge during the day and that is enough to last it all night long. I love the fire feature. It “dances” in a super cute way.It has a clip-on top so you can clip it to things but also looks fine just sitting on a table. The exterior is a sturdy plastic that is quite easy to dust by simply wiping off.When I first got it, I puzzled over how to turn it on. Then I walked into my bedroom and realized it’s automatic because it’s solar. LOL duh.It’s not the kind of light you would use to read by, but for ambience it’s actually perfect. And the pattern on it looks really lovely when it’s lit up.

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    Kat in a hat

     Bought 10 lanterns, all work consistently. Very warm light, the color of flames in a fireplace. Flickering looks very much like a real fire burning. Strong light visible from far away in the neighborhood, but the light is diffused and is not cast directionally, say toward a path below it to illuminate it brightly. That said if placed on a path or front steps the lantern will cast enough light for a person to safely see step or path edges, just don’t expect to see bright fine details on the path, or long streches of a path from a single lantern. It is soothing and mesmorizing to look at just like real fire. It looks beautiful on a tall shepherd’s hook at a driveway enterance. Haven’t had it for a long time to know about it’s body or battery longevity. It’s made of plastic but looks well built. For now giving it 5 stars. It is pricier than average garden solar lights, so it better last longer than a year or two. If not, I will downgrade the star rating.

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     Wow looking unique and kind of organic combining nature style. Received and right away assembled on the backyard on the three brunches was so easy. Was waiting till will become dark to test it and here you go all looking so cool and amazing happy with my order 🤩🤩🤩

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    Wilma T

     I ordered 4 of these for my back deck. Easy to charge and they come in when it gets dark enough. Much brighter than I expected! The first night they scared my husband when he saw “flickering” outside because he thought he left the grill going 😂

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    Dixie Ortiz

     I want this for my terrace area at home. In the box comes two solar lanterns, 4 zip ties and brochure about the product paramaters.I measured lantern, and is approximately: length 6.25 inches and width 3.75 inches ~ ( I used measurement tape for obtaining this approximated measurements. Lantern function better when is full charge on full sun. At the moment, they have been waterproof as description. Flame light is around all the lantern, lantern have been great designed. On the top of the lantern are two solar panels and on the center: hook with clamp. The hook can be removed and you can place anything else that works better for you enjoying(locating) the lamps. In my case I let the hook and clamp and clamped in cable I installed on my terrace open area, and look great. The zip ties that brings the product, I have not idea for what are, but i can imagine is for ensure where you clamped (thing in my case I don’t need it) or for use as hooks for put in some place where zip tie is more favorable. The 4 sides of each lantern: have great and beautiful pattern, that helps a lot the flame to looks elegant and stylish. The pattern of the 4 sides of each solar lantern is congruent with all the lantern. The lantern color is like brownish/brown. To turn on or off search below the lamp for on/off button. You have to slide to left or to right depending your choice (turn on or off). Overall not regretting this purchase. Flame brightness depends on how much charge have on it. As per my experience with the lanterns after a good sun bath during the day, lantern have the flame very bright, if the days was rainy or cloudy, lantern brightness is much less brighter than normal day in the sun.

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