SHZOND Wind Generator 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator DC 12V/24V Turbine Wind Generator 3 Blades 20A Wind Generator Kit

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Well suited for the leisure sector, it is famous for battery charging on boats, gazebos, chalets or mobile homes
Wind generator rated power: 400W;Rated Voltage: DC27-54V;Battery Voltage:DC12V;Number of Blades: 3
Material of Wind Leaf: PBT;Start-up Wind Speed: 2.5m/s(8’/s);Rated Wind Speed: 12m/S(35’/s);Rated Speed: 800r/min
Human-friendly design wind turbine, easy to install and maintain, high wind power utilization, light, cute, low vibration
Blades using reinforced glass fiber, helped with optimized structure and aerodynamic shape.Easy DIY installation methods with all materials provided

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SHZOND Wind Generator 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator

This is a 400 watts wind turbine 12V hybrid controller. Max daily output is at 1.4KW.The Charge Controller is specially designed for each individual wind turbine, the special design allows you to get the most power out of the wind turbine as well as to protect your wind turbine from overcharging.


Rated Power: 400W

Rated Voltage: DC27-54V

Battery Voltage: DC12/24V

Start-up Wind Speed: 2.5m/s(8’/s)

Rated Wind Speed: 12m/S(35’/s)

Number of Blades: 3

Material of Wind Leaf: PBT

Rotor Diameter: 1.2m(4′)

Rated Speed: 800r/min[RPM]

Tower Diameter: >80 mm(3.2″)

Tower Height: 4.5m-10m(15-33′)

Battery Capacity: 200AH-400AH

Packing Dimension: 687*365*210mm(27″x14.4″x8.3″)

Product Life: 15 years

Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO9001

Controller Model: FWS03/06-12/24

Battery Rated Voltage: DC12V/24V

Rated Turbine Power: 400W/800W

Brake Voltage: 14.5V/29V

Turbine Recovery voltage: 13.2V/26.4V

Rated panel Power: 500W/1000W

Largest Discharging Current: 20A

Battery overcharging Protection: 16.5V/33V(Turn off Load Output)

Battery Discharging Protection: 10.7V/21.4V(Turn off Load Output)

Battery Discharge Recovery Protection : 12V/25V(Recover Load Output)

Static Power: 15mA

Working Temperature: -35~+75℃

Controller Dimension: 150*87*28mm(5.9"x3.4"x1.1")

Inbreaking Protection: IP67

Package Content

Wind Turbine x 1

Controller x 1

Nose Cone x 1

Set Screws and Nuts x 1

Blades x 3

Instruction Manual x 1

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9 reviews for SHZOND Wind Generator 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator DC 12V/24V Turbine Wind Generator 3 Blades 20A Wind Generator Kit

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    John Slusser

    This is the third one that I have purchased love this brand have not had a problem and the one on Amazon comes with the mounting flange a great Buy

  2. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Excellent turbine.does what it’s supposed to do.quality is good.

  3. blank

    richard cherry

    Easy to use and works great

  4. blank


    Work pretty good

  5. blank


    Yes it does produce power, under less than perfect conditions is has produced 200 watts.I live at the beach and we usually have a 20mph wind, it does great, the charge controller not so much. As soon as it starts to produce, it applies the brake. I just added a rectifier and a manual brake switch if I ever need it. It has seen 45mph winds and just kept right on spinning and making power. I just purchased a second one and will be mounting both with stands on top of my shop.The flex of my mounting is what has limited the power output, any flex causes the angle to be lost and the blades to slow down.If you are on the fence, buy it. Its cheap and it takes a little tinkering to get it right, but well worth it.Outperforms my 400watt solar array on a regular basis.

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    S. M. Key

    I live totally off grid and needed some back up for my PV array and this particular wind generator does a great job charging my battery array at night with a mild to medium wind velocity. Very easy to assemble and set up, and puts out a steady 3 amps (cycles somewhat for wind fluctuations) up to 20amps in heavy winds. Has auto shut down in the rectifying unit to keep from over loading the battery array and you can easily “short” connect the two dc outlet leads (from the rectifier) to brake the system, make sure that it is disconnected from the battery array before doing so or you will short out your system. All in all well made and they stand behind their equipment, I should know had to replace two blades and it was done at no charge.

  7. blank

    Pat McKeever

    Generates plenty of power. Seems well built and sturdy.

  8. blank

    Green Man 215

    Really like this product it’s a great buy and has work like a charm.

  9. blank


    work’s good thanks

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