SOARAISE Solar Charger 25000mAh Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels Waterproof Portable Phone Charger Battery Pack with 2 USB

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Price: $39.99

25000mAh High Capacity: It consists of Li-polymer cells, as large as iPhone 8Plus which can charge most phones over 10 times and tablets at least 3.4 times, meeting your 10-day travel needs.
4 Times Solar Panels: Solar Power is 5W, quickly charging the phone simultaneously when the solar charger itself is being charged in sunlight, which is 4-5 times faster than the single-panel chargers. (support wall charger).
2.1A Dual USB Fast Charging: Controlled by intelligent IC, it matches various phone models. You can quickly charge your phone and tablet at once. Most phones can be fully charged around 1- 1.5h, tablet is about 2.5 hours.
Outdoor Necessity: With built-in super bright LED emergency lights and waterproof, dust and shock construction, It can last for more than 5 years, meeting the various electricity needs of outdoor travel.
What Will You Get: The package includes 1× solar charger, 1× Micro-USB cable and 1× User manual. Easy to carry the solar charger wherever you go!




SOARAISE Solar Charger 25000mAh Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels

solar charger
solar phone charger
solar power bank

Widely Compatibility

Compatible with almost all the 5V devices as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, LG, Nexus, Tablet, camera, Bluetooth, GPS and more.

Solar Powered or Wall Charger

It can be fully charged by solar power when you are in outdoors, the current can up to 1.2A under the direct sunlight. it takes just 12 hours to completely recharge with a 2A / 2.4A wall charger.

portable solar charger

Product Specification:

Capacity: 25000mAh

Watt hour: 92.5Wh ( you can take it to an airplane)

Solar power: 6W / 1.2A

4 solar panels (6.1x 3.35x 1.37 in folded or 10.4x 6.1 in opened)

Battery: Li-polymer battery

Input (Max): 5V / 1.8A

Output (Max): USB 5V / 2.1 A

Totally weight (with solar panels): 538g / 1.18 Ib

Package Includes:

1 x 25000mAh Solar Charger

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Additional information


Black, Orange



10 reviews for SOARAISE Solar Charger 25000mAh Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels Waterproof Portable Phone Charger Battery Pack with 2 USB

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    Gary Mask

    I got this for my father in law to take on his hunting trip. I usually dont review, but he has bragged about this thing ever since he got back a few days. He left it sitting on the dash of his truck to charge it. He said it charged his phone fast and held the charge. He loved the built in flashlight..

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    Pablo M. Chapiama

    My wife and I recently went on a trip to India and decided that my power bank was not going to be sufficient. After some reading some reviews I decided to go with this battery pack. Not only does it have 2 USB ports, it comes with solar charging capability and a flashlight. I fully charged the battery pack before we left and after 5 days of using the battery pack to charge both of our Samsung S10’s, I found myself needing to use the solar panels and to my delight they actually work! I left the panels open for about 5 hours in the sun and at night time, I was able to charge our phones! Very durable, I must have dropped it 3 or 4 times. STILL WORKED!Keep in mind, this battery pack is slightly heavy. Makes a big difference if you will be carrying your backpack ALL DAY as I did. But it is WORTH IT!Also, there is no way to hang the solar panels on the back of the backpack, so MAYBE in version 2.0 they will add Carabiner hooks or something.

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    krishna harrison

    Stuck this in cloudy weather and it still charged up pretty well. It is a little heavy because of the large battery so this is something that is best left for emergencies in your house or in your car. I really like that it has so many panels and folds up very nicely in a nice protective case. Would definitely recommend this solar charger.

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    G. Roth

    I wanted a portable power bank with a high capacity after going without power for a long time after Hurricane Michael. I wasn’t really looking for solar charging because I planned to either car charge or charge during times the generator is running. More importantly, I didn’t know solar was an option. After searching I found the regular one’s without solar cost at least the same or more for 25000 mAh capacity. So I got this one.It is big and heavy and feels solid. The thing is a beast. The solar panel’s aren’t flimsy either. Seems very well put together. It is winter now but still blinks green that it is charging via solar. I have gotten about half a charge in 1 day from the short daylight hours. Over usb, it charges fast. The output allows for fast charging of my phones and tablets.Mathematically speaking, it should charge my phone from 0 to 100% 8 times. I haven’t tested that theory but after charging 2 phones fully, it doesn’t even lose 1 light on the charge indicator.

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    I realy like this charger/solar pannel. It does every thing I need it to do. I say it’s worth the money. I you camp or hike you need one of these. This is very well made and charges phones or tablets like a champ!

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    I have been looking for a high capacity battery pack for my earthquake kit. I ran into this item which comes with 4 solar charging panel, supports wireless charging and also dust/rain proof. This is exactly what I need for my earthquake survival kit. The 4 solar panels allows faster charging compared to the ones that only has 1 panel. I have not yet tried to time how long it would take to charge the battery pack up from 0 with solar panels though. 4 of the solar charging panels can be detached from the battery pack itself if you want to just take the battery on a trip or something which allows versatility. It consists of Li-polymer cells, as large as iPhone 8Plus which can charge most phones over 10 times and tablets at least 3.4 times., meeting your 10-day travel needs. It is not recommended to charge the battery pack with the sun and charge the phone at the same time. That may be why the wireless charging side is on the opposite side of the solar panel. It also comes with a super bright LED emergency lights and waterproof, dust and shock construction, It can last for more than 5 years, meeting the various electricity needs of outdoor travel.Fast charging allows me to charge my phone up fairly quickly. The size of this battery is also about the same as the other 25000mAh ones if you don’t put the solar panels on top. I have been recommending this to my friends to add this into their earthquake survival kit.

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     Update: 30th Nov, 2018:* The time and efficiency to charge your device depends on how much the unit itself is charged. If unit is fully charged, it charges faster and effectively.* A good alternative to highly priced alternative battery/power sources in market for the DashCam. You need a constant power source for DashCam in parking mode as most of the DashCams now-a-days are super-capacitor operated (not battery operated). The battery operated dash cams hold charge for only few minutes of video recording (practically of no use in parking mode-dashcam recording). I am using this solar charger for my dashcam, and the best part is it can discharge-charge at the same time. I have plugged in the dashcam while the solar charger itself is lying on the dashboard under direct sunlight. It works perfect. With no lapse in video recording. And if ever I want another charging port, this solar charger has two of them.!!!—————— ——————————————— ————————————— —————————————!!!Original Review:-It works with all my phones, tablets & bluetooth headphones. Equipped with 2 USB Ports, it can charge two devices at the same time. I tested for my phone and it charged from zero to full in around 2hrs. It would help me in my next camping trip. The idea behind buying the solar panel loaded phone charger was to use it as a power source for my car dashcam (that’s parking mode enabled but has very little battery life). Portable & of the size of my smartphone, the unit recharges itself even under the lamp light indoor. Outdoor (direct sunlight) solar charging is faster than indoor light sources.Unit is a little heavier than I expected.Note: I would never expose it to rain or any water as it’s my personal opinion that it may damage the unit.***===—————————————————————————————————————————————— ===***I always try hard to give personal opinion on products I use in daily life, So that others can benefit from my experience. It may help you in deciding prior to purchase. If you really liked this review, please click to show how HELPFUL it was. If a little bit helpful but missing some vital details, please click HELPFUL and comment. I would address my deficiencies that you point out…

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    Amazon Customer

    I charged it up the first time by the outlet like the instructions said and later when my phone was down to 7%, I plugged it into solar charger which I had laying on the table in front of a big window. It charged my phone while at the same time recharging by the sunlight. It only took about 2 hours to recharge my phone completely. I am very pleased. I wanted this for the up coming hurricane season when sometimes we lose power for days to a week or more. This will let me charge my phone and stay in touch with friends and play games on the phone too. I’m so glad I purchased this. It also comes with a very nice cover and snaps shut. It folds up like a wallet. Very nice, very please.d.

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    I’ve owned a lot of portable power banks, and I take one with me everywhere I go. My biggest problem was that my power banks would die and I had no way to recharge them. Regular solar power chargers are okay, but they take forever to recharge. Having 4 solar panels on here really makes a huge difference. This one works really well. Would recommend!

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    A. Stevenson

    3/5/2019 Received new solar portable battery bank today via UPS. PLugged in my phone and usb only fan into battery bank. The fan worked great and battery bank did not shut off in less than a minute as the first one I received did. I think it is possible that with the fan only plugged into the power bank the power bank does not sense the light load of the fan and it times out to save the charge. Solaraise was very helpful and made sure I was happy with their product. Their customer service is awesome, thanks Lucy! I am now ready for hurricane season.3/2/2019 Would not power my Opolar 9″ usb only desk fan. Fan would run for less than a minute and power bank would shut down. Tried contacting Soaraise twice by email, but received no response. Amazon easily refunded my money.Edit 3/4/2019 Soaraise has contacted me and is sending me a new unit free of charge. I am changing my review to 5 stars, stay tuned to see if replacement works, if not, I will be dropping to 1 star again.

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