Solar Portable Charger 25000mAh Power Bank Battery High Capacity with Digital Display LCD Screen, 3 USB Output 2 Input, Compatible Smartphone, Tablet and More (Red)

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【25000mAh solar charger with endless power】 Supports almost 5-6 times phone charges and about 3 times tablet charges. Take it with you when you go for business trip or any outdoor activities.
【Multiple Methods For Recharging Power Bank】Can be recharged by electricity or light energy when it is out of power. The four blue indicator lights are flashing alternately while being charged.
【LED Flashlight For Phone charger】Bright LED flashlight will be very helpful in outside at night. Double press the power switch and the LED flashlight will be on/off.
【Battery Pack With 3 Outputs】 It supports charging 3 devices at the same time (Output total = 2A+2A+1A), no need to worry about running out of available output again.
【What You Get From Power Pack】1* Q90 Solar Charger, 1*Micro USB Cable (Adapter is not included), 1* User Manual, 1* After-Sale service Card, 24-Months After-Sale Service and Friendly Customer Service.

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10 reviews for Solar Portable Charger 25000mAh Power Bank Battery High Capacity with Digital Display LCD Screen, 3 USB Output 2 Input, Compatible Smartphone, Tablet and More (Red)

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    Matthew G.

     I love my mother, she’s the funniest couture on earth. And here I am sharing her solar charger power bank 25000 mAh portable experience. It’s really awesome. I bought one that isn’t solar and I already like this one better. Especially that it comes with a fan. I’ll probably order it once in a while as a gift. It’s really a great gift idea.

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    This is an awesome charger! For starters it can be charged with the power of the sun! YES Welcome to the future! Next it has a flash light built in (very handy) and it has a FAN! YES A cooling fan is included! The design is very cool with little 8 bit looking reflective squares. It has a great style. 3 outputs. This is an amazing charger good for charging several devices at once! Fantastic product A+

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    Jindrek Kowalczyk

    This comes in handy for backup power in the car. I throw this up on the dash whenever I park somewhere and get free charging. I use the pack to charge my phone or smaller battery packs. This is a large capacity pack at 25000mAh so it will take a long time to charge it to full capacity, but it’s free power so what do I care. If you are fully charged you should be able to charge up most phones around 8 times. The built in lights are also a nice touch to have with this being in my car.

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    Robert Farley

    There are 2-5V/2amp usb ports for charging cellphones, tablets, etc… and 1-5V/1amp usb used for low amperage accessories like the fan that is included and usb reading lights etc… The Fan works Great!It is not water proof! It will however, dispurse light rain and drizzle as long as it is laid flat! Tested by a passing shower while in Florida!The flashlight is slightly brighter than my iphone 6s light. And will use 25% of the battery charge after 3hrs 20min of use.The initial charge of the unit out of the box was at 25% when I first opened the package. From there I charged the unit to 100% via wall plug-it took 8hr 45min to fully charge. The 2-5V/2amp usb ports can charge both an iphone and ipad simultaneously! The iphone at 20% took 1hr 53min to charge 100%. The ipad at 10% took 2hrs 15min to charge 100%. The solar power battery bank was at 50% at the end. It will charge an iphone 5.5 times and an ipad 4 times, each time when the device is at 20%.+The unit will not charge devices and recharge on solar power.+when charging with solar power-the unit needs direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight and indoor lights are like a trickle charge for the battery bank. -it will take 2 8hr days of direct sunlight to recharge the unit from 50-100% charge. And 4days 5hrs of indirect sunlight when set on a window sill all day sunrise to sunset. And 140+hrs indoor lighting with frosted cool white lightbulbs used for test. It would be quicker if leds or clear lightbulbs are used because they give off more light!The durability of the plastic shell is not great. It will handle being dropped from time to time, but will not take neglect and abuse too well! As long as you are careful and mindful of the device, it will last a long time.Great product and dependable.

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    A. Duffy

    My auxiliary port in my truck went out and I can’t figure out how to fix it (it isn’t the fuse) so instead of ripping everything apart I bought this awesome charger to charge my phone and other devices when driving.I keep this on the dash in my truck so when I am driving around it can charge itself with the sunlight, then when I need to charge my phone or other devices I can just plug them in. This power bank charges nice and fast. I have charged mine and my daughter’s phones at the same time. It is a little on the heavier side but I like that feature because it doesn’t slide around my dashboard then.I have also planned on taking this camping with me so now I don’t have to find an outlet to charge my phone anymore. I can just leave this sit out in the sun and I will be able to charge any device we bring along.Great product. I recommend buying this power bank.

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    Gordon W.

    Pros: Great battery power, capacity and 3 USB charging ports. Lightweight, cool design and economically priced.Cons: Doesn’t feel solid, if you drop, the shell may crack, fully charged takes several hoursThere are so many 3rd party charging devices out there now, it’s hard to keep up and this is a ‘no-name’ and made in China but it only costs $30.00 – when you compare that with Anker, or RAV Power or some brand name, it’s a very budget-friendly charger.There are 3 USB ports, lights and even a fan which doesn’t really generate a lot of wind.The unit is designed nicely with this techy-checker pattern and reminds of carbon fiber, but it’s not. There’s a heft to the unit, but it doesn’t feel solid, like Anker, or RAV Power (top-notch makers). That being said, 25,000 mah is enough to charge your iPad, iPhone several times over without worry. There’s a fan, but it’s more gimmicky than anything. The solar panel, unless it’s made with quality solar panels will probably take several hours 18-36hrs to fully charge, but depending on where you live, you wonder how well the solar panel may hold up in direct sunlight. I doubt it will survive the high heat of 100 degrees+.The full charging time of this unit could take several hours. The biggest gripe for me it didn’t feel like a ‘brick solid’. Some areas were solid because of the batteries, but other parts of the charger had a ‘hollow’ feel and sound -meaning if you dropped it, it may very well crack, shatter, so be careful as some have commented on the shell. Feels like cheap plastic.Overall, this charged devices well, but the fan and the solar panel was sort of gimmicky. The value is the pricing and the 3 USB ports and with this battery capacity, if it’s fully 25000mah sized, it will easily last several days to charge your phone on an international flight without any worry.

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    Its useful when I camp you have to open to sun all day when you are outside, and it can last for a long time. Although its heavy but the power is strong. I like to be environment friendly, it can be charged even under the cloudy day. It’s very handy for me because I usually travel a lot and don’t get time to charge it but this power bank I can charge it with sun and don’t need to look for power outlet. This is a 25000mAh solar charger with USB fan. It can be recharged by electricity or light energy when it is out of power. The four blue indicator lights are flashing alternately while being charged. It have a build in bright LED flashlight will be very helpful in outside at night.Technical SpecificationsBattery Type: Lithium-polymer BatteryCapacity: 25000mAhInput: DC 5V/2AOutput 1: 5V/1A | Output 2: 5V/2A | Output 3: 5V/2AWeight: 420g | Color:Black and Red | Size: 8cm*16cm*2cm

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    Tyra White

    I like this device because it’s perfect for all-day outdoor events like food & music festivals, or just a long day of running errands. The solar power option is great because you won’t have to worry about the power storage getting low during daylight hours.Also, I’ve noticed that this power bank comes with a flashlight & my 1st one does not have this feature. So, I really like that. It’s device is a cool way to charged all day without worring about being plugged into an outlet :o)Other than that, I thought this was a great gift for my mom since she doesn’t have one & I thought it would be nice to give her one so she enjoy this option.

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    Cat Wrangler

    I live in Florida. We get hurricanes; the first thing to go is the power. I brutally checked this device out. First thing you need to do with battery devices is to completely charge them out of the box. I used a phone charger for the initial charging. I charged my phone, using the 2.4 slot, it charged as usual. I left the flashlight on overnight, press the button twice to turn it on and off, it used slightly less than 1/4 of the battery. I left it outside for about 5 hours and it refilled. I accidentally caught some rain while it was outside, but it still works; manufacturer says don’t get it wet, so be warned. This battery should be on your boat, in your car, trailer, camping gear. Wherever you go that can leave you without power. The solar recharge is not as fast as a wall charger, but it will recharge it! The flashlight alone is worth it. All you have to do is give it sun, and you’ll be way better off when wall sockets aren’t available or the powers out.

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    Allison Ritter

    Works as advertised, 2 x 2.1 amp outputs charge 2 phones in 2 hrs or so simultaneously. Plus 1 x 1amp output, which I haven’t had a need for yet. Keep in mind, it takes a FOR-EV-ER to fill the battery pack! If you’re going on a trip, be sure to plug the battery pack into a wall outlet the night before! It will take all night to fill if it’s close to empty! And if you use the solar charge function, be sure to have it direct sunlight from sunrise to sunset, even than it could take 2 days to fill. Little power button the side doesn’t seem to do much except turn the light (which is handy) on/off. Not super light weight, so I wouldn’t recommend for backpacking, but good for car camping. Overall, it does what’s expected of it, I’d recommend!

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