Silver Black Color Mouse Shaped Electricity Saving Box Inductive Power Factor Enhancer Energy Saving Plug Save Your Current Up to 30%

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Standard US plug, with CE and RoHS certification, high quality components and manufacturing. Hand held size like a mouse, be applicable for 90v-250v voltage.
Working on all inductive electrical appliances to stabilize the voltage and protect them from surge, prolong the service life time of your appliances.
Improving working efficiency of inductive appliances like fan, air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator,dishwasher,vacuum cleaner, cooker hood, fluorescent lamp, computer, DVD, TV, etc, the electricity consumption are expected to be less.
Only 0.5w, low power consumption for the power saver itself. Easy to use, just plug it onto the wall socket at vertical direction near to the bigger device like air conditioner or refrigerator. Avoid plug it horizontal.
No need extra maintenance after plug in. According to electric appliances quantity and loading carry, one or more devices can be used. Note: This device can store electricity, wait for 10 seconds to touch the plug pins after the device switched off.

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Silver Black Color Mouse Shaped Electricity Saving Box Inductive Power Factor Enhancer

Applicable Area

Home, office, indoor use


Size: L115* W68 *42mm

Voltage: AC 90V-250V

Rated Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz


Temperature: -25 to 75 Celsius Degrees


1.Plug the power saver into wall socket at vertical direction.

2.The device must be plugged in firmly, avoid loose connection. When you see 2 green LED lights turn on, it has started saving electricity.

3.According to electric appliances quantity and loading carry, one or several devices can be used.

4.Simple operation, no need special attention or maintenance.

Please kindly note, the power saver saves electricity through improving power factor of the electric devices. If the power factor of your appliances are above 0.90 or more, the saving won’t be obvious. But the power saver will still stabilize the voltage and protect the electric devices from surge.


Gift box packing

Power Saver 1pc + manual 1pc


1.The device can store electrical charge, wait for 10 seconds after it is switched off before unplugging the power saver.

2. Keep away from children and pets.

3. Make sure the power saver be plugged vertical, not horizontal to the wall socket.

4. Do not tamper, open or repair the power saver by yourself, feedback us by email, we will solve problem for you.

5. Do not submerge any part of the power saver into water. 6. The power saver has no on/off switch. Ensure that you can easily switch off the unit all time.

We promise to offer you good quality products. We make every effort to provide quality service. Please contact us if any feedback, 100% satisfaction is our target. We will take any action to make you happy purchase!

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3 reviews for Silver Black Color Mouse Shaped Electricity Saving Box Inductive Power Factor Enhancer Energy Saving Plug Save Your Current Up to 30%

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    Francisco robles

    Nunca me llego

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    In the time of me using this energy power saving box my bill has dropped from a hundred and something down to being in the sixties of dollars I am glad that I decided to buy this box I hesitate on buying this box because I didn’t think it would work but after I bought two of them and plugged one up in the living room and the other one I plugged up in the bedroom and I bought my third power saving box on October 2nd 2019 and I got it in in the mail October 4th 2019 and as soon as I got the box out open up the box and I plugged it in to my power outlet cord and it works really well as well as the other one works with the two lights that comes on on the power saving box if you haven’t bought yours yet please do so because you will see a difference you will not see a difference as soon as you buy it and you figure oh my power is going to be good when I get my bill in the mail for this month no it will not because you just got it and plugged it in you actually have to wait the following next month after you have gotten it you will see a difference in your bill on that third month all that fourth month after you have gotten it you will see a difference for instance if you buy it in October on the 4th and you expect for your bill to go down for the whole October and when you get your bill in October you will not see a difference you only see a difference and December then you will be happy of seeing your bill go down a little bit then when January come you will see and drop a whole lot more then your bill has ever been down low before you have bought this hour energy saving plug-in box. I am planning on buying more so I will have them if my other ones stop working and I also like to price and I hope the price Remain the good price that it is.. so those that all on a budget and for those that cannot afford this at a high price they will be able to afford this at the low price that it is right now that’s why I say I hope the price remained the low good price that it is..((CeeCee)).

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    Patsy S.

    My home is around 3000 sq. ft and my electric bill was running a little over $140.00 a month. I plugged one in at both ends of the house and one in the kitchen, which is the center of my house. It cut my bill in half. It is now running about $70.00. I have now bought two for every member of our family. I’m thrilled, they’ve more than paid for themselves. I just hope they keep working this good.

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