Sio Green SIO18-220v/80A/18kW -Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater

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✔HOT WATER ANYTIME YOU WANT WITHOUT ANY HASSLE! The Sio Green premium tankless water heater is here to help you enjoy your hand wash or wash the dishes with warm water anytime you want without any fuss. The infrared heating design will heat ONLY the water you use, thus allowing you to save time and money!
✔PATENTED TECHNOLOGY, NO COIL METALLIC ELEMENTS, NO CORROSION, NO MAINTENANCE! That’s right! Our tankless hot water electric heater will create heat without direct contact with metals, which will in turn prevent corrosion, limescale deposit and calcium buildup. As a result, you will have to spend $0 on maintenance or replacements!
✔SAVE YOUR BATHROOM OR KITCHEN SPACE WITH OUR COMPACT WATER HEATER, which is not only ideal for small bathrooms, kitchens or cabinets, but can be also installed easily. The ergonomic size and simple yet innovative construction will allow you to install it almost anywhere, including hotels, stores or restaurants!
✔ADJUST IT TO YOUR EXACT NEEDS EFFORTLESSLY! Our electric tankless hot water heater features Automatic Power Technology so you can easily tailor its performance to your family’s needs and saving the energy and only use what you need, which is ideal for any home application.
✔100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK! That’s our guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied with your budget-friendly, space-saving and ultra-practical tankless water heater within 30 days, we will offer you a refund or a replacement. No questions asked! What are you waiting for? Get yours now while supplies last!

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Sio Green SIO18-220v/80A/18kW -Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater – Instant Hot Water Heater – Corrosion Free – Free Maintenance


Previous technology, which accounts for a majority of the homes today, will heat a tank full of water from the inside with metallic heating elements. The elements eventually corrode and efficiency decreases rapidly. This leads to high electricity bills, unhealthy water, and expensive equipment costs for maintenance or product replacement. In most electric tankless designs, water flows past heating coils to produce the on-demand hot water, rather than keeping it stored. However, the results are still the same.

Our Engineers first decided on a completely no metallic heating tube, that would be resistant to corrosion, hard water deposit build up and could inject heating BTUs into to water as it passed through the heat exchanger. Their choice of media to use was Quartz. Not only is there an abundant supply of Quartz worldwide, it is also recyclable! Quartz heating tubes have been used for many years because of its rapid thermal properties and stability after many years of use without any deterioration. A patented coating was applied to the outside of the Quartz tubes to reflect or contain the Far-Infrared Energy to heat cold water as it passed through the heating chambers. Far-Infrared energy is safe and is known to condition hard water deposits.

What is Quartz Element and Far Infrared Ray?

Infrared Tankless Water Heater

Tech Specs
Quartz Elements
No Maintenance required
No Corrosion
No Calcium Deposits (ideal for hard water area)
Superior Heating Efficiency
Operational Longevity
No Venting Required
Environmentally Free
Recyclable Materials
Far Infrared Ray & Quartz Elements



Far infrared heating technology has been developed by NASA for decades, and quartz tubes are used for various high temperature applications. The process of combining carbon coating heating element technology on quartz tubes to generate far infrared energy to heat water and amplifies far infrared energy inside the quartz tube.

The benefits of Quartz Elements

No more routine flushing to maintain some level of the efficiency and since you don’t have to replace the heating elements periodically, it will save you both time and money!

No Corrosion & No Calcium Deposits

The systems energize your water with quartz elements that create heat without requiring direct contact of metal for heating with the water and minimizes your chances of corrosion accumulating in the water.


blankAutomatic Modulating Technology

In Automatic mode, the software is using smart modulating technology and formula to calculate the difference between the desired temperature and current temperature, then predicts how much power it requires to ensure the process temperature remains as close to the set point as possible.







commercial residential infrared tankless water heaterTemperature Adjustment

Our premium Sio18 designed for high performance usage in Residential operating 24h/a day for 365 days a year.








SpecsCheck Specifications

SioGreen products must be installed by a licensed and qualified electrician in accordance with all applicable national, state, and local electrical codes depending on country. Before installing this product, ensure that the home has sufficient electrical power available to handle the maximum amperage load of the applicable model.








Manufacturer Cover: This unit is qualified One-to-One Replacement Cover service contract (“Replacement Cover”) provides for the replacement of the Product purchased by you if found to be defective during the term of two (2) year(s) from the date of purchase. When the Product failure occurs due to an electrical or mechanical defect, You will receive a replacement product of like kind, quality and value (same condition). Once the Product has been replaced, the cover will carry on the rest of the period from the date of original purchase.

Notwithstanding the foregoing time period, the Heat Exchanger portion of the product shall have an additional Eight (8) year limited cover beginning at the expiration of the above two (2) year One-to-One Replacement Cover. This means that, the Product will have a total cover of ten (10) years stated from the date of Sales Invoice/Receipt of the Product, subject to payment of the applicable fee, shipping fee for the Replacement Cover selected. Contact SioGreen to execute this Replacement

Additional information


1) IR288 v2 POU (40A/9.0kw/240v), 4) Sio18 v2 Residential (80A/18kw/240v), 5) Sio18 v2 Commerical (80A/18kw/240v)


Item Weight

Product Dimensions



Power Source




10 reviews for Sio Green SIO18-220v/80A/18kW -Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater

  1. blank

    jake ponds

    i love this water heater

  2. blank

    gretchen bilbrey

    Put this in our Cabin very easy to install so far works great! We are in the northwest and have a well we won’t use it in the winter but even this fall when it is getting cold the water still heated up great!

  3. blank

    Marcello D’Errico

    We needed a replacement of our old tankless water heater because it started to malfunction due to lime scale accumulation. I researched for a long time and could not find a suitable replacement, until I ran into the Sio Green brand on Amazon. It promises to be Cost-Effective & Corrosion Free with No Lime Scale, No Algae, No Bacteria and that’s a future technology that’s available right now which is exactly what I was longing for! I’m so happy I also don’t have to worry about Algae, Bacteria and Corrosion, but the added bonus of this unit being able to heat the water much, much hotter than the previous unit (with the same power requirements) was a welcome surprise, so much so that we had to turn the thermostat temperature down! So now it’s even more cost effective than we originally thought.Thank you Sio Green, for bringing your line of products to market, and I only hope others can take advantage of your amazing well overdue technology for this world!!!

  4. blank


    The only thing I would suggest would be that Sio Green include a flex connector kit along with unit … we had to delay until they arrived so my guy could install. Very pleased so far with the heater … love the idea and savings.

  5. blank

    Jon Pace

    Works great, saves money. Very compact and lightweight. If you plan heavy use go with a bigger unit.

  6. blank


    Easy install. Not happy with the plastic 1/2″ plastic fittings 3/4″ coming in from home. So I wonder why the unit was not fitted with 3/4″ brass fittings. Try not to over tighten. Would be helpful if Sio Green included torque specifications.

  7. blank

    Steve Rasmussen

    Installed it for a shop tub sink. Puts out plenty of hot water. Awesome POU heater. Celsius only read out is strange but hey it does the job.

  8. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Very simple to install and works great.

  9. blank


    It arrived a day earlier than expected and my contractor friend had it up and running in a few hours. I love the non metal heating concept and it doesn’t disappoint. Washer and shower running hot water at the same time with just minor water flow adjustment. Yes, I am very happy and the Sio14 is all I hoped it to be.My friend the contractor stated he would start recommending the Sio14 & 18 to future customers.5 stars well deserved for distributor & manufacturer!UPDATE: Still very happy with the unit. Works great, efficient and perfect for my small household.If you are installing for a larger household, I would suggest a larger unit or two of the Sio14 units.For me, still one of the best, cost efficient home improvement decisions made!

  10. blank


    Very Good!!

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