Shower Flow Restrictor 30% Water Saving Restrictor Head Save Energy Inner Component

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Shower Flow Regulator Restrictor for use with any shower hose option Save Water & Money

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Shower Flow Restrictor 30% Water Saving

Material: Chrome Brass;Thread Size: 1/2 inch;Suitable for 95% shower taps; Gasket included

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10 reviews for Shower Flow Restrictor 30% Water Saving Restrictor Head Save Energy Inner Component

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    David Orth

    Easy to install. I haven’t done an actual before and after output measurement, but it does cut the flow considerably. If you like a messaging shower, I don’t recommend this product. If you are more concerned with saving water, I highly recommend it.

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    G. Quinn

    This flow reducer is as described by the seller. It dramatically reduced the flow of water. Before when taking a shower, because the water pressure was so great, you would almost run through 40 gallons of hot water. Now several people can shower in a row and never run out of hot water and still have a decent feeling shower.

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    Sarah K.

    perfect. my hot water doesn’t run out so fast anymore and the water pressure didn’t change that much!

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    Craig C.

    Works great for reducing water consumption at the shower head! Still plenty of water for a good shower.

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    Paul Lally

    Works just fine!

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    pete rehg

    Prevents my stainless steel braided shower flex hose from bursting due to very high water pressure that we have here.I installed it right at the shower head. Then installed my shower hose to that. Works flawless. All stainless construction except for the restrictor. Gaskets are included.

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    Works as advertised. Easy installation

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    Kathleen McIntyre

    Product exactly as listed

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    Simple design and no moving parts, it does what it is suppose to do and restrict water by a 1/3. No levers, dials, buttons or anything to change the resistance. It’s fixed which is why I like it. I installed it inbetween the shower head and shower arm. Note that it is a chrome finish so you’ll see it if you have bronzed or other colored metals. The unit comes with a rubber washer so no need for plumbers tape or a wrench, I just hand tightened it and had no leaks. Some reviewers have drilled out a part of the plastic insert to provide more flow but I did not. The unit does not cause pipes to vibrate or sing when water flows through it. Lesser engineered restrictors can be loud and ‘hum’ annoyingly.

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    Alan S.

    perfect for my shower that pumps too much water.

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