Solar Charger 24000mAh, FEELLE Solar Power Bank with 2 USB Ports Waterproof Portable External Battery Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets and More

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Price: $39.99

24000mAh Power Bank: Built in Eco-friendly 24000mAh Li-Polymer battery, the phone battery can fully charge an iPhone 6s for 10 times, iPhone 7 for 9 times, Samsung S7 for 5.5 times, ipad Air for 3 times.
Large Solar Panels and Fast Charging : Portable Solar charger with 3 highly efficiency solar panels, which could recharge itself expeditiously, which is 3 – 5 times faster than the other solar chargers.
Waterproof USB Output: Dual charging ports which offer 2.1A high speed charging allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously. The USB ports is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, perfect for outdoor activity .
LED Use:The solar charger has bright flashlight with 3 modes(Steady-SOS-Strobe), Awesome for outside activities such as camping, hiking, traveling and other emergency use.
What You Get:1 × 24000mAh solar charger, 1 × micro USB cable, 1× user manual. This solar charger is perfect for outdoor activities.





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10 reviews for Solar Charger 24000mAh, FEELLE Solar Power Bank with 2 USB Ports Waterproof Portable External Battery Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets and More

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    Works as described. Charges phone from 10% battery to full battery in 90-120 minutes while using the phone.

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    Nikki H.

    I live in sunny Miami, and this is such a perfect gadget for tropical people :))In my line of work I need my phone all the time,And I can’t afford missing a phone call or letting my phone die.I constantly go to new places and thus use google map all the time.This is such a smart invention.I now can literally charge my phone anytime I want (as long as it’s sunny!).I brought it to the park, lay it on the floor and went ahead and played with my kids.I bought it to the beach and it just soaked all the energy while we were having fun in the water.When it is charging via solar power, you can see those little indication green light blinking.Suppose it’s rainy, I can also charge it via a USB cable.There are 3 charging ports on the battery.2 USB ports and a type C port.There is even a strong white LED light if I really need to use it as a flashlight.Yes, it is bulky and not light.But now I am assured that I can stay charged wherever I go.The cover of this battery case seems to be an imitation of leather.Overall it is a very well-made battery charger.I use it all the time and it is definitely a great buy.

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    Got this for emergency because I lived in an earthquake prone state, California. The fact that it is compact and waterproof is really nice. For testing purposes, I left it out a whole day for solar charging and it is fully charge (when fully charged, the 4 indicator lights will lit solid blue). I plugged my phone in on one USB port, and it took 3 hours to completely charged my phone, on the solar, there are 3 indicator still lit, which mean it only take one indicator light to fully charge my phone.Compare to other solar charger that I see on the market, this one have 3 solar panels for even faster recharge. With a function that I can charge vmy phone simultaneously while it recharging by solar is a plus. I can also used it as a flashlight with 3 modes: steady, SOS and strobe would be great for an emergency or have it in a car and use it when you car is stuck on the road.I would definitely buying one more for my car and as a gift for family.

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    I keep it in my car’s emergency kit. The expandable solar panel array is nice as it catches more sunlight and charges up faster. If you’re creative, you can rig this thing up to affix to your backpack and unfold the panels to charge while you’re hiking or whatever, too. I’m happy with it.

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    Steve C

    I took this with me on safari in Kenya and it held up great. I was able to charge phones and camera batteries at the same time by simply putting the unit on the dash of our landcover each day. The night light came in handy a few times as well!

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    Andy A.

    So we got this after our electric company decided that they wanted to cut power due to high winds. We already have a couple of power banks but when I saw that the solar one was available I jumped on it. This one has three big panels versus the single one on a lot of the ones I’ve seen. The capacity is huge and can charge an iPhone almost ten times. There’s also a little flashlight built in which makes it even more useful. You can charge it through a standard usb and have it pass through to other devices at the same time. Not too heavy and very clean design. An essential item for backup and safety.

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    Toan Steven

    I purchased this solar charger with the intent of using it for backpacking. I like how the three solar panels are not attached as one big panel so that you can hook it on top of your pack and let it dangle and catches different angles of light while you backpack. I found that it charges up pretty quickly and hold sufficient power to charge up all my devices (cell phone, UV pen, GPS).I can fully charged it before leaving for a 3-4 days trip and as long as I leave it out/open during the day, I found that there is always enough juice to power all my devices (caveat is that I am not charging all my devices at once, and that all my devices were fully charged before leaving the house). I’ve put this out on both days with ample sunshine and cloudy days and noticed that the blue charging light turns on even on cloudy days.Once folded up, the charger is quite compact, albeit a little heavy (on my scale, it was 1lb 1.6 oz) for my taste, so my husband was put in charge of carrying it. Overall, I probably wouldn’t use it if I were backpacking on my own due to its weight, but for two people, it’s worth it if you are carrying things that needs charging. Outside of backpacking, I’d probably be bringing this with me when traveling or car-camping as it’s compact and works really well.

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    Spent 9 days at Clifftop (Appalachian Stringband Festival). Camping includes a piece of ground and wifi is up in the lodge near the fireplace (lol: no electric or water hook ups…period…plug into an outlet on the outside of a building and Floyd will confiscate your device until you eat a lot of crow). This solar charger kept me and a couple friends supplied with phone charges (there is phone service) for the entire festival without having to leave our phones plugged in at the “Charging Shack”. Works 100% better than my old single panel solar battery and it has two USB outlets.

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    Jason Huang

    First, it was eco-friendly for our endangered earth. It can charge through the sun. Moreover, I tried to charge the charger through the light in my room and it was also acceptable. So I don’t need to worry there was no time to fully charge the product at all. Two USB port makes it more convenient when your friend and you want to charge the phone at the same time. You can both charge your iphone at the same time. Sharing always make the world better. I think this product is suitable for someone to bring it for camping because often the camping place does not have the charger and you can charge your stuff through this charger and charge your charger just through the sun. Amazon choice never let me down.

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    Kyle Robert Chamberlin

    Very very very please with my order! I thought maybe it was going to be a cheap item because of the price but it is a very well built product. I charged my iPhone 7 completely, while streaming music, and it didn’t even loose a single dot (dots show how charged the battery is). Only thing is I didn’t get the color I ordered and it’s a little smaller than I thought it would be. But otherwise it’s a great buy!

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