Solar Charger Power Bank 30000mAh 18W with 5 Outputs Waterproof

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【18W Qi Wireless & 5 Output】Solar power bank Qi Wireless compatible with iPhone 11/XR/ XR MAX/ XS/ X/ 8/ 8plus, Samsung Galaxy /Note 10 /S9/S9plus S8/S8plus and all qi-enabled devices. Wireless charging can support 5W 7W 10W output. Output1:DC 9V2A quick charger, Output2/3/4:DC 5V3A and typc-c output&input port. Solar chargers, with quick charging and multiple output ports, are especially suitable for dealing with various emergencies, such as the lack of power at home.
【30000mAh Solar Panel Charger & Safe】Solar battery charger built in 30000mAh battery, it’s enough to charge an iPhone XS 11 times, Samsung Galaxy S8 10times, an iPad Pro for 3 times! The 30000mAh solar charger keeps your phone fully charged, even during hurricanes and unexpected power outages. It can automatically adjust the output to provide the appropriate current to ensure that your device is free from overcharge and short circuit. But the solar phone charger can’t be brought on the plane.
【Solar Charging and Dual Input Ports】Portable charger with micro input port and type-c input & output port(9V/3A quick charging input type c). Our solar charger’s input current can reach 9V/2A, which is twice faster than other solar phone charger. At the same time, it supports solar energy input. It is very suitable for outside activities such as camping, and other emergency use.
【4 Practical Lighting Modes】Our solar charger for cell phone built-in two 1W flashlight spotlights, single lumen 150, range 40 meters, four lighting modes: ① strong light; ②dim light; ③warning light; ④ SOS mode. Portable solar charger can be used as night light in the dark. It is very suitable for outdoor fanatics, and other emergency situations.
【Outdoor-specific Material】Portable power bank is made of durable materials, it has a very strong resistance to impact (1.2 meters drop) Test) is very suitable for outdoor use. The wireless phone charger is equipped with a Carabiner, which you can hang on your bag while climbing the mountain and use the solar energy to charge the solar battery charger.




Solar Power Bank 30000mAh, Solar Charger Wireless Portable Charger 18W with 5 Outputs & Type-c input 4 lighting Modes Super Bright Flashlight Waterproof Phone Charger for Camping Outdoor

wireless portable charger bank portable charger for iphone solar iphone chargersWarm Tips:

  1. Please fully charge the solar power bank before the first using. It takes 18-24 hours for the 5V/2A adapter to be full of solar power. (5V/1A is not recommended).
  2. By the way, the 0%-75% level of electricity will be charged faster, and 75%-100% level of electricity would be slower, please wait.
  3. Please kindly note that solar charging is for emergency use, do not take solar power as primary charging source.
    The phone case may affect the wireless charging, so please remove the phone case before charging.

wireless phone charger solar fast charger solar panel charger wireless solar charger

What you get
1*solar power bank
1*user manual
1*USB cable

Warm Tips:

1. When charging the mobile power supply, please use the accessory cable or the correct specification cable, otherwise the mobile power supply may be damaged.

2. Do not place the mobile power supply in a humid place and soak the product with water.

3. To avoid shortening the service life, please charge the power bank at least once every four months.

30000mAh Portable Power Bank 18W Fast charger Wireless charger for cell phone

1.30000mAh huge capacity

2.5W/7W/10W Qi wireless charging

3.Six Devices Charging(including two 18W fast charging output ports)

4.Anti-overload protection

5.4 lighting modes

6.Waterproof & shockproof

solar usb c output solar phone charger wireless solar power charger waterproof

solar charger with flashlight 18w wireless charger solar type c charger

solar charger 30000mah solar charging phone charger waterproof solar charger for iphone

Wireless charger and 5 output ports

Type-c output&input DC5V/3A,9V/2A(fast charger);

Output1:DC5V/3A,9V/2A(fast charger);


wireless charging 10W(Max)

5W/7W/10W Qi wireless charging

30000mah power bank Qi Wireless compatible with iPhone8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6、S6 edge、S6 edge+、S8、S8+、Note8、S9and all qi-enabled devices.

Super Bright & Practical

Our solar cell phone charger built-in two 1W flashlight spotlights, single lumen 150, range 40 meters, it leads you through darkness and emergencies time.

wireless charger iphone solar panel charger solar power solar battery

Waterproof & Shockproof

phone chargers 30000mah power bank solar panel battery

Solar battery can be used in rainy days, but can not put water into it.

wireless phone charger iphone solar phone charger for iphone

Four-sided silicone design reduces the risk of falling.

Two charging method

Solar charging: DC5V / 1.5W



When you go camping, you can use the included carabiner to hang the solar charger 30000mah on your backpack.

solar charger 30000mah

Additional information


Product Dimensions

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10 reviews for Solar Charger Power Bank 30000mAh 18W with 5 Outputs Waterproof

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     Well designed and heavy-duty solar bank. Even though it is a little heavier than most due to the large battery capacity it still fits well into a backpack or to take with you while on travel or camping. The rapid wireless charging feature works well and my phone was detected immediately upon setting it on the pad. It is great for while camping as it has a flashlight that also does SOS… and being able to keep your devices charged is helpful

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    Mohamed Othman

    Great product, I love the design and the quality. It’s a little bit big back battery but it’s a great product for those on the run all day. 4 USB ports one of them is type 3. Micro USB and USB type C Port. 2 led lights just double click the power button and it will turn on. Wireless charge and Solar on the other side. 😊😊😊😊😊

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    In short, this is a very well rounded, well built, extremely versatile power bank and highly recommend.I have a bad habit of being rough on portable battery banks. I have broken the last 4 that I have had all within less than a year of use. This product however seems solidly built and sufficiently rugged. Because I am a clumsy person, I have already dropped it a few times on both carpet and hard wood, and it is still in next to new condition and working perfectly.There are two major features that drew me to this power bank over several other similar products. Firstly, this power bank has double the charging ports of practically every other power bank I found. (This one comes with 4x USB A ports, and 1x USB C port {which doubles for either power in, or power out}) Secondly, it can be charged via USB C -OR- USB micro, whereas many competing products charge via USB micro only.It’s also very versatile. I can use it to charge several devices at once. It can be used for my newer devices that use USB C, my legacy devices that only have USB A -> USB micro charging cables, and it can also charge my spouse’s phone which has wireless Qi charging.The remaining features are nice and well implemented, but it a game changer. The solar charging isn’t particularly fast (solar charging isn’t really fast anywhere), but on this device it IS reliable and even picks up at least a minor charge even when it isn’t perfectly clear skies and super bright sunshine. And the flashlight is very bright.Very pleased with my purchase and forsee it lasting for quite a while as well as saving me from dead-battery devices on multiple occasions.

  4. blank


    This charges holds a lot of power. Charged multiple devices over and over. And the wireless charger is a great plus !

  5. blank

    Johnny Breedlove

     I had purchased a charger of another brand and have found it to invaluable on road trips. The problem was that I have more kids than it had outputs, so I purchased this, larger BESWILL unit. The biggest draw to this item was its 4 outputs, including 1 – 3.0 fastcharging USB output. I can place this charger central to the children and plug them all in at once. We went out to the mountains yesterday and this setup worked amazingly. Not a dead tablet or angry child to be had. It is VERY IMPORTANT to fully charge (via plug) the device prior to first use. It comes partialy charged but it is not enough for the device to function efficiently.Below I will list the pros and cons I have found with this solar charger:Pros:* Powerful solar panel keeps battery charged* micro USB and USB-C charging inputs* 4 USB outputs (including 1 x 3.0 Fastcharge)* 2 bright LED lights with 4 lighting modes* wireless charging capabilities* long lasting power bank even with multiple devices connected.Cons:* Unit is thick and a little heavy.* Solar Panel requires near full sun to charge. Doesn’t work well in low light such as heavy shade, rainy days, or dawn / duskThis power bank works great for the purpose I bought it. It may not be the best for back country hiking due to size and weight, but it will keep your or your kiddos devices charged all day long. This is a quality product.

  6. blank

    Frank chavez

     I haven’t tried out the solar panel yet. But this thing packs a lot of power. Lasted me a whole three day trip and it’s not even at 50 percent yet. Definitely a good buy. Considering the weight it could’ve been packed better but other than that great item

  7. blank

    Joe Wernau

    I have a wife who is… forgetful. She often forgets to plug in her phone at night and does not notice until she has already left the house. I have tried buying her power banks in the past, but she then forgets to charge them as well, lol.I figured a solar powered power bank might do the trick. She loves it! She simply places it on her dash when she is at work to allow it to recharge. The bank holds enough power to charge her phone multiple times over, so the occasional cloudy day isn’t an issue. So far she has not had to charge the power bank beyond the regular solar power it recieves in the parking lot.The wireless charging works perfectly. It also works through my wife’s otterbox commuter phone case.I also love the LED lights on this thing. They are really powerful! It doubles as a brick shaped flashlight if you need it.It is rather large, but that’s to be expected from a 30,000 mAh capacity power bank.Overall, my wife is very satisfied with the purchase!

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    James Dolan

    All I have to say is WOW! This battery pack is even solar powered! If I leave this charger in my window during the day. It will be ready and charge my phone & accessories at night. It has FOUR USB slots to plug into too! I brought this along on my camping trip and it kept my phone and another one charged the whole time. What a game changer. Also has a flashlight on it that lasts forever. I clipped it right on to my backpack which worked great because the sun was on the panels the whole time. Also has a battery life meter.

  9. blank


    When you don’t have power to always plug up, these are lifesavers! I believe in not having a bunch of the same ones, so I have multiple different ones. This one is my new go to. I think one of my favorite feature is the rubber that actually holds the phone on the pad to hold the phone in place while wirelessly charging. However, the one thing that I like the most I accidentally found out. I have always thought that solar power did not work very well, but this one changed my mind period I accidentally left it in my truck during the day when I was working, and when I grabbed it in the evening, it was fully charged! It was almost dead, and charged its whole way up during the day in the sun period now, I would not recommend leaving it in a vehicle, because if it gets too hot I’m sure it will damage it. This is not small, in fact, it is very bulky. also, don’t get frustrated with the light switch period you have to actually hold the button in for a couple seconds in order for it to turn on period then, to turn it off, just do the same thing again. It is a very nice bright light, but the charger itself is second to none. I was actually able to charge up my s20 plus wirelessly and my XS with a plug at the same time and did not even go down to bars. Very happy with this, and highly recommend this model.

  10. blank

    Someone else

    It’s kind of big and heavier than I expected because it has a huge capacity. The solar charging is nice not only for travel but to be sure it’s charged up ahead of time and you don’t need to remember to charge it. The USB type C input is great because it charges at about 10 watts according to my meter. I drained it and recharged, and while I haven’t calculated the capacity yet, it kept the flashlight running for 2 or 3 days continuously! The light also has a bright, dim, flash, and SOS mode. Rubber corner bumpers are a nice touch. It won’t fit in your pocket for a jog, but it would be perfect for camping. It could probably keep a laptop going for hours.Update: 0.178 KWh to charge is 36 Ah capacity, call it 150 Wh to charge after loss to heat and that’s 30 Ah or 30,000 mAh, so I would say this is a TRUE CAPACITY unlike a lot of others that have inflated numbers. That explains the weight. You can’t have that capacity without the raw materials to hold it!

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